Saturday, June 10, 2017

Day 1 of the Re-Set

Have you ever been emotionally drained and yet totally happy?  That is what Spousal Unit and I are experiencing today.

Truck loaded with logs
The re-set started at 7.15 am, and we both shed tears and hugged each other closely as the first log went into place.

Pete, Scott, Neal, Odin and Rocky (crane operator) move the
threshold log into place

The original forecast described heavy cloud
cover and the occasional shower; we were blessed with partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures.  Here is a picture of what morning will be like from our back deck.

The process included adding insulation to the grooves of the exterior logs, maneuvering the logs into place and securing them with (seriously large) bolts and bars.
Ben and Chris adding insulation

Bolts and bars
Pete and Scott hammer bars into logs

The first course of logs (read: first layer) took some time to put in place.  The team ensured that all the measurements were precise since that would dictate the fit of the remainder of the structure.  After that, the process clipped along at a fair pace – by lunch time, the first truck was empty and everyone took a well-deserved break.  Number One Son was able to stop by and observe part of the morning, a special blessing.

Farthest corner shows half sweep design

Odin, Neal and Scott assemble front porch truss in
the great room

Rocky hoists the truss out of the great room into the
garage until they are ready for it on Monday

I took this opportunity to walk around the lot and captured this image of the house playing peek-a-boo through the trees. 

Right on time, the next truck arrived.

The afternoon flew by – and I continued to marvel at the precision of the craftsmanship and the teamwork.   Time and again, the logs would settle into place with a pleasing “thunk” sound that meant it was a perfect fit.  Rarely, but when necessary, the team would move the logs ever so slightly to ensure flawless alignment. 

Odin and Neal position log that frames the
great room window
Closest corner (mud room entrance)
shows half sweep. Lake can be
seen in the distance

The team was always careful not to damage the logs.  For example, if hammering on the log was needed to bring alignment, the crew member placed a board against the log surface and hammered on that.

Another example: the dining room window opening had a two-by-four inserted for transport to ensure no breakage.

Odin and Scott secure the second log above the
great room window

Nearing 4.30, the second truck was almost empty and Crew Chief Odin called it a day.  While the team put away their tools, Spousal Unit cracked the bottle of champagne and retrieved the beer cooler from the car.  All enjoyed a beverage of choice while gazing at the days’ work.  Scott took several aerial shots from his lift.

Our neighbors Steve and Karree stopped by for a quick tour; we were delighted to show them around and so honored that they made the time.  Soon, everyone departed to join family and friends for weekend activities, with shouts of “See you Monday!” leaving Spousal Unit and I to go into the house on our own.  We placed our chairs up close to the great room window, looked out at the view and just smiled.  This is what it’s all about.


  1. Your post made me smile. I can feel your excitement and happiness of being here. I love the look of your place! Can't wait to see more. Cool and sunny here down south. :) Kit

    1. Thank you for the compliments. The second day of re-set was pretty warm - together with the crew, we consumed a lot of water and Gatorade. Have a good rest of the week!

  2. It is amazing the craftsmanship and professionalism that goes into the making of a home like yours. Looks like it is coming together pretty quickly. And, of course, those views are definitely worth it.

  3. This reminds me of John building his Cabin #5, setting the roof beam but on a much smaller scale, but also without the availability of a crane. It was scary for four of us, John's dad, John, Wayne and I using long poles to push and hold the heavy beam in place. - Margy


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