Thursday, July 5, 2018

Jumpin' June

Is there anyone else out there that feels like 2018 is rapidly fading into the rearview mirror?  Not entirely sure how this trip has already carried us to July 5, but here we are. (Inside voice: come on, you know June has been a hectic month - show them, and then it'll be clear how you got here!) OK, OK!
Reflection at our lake

ONE: Interior decorating

New dresser for loft bedroom
I am always mildly concerned that my posts become repetitive, so I reviewed my May re-cap, and noticed an overlap with three of my subjects planned for this post - interior decorating, landscaping and stitching.  I suppose that should not be a surprise, as we have been working full tilt toward June 26 (arrival of my in-laws from the UK) and June 30 (a party for all those who contributed to our dream house).  Of course, it was essential for the house to be in tip-top shape!  

So, if you like antique/second hand shopping, this would have been the month for you.  We must have made the rounds of our local antique shops at least three times - new things come in, and you see some items differently as the house continues to evolve.  Take a look at our finds!
Left and top left: metal table and detail
Right and top right; chair with detail (floral motif embedded in ceramic)
Bottom left and right: bedside tables for loft bedroom

Echo Lake Café was established in 1960 by Dickie
Conley and his sister Betty.  After being purchased
in 1996 by Bob and Christi Young, it was re-opened
in 1999.
All this bargain hunting makes you hungry; Echo Lake Café came to our rescue with a feast for our stomachs (the food) and our eyes (the lush garden).

At the end of the day, sometimes on-line shopping is the best source for a specific item, such as these red ottomans for the great room - as you can see, Josie approves!

Our talents also came into play - Spousal Unit made this key rack from reclaimed barn wood, and Pinterest provided inspiration and how-tos for a corner gallery wall on the lower level.

In the 2 pictures on top, paper represents each picture/item, 
and allows you to re-arrange as needed before putting 
holes in the wall!

And then there are the gifts that just fit perfectly into our theme, such as the jasmine plant in the metal bucket (a terrific complement to our rustic industrial theme) and this red anthurium (ideal match for the red accents in our great room).

TWO: Landscaping

Unloading plants from truck
This month, the talented crew from Forestoration completed our 'exterior decorating' with plants, shrubs and trees.  I am very pleased with the results; it is amazing how much the greenery adds to the 'finished' look of the house!  On a special note, back in May, Spousal Unit queried about my desires for Mother's Day, and I requested an apple tree as part of the landscaping, to honor my Dad.  When I was young, we had several Winesap and Golden Delicious trees in our yard, and the memories of those apples are etched deeply.  As it turned out, the varieties available at this time require another tree for pollination, so we now have a Honeycrisp in honor of my Dad and a Goodland in honor of my Mom.
Planting in progress; apple trees are on the left
Planting complete in front (top) and back (bottom)

Planting complete in side gardens

THREE: Stitching

All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl; I have made time for my ongoing tea towel project.  "Friday" is now complete and "Saturday" is progressing well.

FOUR: Cooking

I am woefully deficient in meeting my 2018 goal to cook once a week, but I tried to make up for it a little this month.  First, I hosted a gathering of our prayer shawl ladies, and we indulged in a Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake with our coffee.  Second, it was a Father's Day breakfast in bed for Spousal Unit, featuring a Spinach, Feta and Artichoke Breakfast Bake.
Served breakfast on this galvanized steel bar tray, also a Father's Day gift!

FIVE: Time outdoors

As the ultimate stress reliever, nature is my go-to place.  June has delivered, in spades.
Scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, grilled tomato and mushroom sauce

I don't normally focus on mushrooms when I'm wandering, but early in the month, our dear neighbor treated us to morel mushrooms she had personally collected.  Spousal Unit concocted a mouth-watering sauce to accompany our breakfast, and we are hooked.  My curiosity piqued, I studied the mushroom on the web, and realized that I had unwittingly captured a morel mushroom in my May 23 post.  Here are a few other mushrooms from the neighborhood, courtesy of the abundant rainfall (at least relative to last summer, when it didn't rain for 90 days).
I just love the one in the upper left - I imagine small woodland fairies making their home under it!

The precipitation has also spurred the plants, and it seems every 24 hours I spy a new flower while I am out and about.
Upper left: Starry Wild Lily of the Valley; Upper right: Pine with water droplets
Lower left: Wood's Rose; Lower right: Groundsel
Left: Yarrow; Upper middle: Pink Wintergreen; Upper right: Blue-eyed Grass
Lower middle: Self-heal; Lower right: Bog Orchid
Upper left: Mariposa Lily; Upper middle: Hairy Arnica; Upper right: Bunchberry
Bottom: Aspen with water droplets

Of course, I rarely publish a post without some mention of four-legged wildlife, and today is no exception.  On one of my trips to check my trail cam, I looked up from the path to see a BADGER.  I couldn't believe it.  Right in our back yard.  As you can see in the video below, it was quite intent on excavating this hole, long enough for me to retrieve Spousal Unit and my phone from the house so that together we watched the process of this efficient digger hunting Columbia ground squirrel.  The very next day I almost ran head-on into another badger (may have been the same one) as I was returning to the house.  It was just coming past a stand of trees, and it hissed when it saw me.  So, of course I gave it plenty of berth by retreating, and while I stood there watching, it 'floated' across the opening WITH THREE YOUNG ONES.  According to the Montana Field Guide, "because of their shaggy coat and short stature, badgers appear to flow along the ground".  My wildlife meter is full for quite some time with this unbelievable sighting!

BONUS: Ever since I started reading Not Afraid of Color (LeeAnna's blog), I seem to spot Phoenicopterus everywhere (that's 'flamingo' for the rest of us).  This one's for LeeAnna.

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  1. Hi Angie! I just love seeing all the pictures you share. Your house and landscaping looks just fabulous. And that red ottoman - I adore it!! I hope your family gatherings were fun, and I'm sure everyone just loved seeing you in your new digs. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. they say, 'time flies when you are have fun,' I must be having a blast!!!

  3. So much lovely stuff. The food looks delicious (I'm off to check those recipes). Love the landscaping and the second hand shop goodies. :-)

  4. Yes, this year is flying by. Lots going on with you!
    Landscaping looks great.
    I've saved the Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake Recipe. It looks soooo good.

  5. I'm with you, Angie. How did we get to the 5th already? It doesn't help that we're already making plans for September and October. I like your red ottomans and the key rack. For a moment I thought it might be fun to make one, but I don't think I could convince the Husband to hang his keys rather than keep them in his pocket just to please me. So I'll keep to leaving my keys in a bowl by the door when I remember. Your landscaping is handsome. It blends well with nature. I wish we would have more precipitation during the summer here, even if it's heavy morning fog. Cheers to you!

  6. Everything is happening at your place, isn't it. Oh my, the view from your great room is spectacular. What an amazing room. You happened upon some fabulous finds; love the iron chair. Wish oh wish I lived near you as I might have to pop in for some breakfast. I love visiting your place to have a little peek at your home; it is truly magical!

  7. What a pleasant place to live. The nature of all things, love them.

  8. Wow - you have been incredibly busy. Love your new acquisitions for the home. Food looks tasty and I am captivated by a badger. I've read about them in books - mostly from England - and thought we didn't have any. Just looked up badger online and find they are in the western and some central US areas. I've lived my life in the southeast and some up in Michigan and I've never seen a badger before your video. Thanks for sharing! 0

  9. Top marks for the landscaping Angie. It really does finish off your beautiful home from the outside view. You surprised me when you mentioned you had seen a badger so I looked it up. I discovered that it is a separate species to our own European Badger but of course, being America, it is much bigger and somewhat fiercer!

  10. Hello, your home and landscaping look beautiful. I can not imagine having a badger in the back yard. The food looks delicious. The family gathering will be fun. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  11. Such a delicious post! I hope you have done well with your company. Lovely photos.

  12. Thanks for noticing my new link-up. Yes, stop back with a travel post!

  13. Everything is looking good! You sound like you are having a great time making your new home your special place. Enjoy July! :) Kit

  14. Your home and new purchases look wonderful ~ lovely variety of photos ~ Josie steals the show though!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  15. The landscaping looks great! How exciting to see Madge the badger!

  16. Your home is looking great with all that new landscaping. I love fruit trees especially apples. Time flies but you are having a wonderful fun time. Enjoy!

  17. As busy as you are … so delighted you found me at my new online home, Angie. Your physical home is awesome and the landscaping sublime. The apple tree is the cherry on top that could attract additional wildlife when it’s full grown. I agree time does fly. It feels as if Christmas is around the corner and I just put away the tree!

  18. Hello, stopping back to say thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend! PS, thanks for the comment too.

  19. Sounds like a busy time for you, but it's nice to have gardening to help you relax and create.

  20. It is looking amazing around your beautiful home -- and in it! I know you're having a wonderful time with your family and I'm sure it was a wonderful party for all who helped your dream become reality. ANd that badger video -- and that you sighted the whole family is incredible. love it!!

  21. Oh how beautifully your home is coming along, just gorgeous setting. Apple Trees will be so delightful, their blossoms, their fragrance and then the apples. I see you have them protected...Deer love them. Your flowers in the other set of shares are so pretty. I hope that you have an wonderful week my friend~

  22. You are making me hungry with all your yummy food pictures. Yum! Yes, I am with you the time is flying by too quickly on 2018. Have a great week.

  23. You have such a beautiful yard. And yes, 2018 is going by in a hurry!

  24. Hi Angie, it was good to catch up with all your activities today. The landscaping and gardens do look amazing and I love the story of how you chose the apples trees but the wildflowers are certainly giving you a run for your money they are stunning.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  25. Golly Angie, your home is just beautiful. I'm very happy to read your "out and about" post. I have the itch to go bargain hunting, but it's just too darn hot, so I hibernate. Love your embroidery. Josie is one smart kitty! Have a fun week.

  26. I love that flamingo! And the stitching you've been doing. And that's a neat way to get the art on your wall the way you want it arranged. The summer is flying by! Enjoy!

  27. Angie, Nice visit to your world. It is a busy time but things are going well. Enjoy your time in the new place. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  28. ooooh such a beautiful, happy home!! i love your stitch work - i did stitch work like that for many years, now, i knit!!

    the artwork on your walls looks great, hanging paper first is the way to go!!

    the landscaping really looks beautiful!!

  29. your new home is part of nature with those windows.
    Mama badger was moving house and I liked how intuitive she was feeling you watching. She had a job to do, building a safe place, but checked periodically to see why she felt she was being watched. Nature is awesome. Then she had to go get the children and move them to safety from other critters. I watched a squirrel mama do that after a storm in MD. At twillight she had to rebuild a nest, and didn't have time to move all four babies, so she took one and stared at me. I gathered up the others that night, eyes still shut but screaming, and carried them to our vet who nursed them to adulthood.

    Just squirrels but I couldn't leave helpless babies to cry, and a mama to helplessly hear them... know what I mean?

    Love love the flamingo! Thanks!

  30. Your landscaping looks beautiful, Angie! I like your slate walkways and Honeycrip apples are my favorite. Seeing that badger was amazing! I've never seen one in the wild--this one was very industrious.

    We have had a bear lately coming down to our neighborhood from our foothills in the early hours or at night. He has been looking for garbage cans to raid, so now we all have to keep garbage in our garages and put it out only on collection day. Everyone also had to take down their bird feeders to try to keep this bear away. The twin fawns still visit us and spent all of Sunday in my garden.

    I'm sure everything will grow quickly in your gardens with all the rain you have been getting. We could certainly use some good steady rain here--we have a county wide fire ban in effect right now as we have been overly hot and dry.
    I cannot believe it is already July 10th! We are busy this summer helping to watch our 5 year old granddaughter--she goes to camp for a half day--and she keeps us going 100% when she is with us.

  31. Lots to see in this post! The landscaping is looking very good. Did you recently build the house as well. It is beautiful. I had never thought about setting up photo arrangements on the while with paper first. That is such a good idea.

  32. The new house looks so amazing.

  33. Oh I LOVE your house and landscaping and view and then throw in a badger.. WOW!!!! ...Michelle

  34. It was fun to see your badger video. Funny animal. And... as you said... time flies!