Sunday, May 2, 2021

Mosaic Monday #129: Under the Weather

I need a distraction.  I had my second COVID shot yesterday, and I am racked with chills, a headache and a tight feeling across my chest.  I have no appetite, much less a desire to write a blog post right now.  Also, it has been a tough week for other reasons that I am not prepared to write about at this moment.  But maybe focusing on something other than my symptoms would be beneficial.  This might be a short post, or maybe I will get a second wind.

Don't get me wrong - I am glad that I got the shots; Spousal Unit and I have already invited a group of vaccinated friends over for a dinner party in May, just a couple days after the two-week mark.  Life might just be getting closer to normal.

Not only can we resume social activities, but we can also return to church.  While I have enjoyed the flexibility of "attending" Mass at several different churches for the last year, it is not the same as being present with the faith community and receiving Communion.  During April, I helped with decorating the church for Easter.  I love these arrangements.

It's a rare post of mine that doesn't have food photos, and I think Debbie only reads my posts for the food!  Head Chef frequently makes stir fry, and he is always trying it new ways, such as this recipe with the fried egg rolled and sliced on top.  So good!!!

In an effort to give Head Chef a break from the kitchen, I have been cooking once a week.  In the throes of the preparation, I don't always remember to take pictures!


Thanks to Jan for the Mushroom and Leek Casserole recipe.  (We added chicken.)

My Dear Neighbor Friend gave me a recipe for Cheeseburger Soup.  I made it for movie night; tastes just like a cheeseburger!  This time of year at the farm is all about new life.  If you need a top up on your cuteness meter, just spend some time around baby chicks and baby goats (I also wrote about this in my last post).  Since then, DNF took some pictures of me with the goats.  Awww ....

As Spring asserts itself with dominance, it seems odd to think that we were still skiing three weeks ago.  April 12 was Employee Ski Day at Whitefish Mountain Resort; for many of us, who played a role as mask enforcers throughout the season, it was a delight just to let it rip and have fun!

Easter seems eons ago; it was fun to have #1 Son search for plastic eggs around the house!  We both strongly embrace our inner child!
And if you needed more proof, here is #1 Son with one of his birthday presents -- he still loves to construct Legos!

My older brother also celebrated a birthday this month, and I sent him this hand-made card.  The hot air balloon theme reflects his love for all forms of flying (refer to this post for more info.)

As I wrap up this post, it is 24 hours since I began, and I am feeling much better.  I might even have the energy to get out in the garden a bit today.  So, I will leave you with some wildflower photos that were taken on a recent walk with Dear Neighbor Friend.  I hope all is well in your world!

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  1. You did a grand job showing all of those fabulous food stuffs! I hope those side effects pass soon and you'll be ready to enjoy some normal activities with friends.

  2. Hi Angie. I'm sorry to hear you had such nasty side effects but so glad they didn't last too long. Which vaccine did you get? I go this week for my second dose of Moderna and I'm sure not looking forward to it. All the food looks fantastic! Great mosaics and I love the pretty little wildflowers. Enjoy your Sunday. :)

  3. ...I'm sorry to hear of your side effects, they that means that gthe vaccine is working. Take care and thanks for hosting.

  4. Hello Angie,
    It seems to be a hit or miss as far having side effects from the vaccine shots. My sister felt bad and hubby was fine, they both had the Moderna shot. I had the two doses of Pfizer and was fine. Your food looks yummy, cheeseburger soup sounds interesting. Pretty wildflowers! I hope you are feeling better. Take care, enjoy your new week!

  5. Oh, sad for reading about the side effects with the vaccine. Hope, dear Angie, you get well soon ...

    ... my husband get next this shot, we will see. I will wait and speak before with my doctor.

    Thank you for sharing this fine post. With this delicate food. We love mushrooms by the way.

    Have a good week. Happy MosaicMonday

  6. sorry to hear you had side effects of your shots. Hope they soon pass. :) I was lucky with my first shot, I felt nothing at all.

    Take care still. Even if you are vaccinated. We are not out of the woods yet!

  7. So sorry to read you are experiencing side effects from your second vaccination, hope you feel better soon.

    Pleased to read you enjoyed the mushroom and leek recipe, with added chicken! Yum! (thanks for the link back to the low carb diabetic blog)

    Take care, feel better soon, and have a good month of May.

    All the best Jan

  8. i hope you are already feeling a little better. I read where people who aren’t having any reaction are worried that the vaccine didn’t “take.” (It doesn’t mean that). I had enough of a one to know for sure , but not as severe as yours. Bill had none. Anyway like you glad to have done with it, Your food looks yummy, your party looks fun and I always love the handmade cards. Thank you for hosting, esp when you’re under the weather and feel better soon.

  9. Hope you are feeling much better now. Love your hand made cards.

  10. I hope you are feeling better by now. I was fine with the first shot, the second I was fine until the afternoon of the day after and I felt like I had the flu. So I laid down and the next day was fine.

    It's nice being able to expand our circle of people we interact with. My sister and BIL came a couple weeks ago to check on our brother and spent hours talking. I was giddy from the experience.

    So I just hope we can continue!

  11. Lovely post with lots of good stuff. That second shot can really pack a punch. I got knocked down but was feeling much better just 24 hours later - my partner didn't get hit as hard, but felt vaguely unwell for longer. Personally, I preferred the down and bounce back approach. Hopefully you're feeling better by now!

  12. So sorry that you suffered from the second covid vaccine, Angie! It seems everyone's experience is different no matter which one they get. My husband son and I had Moderna vaccine and we had almost no reactions. My daughter had J&J and she had no reaction either. I think having a reaction means you have a very good immune system so be happy! I love the photos of you with the baby goats and your dinner all look delicious! We had a few days of warm--80 degree weather but may get snow again tonight. Spring keeps us

  13. I hope your reaction to the vaccination has eased by now. I had my first Pfizer dose on Thursday and felt pretty miserable on Friday, so who knows how I'll react to dose #2.
    Your dinners look delicious! Lego seems to be a perennial favourite for some - our son is still collecting it, too.
    We are still not able to attend church in person and I'm longing for the day when we can. LiveStream just isn't the same!

  14. Thank you, Angie, for this post when you were not feeling well. I’ve heard such symptoms of side effect by vaccination would disappear in a day or so in general. I’d try to prepare new post when I have the similar experience, though I’m still not sure when. Perhaps the first shot in June and the second July. My grandson’s birthday was the other day, he loves inventing and creating something with legos, too, but my present was a soft of Nintendo Switch this year. The mushroom and chicken dish looks so delicious. Have happy days ahead.


  15. My youngest boy in NY got his second dose last week and felt really sick for 6-7 hours. Both my boys have suffered from migraines and both had major headaches and fatigue with the second shot. We are still on the wait-list here. We still have a nightly curfew that will last at least a couple more weeks. And restaurants/coffee shops have been closed for months again now except for order and delivery. I don't know how anyone stays in business. Wishing you a blessed new week. Take care.

  16. The 2nd dose made me feel crappy the day after too. Hopefully you'll be feeling better by tomorrow. It'll be good to start living a more normal life again.

  17. I felt terrible the day after mine too and then weak the following day. I was a little prepared to feel bad but was still shocked to feel that bad. I'm of course so thankful to have it done too but it was a rough couple of days. I know you will feel better now. Just take it easy! Happy MM!

  18. Get well soon! Yummy food photos. Yikes. I'm getting my second shot this week. Hope it goes well.

  19. I hope you're back to feeling 100% again, Angie. I'm having the COVID Vaccine on Thursday. Let's hope the mass vaccinations get rid of this horrid virus.
    In answer to your question about last week's post, yes the background was wood, but parts of it had been burnt, and charred bits looked blue-black.

  20. PS: Thank you for hosting, Angie. Yes, the food always looks good. My compliments to the chef!

  21. Sorry to hear you were suffering after your second Covid shot, but glad to hear you are starting to feel a little better. We had our first shot a couple of weeks ago. Not really any after-effects other than a sore arm and not feeling totally 100% for a day or so. The only way we are going to get on top of this thing is by everyone getting vaccinated. It will be good to go out with more confidence. Take care! And thankyou for your post and link up!

  22. Glad you are feeling better. It's fun to embrace your inner child. That cheesecake? looks amazing! Cute photos of you with the little goats. Happy belated birthday to your son! Happy May to you.

  23. Congrats on getting fully vaccinated! Sorry the day after was rough but it's so worth it! Thanks for hosting.

  24. Angie, I am glad you are feeling better and life will return to some normal for you soon. Thanks for sharing! Sylvia D.

  25. Angie, I hope all is okay. Glad you are now feeling better after having the vaccination. Lucky you, to be able to enjoy all the delicious meals your Head Chef whips up for you. It must be like eating out at a restaurant each time. Spring certainly looks as if it is smiling in gorgeous flowers and happy, sunny skies.

  26. Hey Angie, I'm sorry to hear, that you didn't feel quite well after your second shot, I will get mine in 3 weeks, the first shot I felt totally fine (also Pfizer).
    I love your April-Card, the dog looks just like Lola ;)
    Love from Germany

  27. awwww, you are fully vaccinated, YaY!!! too bad you had such a severe reaction to the shot and i hope you are feeling better!! i did not have a reaction to either shot, i got the pfizer!!

    now let's talk food, goodness, goodness...all that food looks awesome!! i need a head chef...

    i LOVE dying easter eggs, i did it with my great nieces this year!!

  28. Ah, it's nice to be out of the kitchen, the second shot is a terrible.

  29. I hope you're over the aftershocks now Angie. Maybe 50% of people I've spoken to who have had the jabs described similar symptoms. Us two fine apart from an hour or two tiredness at Day 2. We put it down to a good healthy diet, including wine? So, you will be just fine after seeing your repertoire.

  30. we try everything to keep alive., hope u recover on your 2nd shot.. ;p

    ps. greetings from Malaysia

  31. Hope you are feeling better! I was ill for three whole days after the second vaccination and was told that the more reaction you have, the better the vaccination is working. So - silver lining!

  32. Hope you are feeling better now. I had my first shot 2 weeks ago and had no side effects. Have to wait 12 weeks for the second shot. Enjoy your weekend, Angie.


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