Thursday, November 9, 2017

Log Home Trivia

Trivia Question 1- when was my last post about our log-home-in-progress?

If you answered August 26, you are correct (and you are the lucky recipient of a Wild Huckleberry Chocolate Bar, when you come to visit).  And you are one of my treasured blog readers.  And, like me, you have plenty of time on your hands to figure out this sort of trivia.
August 29, 2017
Yikes! That's over 70 days ago.  Would you like to see what our crew has accomplished?  Here goes!
October 27, 2017
Comparing the two shots, you can see the application of exterior stain on the logs, plus shingles and green trim on the remaining windows.  We are THRILLED with the outcome of the color combination - when you're making decisions using small swatches, it's always a hope and a prayer that it'll be amazing on a large scale.  I think we done good, don't you?

Garage doors have been installed, and a sidewalk now links the garage to the mud room entrance.  (Within days of pouring the concrete, it snowed and I don't have a picture of the finished sidewalk.)

Working with Forestoration, a Whitefish firm specializing in the planning, design and management of outdoor spaces, we finalized our landscape design.

At their suggestion, we modified the shape of our additional patio space in order to soften the edges that will integrate with the flower beds. 

(Again, within days of pouring the concrete, it snowed and everyone will have to wait 'til spring to see the finished patio!)

Trivia Question 2: who were the first Midwest visitors to our house?

If you answered my Mother, my eldest sister and Number One Son's girlfriend, you are correct!

The alder front door awaits its stain - how weird and wonderful it is to actually open it to enter the house!  Shall we go in?

Textured drywall has been painted throughout the house.  (Can I point out that the preceding sentence, which now sounds simple, involved numerous hours just for Spousal Unit and me to down select colors?)  Spousal Unit completed the yeoman's work to paint 5 portable drywall samples that were carried from room to room so we could visualize the color as it will actually appear.  As it turned out, present at the house that day were no less than eight people giving input to the color choices (at our invitation, of course): the two of us, our general contractor and his wife, our cabinet maker and his wife, our paint contractor and one of our neighbors.  Fortunately, consensus was easily found.  Below are two of the before and after results.
Left - kitchen wall before painting - upper right hand corner shows
loft overhang; Right - kitchen wall with Terracotta as viewed
from loft overhang
Left - mudroom before painting; Right - after painting and with tile

As you can see in the mudroom, tile installation has been completed in a few of the smaller spaces. 

As I mentioned in the post at the end of August, we had gathered a healthy-size woodpile THEN, and in the intervening months it had become a gigantic mess. 

Trivia Question 3: what healthy (not) snack did we eat after working on the woodpile last time?

If you answered Fritos and French Onion dip, you are correct!

Spousal Unit rented a chainsaw and together we invested 6 hours cutting pieces to size and stacking them.  
And just in time, too.  Within a week, snow turned our property into a winter wonderland.
View from great room windows into back yard
In back yard looking up at great room windows

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  1. It's beautiful! What a lovely home you're creating. The setting just can't be beat! When do you move in?

  2. the house and the setting look amazing. What a wonderful place. Enjoy! Have a fabulous weekend ahead and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

  3. What a beautiful home! Love all your photos :)

  4. I hope you bought enough candy for all of us to 'stop by'! The photo with snow is breathtaking! What a beautiful home. I know you are thrilled to see the progress. Hugs, Diane

  5. Ohh, most certainly, ya' done good! Very good! Miss you both. Today we had our first snow...

  6. It's looking fabulous! I love the view of the snow thru the windows. :) Kit

  7. Wow! Your home is really coming along nicely. What a glorious view. Nice wood stack!

  8. It looks just amazing! What an accomplishment.

  9. It's going to be spectacular! Love the snow scenes.

  10. Your new home is going to be spectacular in a spectacular location! Wow!

  11. Wonderful, I just love your blog! Awesome progress !
    I have been unable to respond, hopefully I have corrected the issue and you see this !
    Miss you <3 Natalie

  12. My goodness but it's breathtaking, you done good! When do you move because I want to come and claim my Wild Huckleberry Cholcolate bar.
    I love your new home!

  13. House looks beautiful.It would be a big challenge to build a beautiful house:)

  14. Hello,Angie
    What a beautiful home! The snow view from the window is breathtaking. It must be so exciting to see the progress every day! Your blog's background is beautiful. I like the bamboo forest. Enjoy your day.

  15. Oh my - such progress - and so many projects to finish. The work is coming along wonderfully - easy for me to say - I'm not living the day to day. I grew up in a home where there was remodeling almost constantly - our friends used to ask my did why he didn't put zippers in the walls since he was constantly changing them. Glad we aren't in a building or remodeling mode at our house. Your view with the snow is fabulous - what a glorious place to live.

  16. What an amazing house you are building -- the views are glorious! I'm sure you can't wait to move in. It looks like you are getting close to that date!


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