Sunday, November 22, 2020

Mosaic Monday #106: My Thanksgiving

Hello, my dear friends.  The last few weeks, I have been regaling you with our road trip adventures.  I decided to take another tack with this post.  I like to listen to music while I'm house-cleaning, and a few days ago Don Henley was my inspirational selection.  His song "My Thanksgiving" has always been a favorite, but the lyrics struck a deep chord (pun intended) with me this time.  This song may have been released in 2000, but I think the sentiment is as relevant now as it was then.  I have included some recent photos, but the focus is meant to be the lyrics.  "For every breath, for every day of living  This is my Thanksgiving."

A lot of things have happened

Since the last time we spoke

Some of them are funny

Some of 'em ain't no joke

And I trust you will forgive me

If I lay it on the line

I always thought you were a friend of mine

Sometimes I think about you

I wonder how you're doing now

And what you're going through

The last time I saw you

We were playing with fire

We were loaded with passion

And a burning desire

For every breath, for every day of living

This is my Thanksgiving

Now the trou
ble with you and me, my friend

Is the trouble with this nation

Too many blessings, too little appreciation

And I know that kind of notion - well, it just ain't cool

So send me back to Sunday school

Because I am tired of waiting for reason to arrive

It's too long we've been living

These unexamined lives

I've got great expectations

I've got family and friends

I've got satisfying work

I've got a back that bends

For every breath, for every day of living

This is my Thanksgiving

Have you noticed that an angry man

Can only get so far

Until he reconciles the way he thinks things ought to be

With the way things are

Here in this fragmented world, I still believe

In learning how to give love, and how to receive it

And I would not be among those who abuse this privilege

Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge

And I don't mind saying that I still love it all

I wallowed in the springtime

Now I'm welcoming the fall

For every moment of joy

Every hour of fear

For every winding road that brought me here

For every breath, for every day of living

This is my Thanksgiving

For everyone who helped me start

And for everything that broke my heart

For every breath, for every day of living

This is my Thanksgiving
Don Henley, Jai Winding & Stan Lynch

Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US, and wishing the rest of you many moments of joy!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the song! The tune is timeless and could probably fit any era but seems especially relevant in the present. There’s an attitude of gratitude some folk have who have far less than most … I think being in awe of the "little things" is an acquired taste. :))

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! There are good words in the Song, what remembering on the really important things of our life.

    Nice card for your Neighbor Birthday. I like your illustrations, Angie - it's wonderful having talent into drawing.

    Thank you for hosting. Have a good week. Stay healthy and well, dear Blogfriend.

    Happy MosaicMonday

  3. your sunsets are gorgeous - hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. That is really a nice song and you illustrated it so beautifully! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us.

  5. ...Angie, I wish your a wonderful Thanksgiving and at this point in history it would wonderful if everyone shared your feelings.

  6. a beautiful post :)
    Thanksgiving is a US tradition. In Sweden we don´t have this celebration. Today I have my Mosaic in my artblogg as I realized my post in there was in fact a mosaic :)
    Take care!

  7. Angie, wow, just wow. The words to this song really do fit right now. I teared up thinking about a friend. During this crazy 2020, due to a different view, she has cut me off. It hurts. I miss her but I am still thankful. Beautiful photos and you are so talented!! Love your cards.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  8. Wonderful song for Thanksgiving ponderings. I really enjoy your hand drawn cards. Wonderful. I also love that shot of your home with the lights drawing you in...Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours dear lady!

  9. A beautiful post.
    Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving.

    All the best Jan

  10. A lot of good things. Your post made me smile. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Such a lovely post. I hope your family has a wonderful holiday. If all goes well, my children will be here on Thursday. Take care. Kit

  12. I really love this post, Angie. Music evokes some emotion regardless of time or country and unites us but as Penelope wrote the lyrics resonate especially currently. Thanksgiving is uniquely American related to the story of native Indians, but each country has its own Thanksgiving for what we have but forget appreciation most time. We often talk about “love” but love is with appreciation and forgiveness. “For every breath, for every day of living. This is my Thanksgiving.” What a nice way to end a day admiring such beautiful sunset scenes. The hand-drawn birthday cards is priceless. Happy Thanksgiving to you!


  13. A perfect song and lyrics, Angie for this time of the year--especially when it tells us we have "too many blessings--too little appreciation!" So very true! Loving all your drawings and photos, especially your house in the snow! Wishing you and your family a beautiful and Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving. The words to the song are so appropriate right now. Stay safe and appreciate what is most important to us. Take care.

  15. Hello,
    What a great song, Don Henley is one of my favorites. Your photos are beautiful, love the sunset. The homemade cards are funny and cute! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Take care, have a great week ahead!

  16. Great post, Angie. I wish that we here in Australia had adopted this American tradition - Thanksgiving. People nowadays have a lot of good things and few stop to feel grateful for them all, fewer still say the words: "Thank you."

  17. PPS: Thank you for hosting, Angie, for your thoughtful posts and the painstaking work you put in each post.
    Reading this today, reminded me of something I wrote a few years back:

  18. Hi Angie :) Your post is lovely! What heartfelt lyrics in that song. I loved how you presented the post today. All of the photos are beautiful and your cards are amazing, especially the humour of the bladder control one! Very nice!! :)

  19. I'm counting blessings and hoping others find things to be thankful for. There's still so much suffering. Sigh. I love your sunsets. Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. I have received a couple of handmade cards over the years and they are always a special delight. It is amazing how people can capture quirks you didn't realize you had, but have to chuckle when you see yourself portrayed.

  21. Hi Angie
    Your Birthday cards are lovely. Think ham made me smile☺
    Happy Mosaic Monday


  22. Your cards are so whimsy and wonderful. You could go into business! Love you.

  23. Happy Thanksgiving to you also. Love your blog. You have so much to share and I enjoy that

  24. Beautiful post, I did not know that song, it is something we could all learn from. The cards are wonderful too. Happy thanksgiving to you.

  25. Beautiful artwork!
    We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. Great photos and marvelous birthday cards!

  27. You design the best cards - that one about bladder control was a bit too close to home! Lovely sunsets in your neck of the woods! Happy Thanksgiving Angie!
    Wren x

  28. Such a wonderful song. That's the first time I've heard it.
    I enjoyed seeing your uplifting artwork. Smiles all around.
    And what beautiful sunsets.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Angie.

  29. Your post brought me many moments of joy! I read it when I linked. I looked for the song, with which I was unfamiliar, I forgot to come back and comment. (Forgetting did not bring me joy, but remembering to come back did because I read your post again and loved it. Perfect song for this week, perfectly illustrated by you! Thank you for all that you do for our blogging community!

  30. Beautiful. I always play music when doing chores, music makes everything better. Happy Thanksgiving.

  31. The birthday cards are precious, lots of b'day wishes to you, a little bit late.

  32. Love the cards! So much talent, especially the one for Meghan. And I just can't stop starring at he picture of your home in the snow, love it!!! XOXO Henni

  33. Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving ^_^

    Live each moment with love,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  34. Happy Thanksgiving Angie. No I don't have a problem with renewable energy except that the numbers presented by our government to a mostly gullible and suppliant public just don't add up.

  35. Happy Thanksgiving, Angie. I love your handmade cards, they are so pretty. Great post and photos, thank you!

  36. Beautifully said, and beautiful shots. Happy Thanksgiving!

  37. What a great song. Really appropriate today. I think our country really has a problem with reconciling the way they want things to the way things are. Our society, culture, and country has changed permanently this year.
    I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!!

  38. Lots of great photos and I love Don Henley.

  39. What a gorgeous house you live in. And wonderful sky shots!

  40. I love it!!! Think Ham!!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  41. oh how touching Angie. So well done with the pictures and the words... Love, LeeAnna