Friday, January 12, 2018

A Lodge, a Cabin or a Shed?

During our log home construction, we have been amused by the names ascribed to the structure by friends and family - everything from a 'lodge' to a 'shed'!  We made the most of the Christmas holiday to discuss this with #1 Daughter and #1 Son: should we give the house an official name?  In a fashion true to our family, we dutifully brainstormed names, many names!  In the end, we decided, as a family, that the best name for the house is 'home'.  So, here is an update on our 'home' in progress!

December 19 - finished flooring
and fireplace
Since November 9 (last post about house), we have witnessed transformations big and small.  At times, the house has been clean and quiet, and we can begin to imagine a snowy day when the only sounds are the crackling fire and the rustle of pages in a book.

And other days, when F250s are parked the length of the driveway, and the house is a hive of activity with workmen, materials and Red Hot Chili Peppers surging through the speakers of the portable radio, it is almost more chaos than I can take.

Cabinets stacked in kitchen

Kitchen island in great room

Kitchen cabinets in
great room
Outside the house, the crew has stained the front door, installed gutters, built steps and enclosed the deck with railings.  As I write that simple sentence, I am struck once again by the depth of thought invested in each item.  For example, would you believe me if I told you that we put at least 40 hours (times 2) into the selection of our railings?  On the day the railings were installed, we looked at each other and smiled - it was the right choice.  Most importantly, we can see straight through the railings to the view beyond.  Secondly, the cable and metal design fits perfectly with our 'rustic industrial' motif. Third, they won't require much maintenance.  Win-win all around!

Front door with stain
Gutters match green trim on windows

Placed downspouts to align
with log structure

Chains on either side of front
porch coordinate with
rustic industrial motif;
note ice that has formed!

A clear view!

You hardly notice the cables are there!

View from covered back porch

Rabbit tracks

As we trek through snow to capture exterior photos, the white stuff inevitably yields clues to the presence of other critters.

My Christmas trail camera has also provided a window onto life in our 'back forty' when we are not around.

Soon, I might be able to watch these beauties using my spotting scope from inside the house, where the metamorphosis includes the fireplaces, wood flooring, tile, chinking, window trim and cabinet installation.

Our general contractor, who started his career as a carpenter, personally hand planed the mantles for our fireplaces.  Each mantle has just enough 'character' to bring out the unique burls and knots of the wood, and yet fits in with our overall clean look. 

I can't wait to hang our cross-stitch stockings on this mantle!

Great room fireplace
The masons who placed each individual stone in the fireplaces are artists in their own right.  We watched them at work, and it is an art to select the stone for its size, shape and color to ensure the 'natural' look.  (Followers of my blog know that we searched high and low for 20 square feet of red/purple stone to augment the fireplaces - it was worth the effort!) (link to previous post)

Great room fireplace viewed
from loft
Completed great room fireplace with detail of
some stones
Completed Master fireplace

In a previous post, I described our methodical approach to selecting paint colors.  It sounds simplistic, but in reality we had multiple factors in the decision-making mix - not only paint color, but the tones of tile, carpet, and wood flooring, plus cabinet grain and marble countertops to match.  As you visually try to imagine these combinations, it's enough to make your head spin!  In recent weeks, these elements have physically come together for the first time, and in every instance, we are ecstatic with the results.
Wood flooring in progress; right side also shows entry tile

Wood flooring complete;
view from great room to kitchen

Completed window trim
Kitchen island and cabinets

Guest bathroom

Basement half bath

Basement bar

Entry half bath

Master bathroom

Every day, the project that started with a hole in the ground on April 24 feels more and more like 'home'.  How appropriate that our general contractor recently gave us our very own front door key and garage door opener.  By his current estimate, he will turn over ALL the keys at the end of February!

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  1. It's a beautiful home. I'm sure you will enjoy many happy times in it.

  2. Hello, your new home is gorgeous. What a beautiful view from the windows and decks. I love the fireplace, just gorgeous. I love the deer, they will be great neighbors. Thank you so much for linking up your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  3. I am liking that fireplace, love the rock! And when it comes to names for your home, it will all of a sudden come to you when you least expect it. :) I love your camera, how wonderful to see all the creatures. I just hope Bigfoot doesn't appear....LOL :) Kit

  4. It is GORGEOUS! My youngest son lives in a nice log home and I once called it a log cabin and got corrected! heehee! You're going to love being there for all the seasons! Hugs!

  5. You've picked a beautiful place to live!

  6. Your home in progress is beautiful as is the surrounding area! The deer in the first photo seems to be almost posing for your trail camera.

  7. Such a beautiful new home, I love the views!

  8. Wow! Quite the beautiful cabin you're building!

  9. I am not strong enough for this process!!! Home is a beauty, started with love, made with care. LeeAnna

  10. I'm not trying to be rude, but SHED!!!??? Who on earth would have called this wonderful house a shed? I can't tell you how much I would have loved to have built our own Arts & Crafts style with lots of natural wood and rock and lots of natural light. But we are happy we bought the house we isn't perfect but it is a castle to us! Yours is a real castle! I am so impressed. I LOVE the rock on the fireplace. If you don't mind I want to save that photo to use as inspiration when we put rock behind our wood stove which is a project for a the far future...but one of things we hope to do! Loved your post! Can't wait to see it all finished. It's looking absolutely beautiful!

  11. Wow, wow, wow, love the floors and the fire place. And that wall of windows, magnificent. This is certainly more than a shed!
    Giving the house a name is a great idea. Once we had a renovation of several house (last house) and still can remember that. So I wish you strength and endurance to see this through!Thank you for sharing with All Seasons:)

  12. Woohoo...end of February. Yikes what a very beautiful abode you are going to have. Love that island and cabinets and fireplace and mantle. I could go on and on. The clear view is amazing. Can hardly wait to see you relaxing with your feet up by the fire!

  13. My, my, my! Thats one heck of a shed! Looks like its being built to last a life time. (Notes feelings of jealously forming as I type!!)

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  14. What a beautiful new house this is, you live in a beautiful place.
    Best regards, Irma

  15. Beautiful log cabin. And Deer, love the Deer.

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  17. Hello!:) Many thanks for stopping by. What a lovely place to build a house, and I believe wooden homes like yours are really warm. Our house is made of stone, but not dissimilar to your interior, with lots of wood, stone, and marble, and high ceilings. I know how exciting it is to watch each stage of the construction taking place. Your photos are splendid, and show how very beautiful it will be when it's finished. Ours was built to our own specifications and we have lived in our home for 55 years, and I wish you many happy years in your lovely new home.:) Loved seeing the deer!

  18. whatever the name, it is a wonderful place, both the house and the nature. Lucky you!

  19. You are buiding and designing a wonderful home there Angie. And although I'm not a fan of your Montana winters I can see that very soon you will be amongst beautiful scenery and lots of fascinating wilddlife. Loved your story and the photographs. Can't wait to see the finished palace!

  20. what a beautiful home!! i LOVE the view and the fireplace!!!

  21. Lovely! Hope the rest of the contruction goes well!

  22. How Gorgeous this all is and how very exciting too. We built the home that we are in now 36 years ago. I want so much to do some remodeling, at least paint the walls with fresh paint. One day I know that we will move away from here, but for now, we just call it home. You are so going to enjoy your home once it's complete and you add your personal touches. Wonderful shares~

  23. I'm not surprised that 'home' is the name you landed on--it's truly going to be a wonderful family place.

  24. I like your home in the making. Your choices are awesome--natural, unobtrusive, appealing. I like that your drainpipes are green. It has me wanting to paint ours. Cheers to you!

  25. Angie, Love the update on your home. It has to be very exciting to getting close to the Key day. Love all the wood. The mantle is great. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

  26. Hi there - Stewart M from Melbourne here - gold you liked my wordy blog! You had visited my photo-blog before - it was the image of the lizard with the ticks - but very glad you found your way to the writing one! Please feel free to share the link with your blogging contacts! cheers SM

  27. What a wonderful place to call home. So much thought and hours of discussion must have gone into every detail.

  28. You are building my husband's dream home right there, he has log cabin envy!
    So beautiful, we wish you years nd years of joy in your new home.
    Thanks for sharing it with us at Mosaic Monday this week.

  29. Oh how I loved this project update Angie! It is going to be a perfect home (and home is the perfect and only possible name)..... The railings that you can see through are wonderful -- every time we sit on a deck some place where the view is obscured by badly placed safety railings my husband comments 'who would ever do such a thing." He would love yours as much as I do.

  30. There are so many decisions in making a home from the ground up. You've taken time and that will be well worth it. The railings are wonderful and don't obstruct the view at all. What a gorgeous place you'll be enjoying!

  31. What a beautiful home this will be, Angie! Everyone I know who has had their house built is always so happy with the end results as it is made with everything you chose so it is all "you." It looks like you have a wonderful location and will be in by spring to watch the wildflowers grow!

  32. A great tour of your home in progress. It fits in so beautifully with the natural surroundings. Makes me miss our last home in the mountains of New Mexico.

  33. What a beautiful home!
    I just cannot imagine the time, energy and choices you've had to create.
    We have similar ideas, with the trailcams and outdoors.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  34. Your HOME is coming together and its wonderful! The choices that have been made are beautiful. The word Serene keeps popping into my head ;-) Will the basement bar have room for the shot ski and the honey!? Miss you <3

  35. So much snow! Next year you'll be snuggling by that lovely fireplace.

  36. What a beautiful home! Will this be a vacation home or your permanent home when it is finished?

  37. What made you choose your town and state to retire in?