Friday, September 1, 2017

The Grasshopper and the Ant

I am in a harvest frame of mind.  The tasty bounty of the farmer.  The vibrant colors of autumn.  Nature making its final investment before the snow flies, from the pika gathering grass to the plants soaking up the final long rays of sunshine.  I can still remember a collection of Aesop's Fables that we had as children; they were beautifully illustrated.  Do you know the fable of the grasshopper and the ant?  The grasshopper whiles away her summer having fun, while the ant works diligently all season to prepare for winter.  When winter comes, the ant turns away the grasshopper, who comes looking for food.  When I was young, I definitely sided with the ant - woe to those who do not prepare.  With the benefit of age (!), I hope that we all can offer compassion and charity to grasshopper and ant.

Here are my pictures and thoughts for Willy Nilly Friday and Skywatch Friday:

ONE: Don't you just love a farmers' market?  Our town hosts one every Tuesday evening, and it draws people from miles around.  Produce, fruit, eggs, meat, bread, pastries, jewelry, gift items, food trucks, live music -- something for everyone.  Here is our haul from this week - I swear that cherry tomato container was full when we bought it but somehow they disappeared before we got home!  Tucked behind the beets is a honey orange melon from Dixon Melons - they were handing out free slices and man, I was sold on the spot - I have never tasted such a sweet and luscious melon.

TWO: Speaking of mouth-watering, I made my first cheesecake in a VERY long time, using a recipe I saw on Pinterest with the not-to-be-ignored name of "The Best Lemon Cheesecake. Ever."  My Mom and my eldest sister were visiting, and we needed a dessert worthy of the occasion - by all accounts it met the mail.

THREE: Allegedly, the grasshopper spent her summer playing her violin, and I can relate since summer is ideal for music, especially in outdoor venues.  We have made the most of the offerings in our area, including Music and Market on Wednesday nights.
Random items found at
Music and Market

FOUR: As any farmer knows, a harvest depends on investment: putting nutrients back into the soil to ensure a healthy crop in years to come.  The Whitefish Trail Hootenanny is the annual fundraiser to support current and future Whitefish Trails.  This year, it featured three bands, a HUGE raffle, photo booth and kids activities such as a climbing wall.  As avid hikers and music fans, this was an event made in heaven for me and Spousal Unit.

We have had so much smoke and haze lately, that any 'normal' sky is a cause for celebration.  I was so delighted to take these pics during the Hootenanny.

FIVE: So, we are back to the grasshopper.  I won't say more about charity or compassion - just let the simplicity and beauty of this picture speak for itself.

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  1. I do enjoy going to farmers markets! I bought a bushel of purple hull peas at the one in Tupelo on Tuesday, and now I have 12 quarts of peas in my freezer.
    Wow! What a cheesecake! I like the grasshopper photo, too.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I enjoy farmer's markets too. I also am blessed to live near two Amish Markets. Unbelievable food is available at these wonderful markets. I like the story of the ant and grasshopper. I've definitely learned how to be the ant to the extent that sometimes I wish I could fiddle away some time and relax like that grasshopper.

  3. Wow, that cheesecake looks good!! Love your sky shots.

  4. ...hootenanny, now that's a word that dates you! It takes me back to the '60s.

  5. Marvelous post - I can't decide what part is my favorite -
    I enjoy the way your wrapped the fable around from beginning to end. Thank you.
    Happy September!

  6. I remember the fable .. I read it when i was in grade 2..
    Love your pictures...

    Please visit:

  7. It's lovely to be in an area that has so many wonderful free outdoor festivities as well as markets and music to enjoy. That fable is definitely food for thought.

  8. I love farmers markets. So much farmland was destroyed this past week. I'm going to the market today to offer support. Great fable... Hootenanny!!!!!!!!!!! Have a lovely week.

  9. That Farmer's Market fruit and the pie too look so delicious! Beautiful sky shot! Yes, being prepared is an important lesson to learn. I wonder how many people were not prepared in the recent disaster for lack of water, lack of electricity!

  10. Yes Farmers Markets are reat places. The Cheesecake sounds yummy. - Sounds like you've enjoyed a good summer.

  11. A perfect summer mix of grasshopper and ant activities. I put grasshopper first purposely ... our ant-first years served us well, but at 77+ ....;)).
    I'm really only talking about food here as I still feel a bit guilty about not freezing and canning while everything is at peak season (and much less expensive here than in Florida) .... but for two people who like to travel, it makes no sense.....

    Too much smoke here too.... the west is drying up.

  12. I just love Dixon Melons! Our Farmers Market also carries them and our school district usually gets some to serve. We still have lots of smoke down here. Glad you found some blue sky. :) Kit

    1. The lockers are in my kitchen. My kitchen used to be the old boys locker I decorate them with magnets that my children and friends have given me. Happy Labor Day! Kit


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