Sunday, May 5, 2019

Mosaic Monday #26 - Dithering April

Leafy Aster in our garden
I found April to be a month of contrasts.  An in-between month, almost like a teenager that wavers between the simplicity of childhood and the desire to be considered an adult.  The sun was out but the air was still cold.  I had some recurring events, but in general I was less scheduled.  The "dead" of Winter was slowly losing its grip to the life of Spring.  All in all, I enjoyed the variety that was April 2019.

I am so glad this is the only
day Spousal Unit wears 
this sweater!
The ski season ended with a cool vibe as Whitefish Mountain Resort hosted Employee Ski/Ride Day.  In keeping with the "fun" character of the resort, costumes were encouraged and each department adopted a theme to identify its employees.  In the case of the Mountain Ambassadors, everyone decked out in retro/60s gear.  We don't often get the opportunity to ski/board at the same time, so this was treasured team bonding.

With skiing wrapped up for the season, I welcomed the free time to finish a key project, a Shutterfly book.  This labor of love documented the life of our new house from inception of the dream in 2006, through its first two years.  I chose this timing because April 24 marked the two-year anniversary of the date excavation began on the property.  It was a surprise for Spousal Unit, and it gave me great joy to present it to him on April 21 - once I had it in my hands, I couldn't wait to share it!

Salted Caramel

My open schedule also allowed me to simply pounce on some opportunities that came along.  Like the day Spousal Unit texted me that local ice cream company Sweet Peaks was giving away free ice cream - I was all over that!  (Sweet Peaks opened its Whitefish shop in April 2010 and now has 6 additional shops throughout Montana, Idaho and Washington State.)

As long as we're focused on my sweet tooth - I was spoiled at Easter by a basket from Spousal Unit and from a dear neighbor.

It was such a delight to join my fellow Arts and Environment committee members to decorate our church for Easter.  After the barren symbols of rocks and branches during Lent, the color and life of Easter flowers and lilies was a feast for the eyes and the nose.
In past posts, I have written about my search for options to enact true charity.  Last month, Spousal Unit and I attended a fundraiser for the Samaritan House, a homeless shelter and transitional living program in Kalispell, Montana. Its mission is to provide shelter and basic needs for homeless people, while fostering self-respect and human dignity.  The Twelfth Annual Cowboy Up event featured a live auction, silent auction, Chinese auction, wine pull, dinner and live music.  We bid on several items and were pleased to win a rustic bucket full of gardening-related items.

As one who likes structure, I garner contentment from my recurring activities.  My cooking adventures for the month included Shawarma Chicken, Pan-seared Cod, Chicken Taquitos and Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake.  Only the Shawarma Chicken passed muster.  We liked the Chicken Taquitos IF IT HAD MORE BUFFALO SAUCE, MORE CHICKEN AND LESS CHEESE.  In other words, that's a different recipe!
Shawarma Chicken Salad
Pan-seared Cod
Chicken Taquitos
I have continued experimenting with my spotting scope/phone camera combination, and one morning was thrilled to have Spousal Unit join me.  We observed a Belted Kingfisher in the dead trees on the edge of the lake, but didn't manage any good photos.  It probably didn't help that mist was rising from the lake due to the brisk morning temperature.  But I am very proud to report that Spousal Unit snapped these entertaining Flicker photos through the spotting scope.  He might just be hooked!

The trail cams have also documented April's fickle ways.
I am sure the deer thought we were done with the whole snow thing!

The diversity of wildlife seems to be on the rise - whether migrating or emerging from winter dens, they are on the move and in some cases, vying for territory.

Upper middle and right: BADGER!
Perhaps the best wildlife story is captured in this video.  One morning, Spousal Unit and I were on the lower level, deeply engaged in our photo album project, when we heard a succession of "whap, whap, whap" on the glass doors.  Since it sounded like bird strikes, I wondered out loud about the chances of several birds striking the windows in such short order.  Then the sound came again.  WHAT???  Away to the windows we flew like a flash … and what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a crazed Tom Turkey, intent on fighting his reflection in the glass.  We just love living in the woods!

Of course, with the passing of Easter, my limited Easter decorations have retreated to storage, leaving our dining room table lacking in adornment.  But never fear, creativity and our back forty soon came to the rescue with a simple green and white arrangement.  Welcome to the month of May!   


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  1. WOW, so many amazing things, like ice cream and yummy things. Hey, maybe that turkey wanted some ice cream too.

  2. ...I remember skiing in April, it doesn't so exciting these days.

  3. I hope May is less temperamental than April has been! We are enjoying such wonderful weather out here on the west coast. I rather wish it would rain a little as the soil is very dry. Bad for gardens and forest fires.
    I had to laugh at your cooking adventures. Not all recipes are good, that's for certain! Glad the Shawarma Chicken was a hit!
    Thanks for hosting, Angie, have a great week.

  4. The trail cams are wonderful and your crazed turkey made me laugh! You have a world of entertainment ... right outside your window! I have to look up shawarma ... it looks good! Happy
    May and thank you as always.

  5. That turkey was very jealous of his handsome and rivalus reflection, LOL!

    Cute photo of you and your husband in your vintage sweaters! Our mountains have had so much snow this winter that ski season has been extended! Where we live next to the foothills our weather has been glorious the past few weeks. IWe may still get some snow, but I think the weather will soon stay warm. Happy May!

  6. Yes, I do love ice cream too and a free cone would be irresistable. I also like your new table decoration. Thanks for sharing.

  7. We got snow in May too, but we want springtime now. Wonderful decoration in Church...

    Happy MosaicMonday.

  8. Thank you Angie for your 26th Mosaic Monday. Loved seeing your many photos and descriptions. Busy times. Have a lovely week.

  9. Your Spousal Unit certainly wouldn't get lost in the snow in that colourful fun! Love those vintage sweaters. Gosh all your meals look delicious. Looks rather like a restaurant, really. Love the book on the beginnings of your beautiful home. How lovely to have your dreams and thoughts and of course your gorgeous photos within the covers of a book. It must be delightful to pick it up and peruse. A fabulous coffee table book.

  10. That jumper is too much fun only to be worn once a year - you should wear it next year! What a lovely idea to create a book of your new place, next you can create one of all your animal visitors Mr Turkey would have to be included for sure!
    Happy Monday from Thailand where we are celebrating a new king!
    Wren x

  11. Your April was filled with so many activities Angie! The jumper of your hubby is indeed a bright one :) I too wish May welcome, here it started with freezing weather but hope it gets better soon. The green & white arrangement with big cones pleases my eye very much - I could try a similar one... Wishing you a nice week & thank you for hosting.

  12. Helli, the Eastr basket and Ice cream are yummy treats. The 60's gear is fun and colorful. The meals all look delicious. Love the Flicker photos and the critters. Great photos. Thanks for hosting MM. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  13. Wow, what a beautiful blog post, Angie. I enjoyed reading it so much. I agree with Eileen, your food all looks wonderful to me. So many gorgeous photos of your wildlife and skies. And your arrangement for May is inspired and inspiring! I also applaud your charitable efforts!

  14. That's so funny about the turkey! We've had a 'crazy' Cardinal but I can't imagine seeing a turkey do that! WOW! Love your look at the month. It was an odd month around here and I'm happy for May! Thanks for know I love it!

  15. That was certainly a very eventful month, Angie! What a colourful motley crowd the 60s skiers make :-)

  16. PS: We had some home-made lemon gelato last week as our lemon tree is full of lemons :-)

  17. Once again this year we celebrated two Easters, Angie, the regular one and Greek Easter a week afterwards. I wish the Churches would agree and in the spirit of ecumenical goodwill celebrate Easter once and all together!

  18. Y'all certainly have settled in nicely in the area. All those folks in bright sweaters certainly won't get lost in the snow. So fun to see all the critters that wander around there. Mr. Turkey sure was whacking at that window. :) Have a good week.

  19. Beautiful journaling. Best wishes to You and Spousal Unit. Happy mosaic Monday. Thank you for hosting us so wonderfully

    much love...

  20. April was just rainy April. More wetness than usual but plenty of sunbreaks to make me happy. On to sweet May

  21. I do love ice cream and salted caramel is high on my list. April was a big month for you. Mine wasn't too busy, but May is tuning up quite a bit. - Margy

  22. the change of seasons is an interesting time. Here we are having cooler nights and morning but brilliant sunshine during the day as we move through autumn. But desperately needing rain. Have a great week. I am snowed under at the moment, so please excuse me for not joining Mosaic Monday. Back soon I hope.

  23. Ice cream, especially free, works for me any day, in hot or cold weather. Lately I've been thinking I ought to experiment with new recipes to get me to cook more often. Maybe even follow a recipe completely, no modifications. It's a thought. Spousal Unit wears a cheerful sweater on the slopes. Easy to find in a crowd, perhaps. :-) For a moment I thought the young deer was a donkey. If I could, I'd invite a donkey to live with us. It could eat the weeds in the back. Cheers, Angie!

  24. You were certainly busy! Thanks for hosting.

  25. Dear Angie – Your April looks to have been spiced up with various different things. Let me pick up some things I like. I like your analogy between the April weather and teenager, the salted caramel ice-cream (yummy!) and all the delicious meals, the dining table adorned with the nice color combination. Thank you for hosting. Have happy days ahead.


  26. the turkey must be doubting reality, I mean there is OBVIOUSLY a turkey to fight, but he is hard and doesn't fight back! Great post. The ice cream and the 60's gathering are fun

  27. A wonderful mosaic!
    You nailed April. Up and down, hot and cold... frost tonight. sigh.

  28. I'm amazed at the capture of the badger! Fun. The turkey incident cracks me up. We've been seeing a lot of turkeys here. Finally saw a male fanning his wings out nicely. I've been on the lay low because of our little grandson ending up in NICU. Lots of drives to Spokane last week. He's doing a lot better now. Hope you are having a good week.

  29. April has been good to you! (And your sweet tooth... ;-))

  30. So nice to hear of your lovely Easter. Montana is finally warming and greening up! Enjoy this lovely month if May! :) Kit

  31. Beautiful images Angie, cold start to begin with.

  32. Beautiful array of photos summing up April ~ Spring skiing is always fun and so colorful ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  33. april was lovely...but snow, in april?? i am a snow lover but not in april!!

    your pictures are all so lovely, a good representation of your month!! spousal unit and company did well representing the 60's, those are some pretty "cool" sweaters!!

    i wonder if the turkey wanted inside the house or was pecking at it's reflection, what a beautiful bird!! i really like the arrangement in the last picture!!

  34. I really enjoyed your post, the 60's gear brought a smile to my face! It s great to see all the animals that are around you there, that turkey is a pretty big bird, looks impressive when his tail feathers fo up.

  35. Having recently had some experience with Syrian children who have arrived here as refugees, the expression "simplicity of childhood" struck me right away. I am not sure that any of them would concede that childhood has been simple.

  36. All meals look super yummy, it was great to see your beautiful pictures☺

  37. Greetings from Menorca. Yes, I keep an eye on the weather back home at 10 degrees. But here today it's 21 and rising. Can't decide which of those recipes to choose when I visit but definitely the ice cream with huckleberry pie.

  38. colorful it.
    so many amazing things. Thank you for sharing....

  39. What an amazing month you had. Ice cream and chocolate, you can't beat it. It's weird to see a turkey stop by for a visit. :) Wonderful photos and thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful week, Angie.

  40. That turkey is hilarious. I am thinking that I might be needing a trailcam of my own. We back up to a greenspace. I think I would see rabbits, squirrels, robins, crows, and smoking teenagers.

  41. A great variety of stuff happening in the month! Thanks for sharing.

  42. I enjoyed reading the variety within this post and seeing all of your photographs.

    All the best Jan


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