Saturday, November 17, 2018

Mosaic Monday #3 - Water, Water Everywhere

Swallowtails on the river shore 
It's quite gray outside today, and I am wavering on my choice of topics for my next post.  Something about the holidays?  It would be timely and cheery … Trail cam photos?  Probably not enough material … A continuation of my summer series?  The sunny shots could warm my bones, and make for some bright mosaics as well.  Ok, that's settled, then.  Call this Chapter 5 of my summer 'book' - see Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4.
Pictures from first four chapters

How do you write your posts?  Do you sit down and just start typing?  Maybe you prepare an extensive outline, college style.  Some of you have your furbabies compose at least part of your post!!!  I usually begin by perusing the pictures I plan to use in the post.  And then I wait for inspiration.   Hmmmm … most of the time it works!

Foamflower in front of waterfall
Today, my photos feature water - water in the form of lakes, and rivers, and waterfalls.  It reminded me of a recent comment from a fellow blogger who had noticed the predominance of water in my pictures.  You know, I hadn't really thought about it before!

Water is a destination for many of us.  Summer arrives and we head to the beach, or the pool, or the lake.  The North Fork of the Flathead River, as you follow it north, leads you to Polebridge, and the gateway to Bowman Lake.  It is a go-to day trip that delights visitors every time, and it delivered for my in-laws in July.
Looking north toward Canadian Rockies with Flathead River in foreground

Bowman Lake
Bowman Lake and Bog Orchid

I have written a number of posts highlighting Glacier National Park, mainly the west side of the Park.  If you want to spend serious time on the east side, it means staying on the east side, or at least mid-way.  In this case, we booked a 2-night stay at the Izaak Walton Inn (more about that in a future post), which meant we could linger on the beauty of the east side, starting with Two Medicine.
Two Medicine Lake - Sinopah Mountain on the left

Two Medicine Lake is one of three lakes in Glacier that offers summer boat tours.  Taking the tour provides several benefits: in addition to learning fascinating information about the environment and local history, you cut out some of the hiking necessary to access special terrain - like waterfalls!
Left: Thimbleberry  Middle: Pumpelly Pillar  Right: Beargrass 

Left: Elderberry  Middle: Twin Falls  Right: Pumpelly Pillar - Spousal Unit and his parents in the meadow below

After we returned to the boat launch site, we devoured a picnic while sitting along the lakeshore - we might have refreshed our feet by dipping them in the cool waters!

Our final stop that day was - you guessed it - another waterfall.  Running Eagle Falls, also known as "Trick Falls", has a wide, well-maintained path suitable for everyone in the family.  The waterfall receives its nickname, because there are actually two separate waterfalls in the same location.  As you can see here, during spring run-off, water rushes over the top ledge for a 40-foot drop, while obscuring the lower falls.  However, as the volume of water decreases by late summer, the upper falls 'dries up', allowing a clear view of the lower 20-foot falls. 

The formal name of the falls comes from Running Eagle, a female warrior of the Blackfeet Nation in the early 1700's, who experienced a four-day vision quest in the mountains high above the falls.  Running Eagle led war parties on many highly successful raids, and was the only woman in the Blackfeet tribe ever to do so, or to be given a man's name. 

Scenic Point mountain

You know what?  My bones are warm and the gray skies have turned to blue!

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  1. We always enjoy and and all water scenes but a waterfall is sure a bonus!

  2. My blog posts are usually on a single topic and start with pictures I have taken. Examples are a recipe, an activity at our cabin, or a place we have visited. I try to use several pictures and very few words to hold people's interest. Not sure it works for my readers, but it is the easiest way for me to write posts. - Margy

  3. Those mountains are magnificent!

    I usually post the photos first, and write in the text some days afterwards before the publication date comes up.

  4. Hello Angie!
    Stunning pictures!The views of the lake and the mountains are breathtaking!
    Like the reflections in the lake! I do the same with you,fist i select the pictures and the theme of my post,and than I’m waiting for the inspiration to come!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I start with photos I have taken and then out in the text, unless it has been a particluar event and them I will do the opposite 😆😆. Your photos are beautiful, love all the lake and water places. Waterfalls are wonderful placec to visit, nothing better than standing near the base of a waterfall. Is beargrass called that because bears eat it? It has a stunning flower.

  6. You show beautiful landscapes dear Angie. As you know, I have felt these past months as a prison. I start my blogpost with an idea of photos and search for them in the archives, old or brand new. Usually I write very briefly because I think that people don’t have time or interest to read long stories.

    The beargrass! It is a fantastic plant and I didn’t know anything about it - so I googled. Beargrass growing in abundance must be quite a sight.

  7. Your pictures are spectacular.
    I like the bear grass. Don't think I've ever seen that before.

    I just sit down at the computer at the end of the day and just write about my day. Then insert some pictures I've taken during the day.

  8. ...water, water, life giving water. What would it be like without it? Gorgeous images. Thanks for hosting.

  9. Beautiful images! I kind of just wing it with my posts (usually I'm writing them in my head as I'm going about my day, some make it to the computer and some don't). Your post certainly brightened my rather gray day here.

  10. So much beauty to take in and enjoy. You two have your work cut out for you in exploring your new area. Bear grass is very interesting. I wonder if some people might be allergic to it's seeds when they disperse. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  11. You take us along on some wonderful walks, Angie. Water is a big draw for us, too, whether ocean, lake, stream or waterfall. There's something very appealing about water, isn't there?

    I usually get an idea about what I want to write throughout the week. Photos are almost always taken during the same week. Sometimes the thought inspires the photos, as it did this week, or the photos inspire the words. I compose a post shortly before posting it.

    Thanks for hosting MM! Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. Excellent series. I do like the mosaic of your first four chapters. Very interesting post

  13. Hello, water is a big attraction for hubby and I. I love the views of the lake and the waterfalls. I have seen the called Trick Falls or Running Eagle Falls during our trip to Glacier. My blog is more of a photo blog than a writing blog. I love your photos of the scenery and the wildflowers. Thanks for hosting! Have a happy day and new week ahead.

  14. I always take oodles of photos and my writing is inspired by them. I quite often just sit and type....the words just seem to spill out. Now, as for your photos of the mountains and water and waterfalls, all are amazing beautiful. Oh to be able to hike and enjoy such glorious views. You are a blessed lady.

  15. Thank good ness for our photographic archives, Angie! Always keep a good stash for a rainy day ;-)
    Lovely shots, all of them.

  16. happy Monday every one. I thinks my clouds, photos from last month will qualify as water reservoirs. [by a longshot anyway]

    much love...

  17. I always marvel at your scenery...the beautiful photos you take from where you live! That's what my posts are. I look at what photos I've taken during the week and put together a post. I love blogging and I'm anxious to share what I've seen with all of my blog buddies! Enjoy your week! It's such a happy time of year! Hugs, Diane

  18. I love waterfalls...and the stories that go with them. Running Eagle’s was a great one. What an amazing woman. I’d love to do that boat ride, because the longer hikes it cuts out would make East Glacier and it’s beauty accessible to us! .... I do my posts the same way you do, letting the photos inspire the words. Although obviously I am not as inspired as you are ... some weeks I am almost wordless.

  19. LOL, I hadn't really noticed about the water. Now you'll think about it every time you photograph a lake or waterfall. Your photos are beautiful - don't change a thing! Your tour looks interesting. Did you enjoy it?

  20. My bones feel quite warm, too, Angie, thank you very much. I tell you this was far warmer imagining a summer day in your mountains than walking through the cold sections in the supermarket this afternoon. Much colder than usual. Maybe they have an abundance of frozen turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. Gorgeous images - you always share such beauty! Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. I enjoyed your post about water. I've always wished a lived with a water view. Something very calming about it. I must say, I struggled with a topic for my blog this week. Sometimes I know way ahead of time, and sometimes I decide at the last minute. As you can see inspiration was lacking this week, as I am a day behind my usual blogging day! Have a fabulous week!

  23. Great shots! Usually I pick out some pictures and write about them.

  24. As always - your shots are stunning!

  25. Photography is your forte, fantastic.

  26. I usually start preparing my post with a subject and then move on to some prose and a picture.

  27. Because I live in one of the flattest parts of England, I sort of envy your mountainous landscapes that make for wonderful photographs. But then I think I would miss the wide open spaces of Morecambe Bay and all of its birds. A nice post today Angie.

    Like you, I always consider the pictures I have and then write around that. But always in Word first then copy and paste after I have altered it several times.

  28. we enjoy reading your blog angie and the beautiful pictures you share with us, xx

  29. Gorgeous photos and wonderfully creative mosaics ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  30. I enjoyed all your photos Angie. I always love the beautiful landscapes but I think today those Swallowtail butterflies are really special. As for how I prepare my posts. I do think ahead a bit as to what I want to share and try to get some photos ready. Unfortunately being so busy I don't get as many of the kinds of photos I'd like to take. I hope to change that in future but for now I make do. My blog is relatively easy to prepare because it used to be about the beauty I see around me and the African missions work, then it morphed into a bit of a journal that I can look back on. In future I expect it will become more of a photo blog (but it will take a while to get that going) and possibly more on the missions.

  31. Happy Thanksgiving! I wrote you on google mail with some suggestions for your trip! Have a wonderful holiday! Kit

  32. beautiful butterfly and bear grass.
    thank you for sharing wonderful series of photos.
    have a great day

  33. Beautiful photos Angie. Love seeing them all, nature is definitely gorgeous. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  34. I missed the Mosaic Monday deadline again. Thanks for making a comment about my basketball sports-cation. I wonder how well LeBron will be received in Ceveland when her returns for the Lakers game there. - Margy

  35. Love all waters :) Medicine Lake seem to be a great name for it.

    Never heard of Bear grass, but like what I see in your shots. :)

  36. You have some incredible photos here. Lots and lots of water.

    I find that I cannot force a post. I have to have something in my mind that I want to do or it is just not going to work.

  37. Beautiful photos. I usually start with the image I want to post and write around it. Hope you are keeping nice and warm.

  38. Dear Angie,
    Such beautiful landscapes!Especially the fall with the mountain in the back is gorgeous.
    I usually prepare photos I have,and then think about writing in English.
    This is the most difficult point for posting.

    Thank you for your visit and kind comment as always ,Angie.
    Lovely weekend to you!

  39. When we live in a region where we have real winter I guess we all get a little wistful about summer. But I am not there yet. It is early. Talk to me around the end of February though!