Sunday, August 1, 2021

Mosaic Monday #141: Short and Sweet


My goodness, the first of August!  July spun past like a ride on the Scrambler at the county fair - fun, fast and leaving me just a little bit breathless!  So this post will be quick and quirky - a few happy highlights from July! 

Summer just isn't complete without some guacamole and a margarita (or two) to wash it down.

Spousal Unit celebrated a birthday during the month.  In keeping with the fish theme, he received a new fishing rod, a reel and some new line.  (Truth be told, he ordered it and I put bows on the packages!)

I am sure we are not the only couple that gives presents this way ... And then sometimes you just go ahead and get something you need want.  Such as the new binoculars I bought this month!

The trail cam didn't deliver much in July, but sometimes one terrific picture is enough!

Of course, one of my posts would not be complete without a few plants ...

I think it's fitting to close with a sunset from a recent evening, kayaking with my Dear Neighbor Friend.  I hope July was a sweet month for you!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Spousal Unit from all of us!

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband, late Gratulation but with best wishes. A new rod is surely welcome, I believe.

    And yes July is over, the Summer lost in rain. But we give each day the best, to laugh a little bit.

    Happy MosaicMonday

  3. seems that every month is short and sweet! Happy belated Birthday!

  4. Hello Angie,
    Happy birthday to your hubby! Cool capture of the coyote!
    We bought a new pair of binocs too. Summer is going by too quickly. Love the sunset view! Have a great new week!

  5. lol. Yes, July passed in an instant. Strange, isn´t it? New binoculars is good, I have one too. :)
    Love that sunset. :)

  6. Kayaking in the evening sounds like bliss. I LOVE that shot of the coyote!!! Wonderful! Happy birthday to your hubby! :)

  7. Happy Birthday to the spousal unit. You are not the only one who gives gift that way, specially when you have been married for a while. Gorgeous views!


  8. Happy birthday to your husband! Keep celebrating!

  9. As long as there is a pretty bow on the present, then all is well. =) Happy Birthday to your husband. Fabulous spot to enjoy guacamole and a margarita (or two), whilst drinking in that fabulous view.

  10. The trail cam photo IS amazing! Happy August!

  11. Ah yes Already August

    Have a good week Angie


  12. Happy birthday to your birthday boy, Angie! Lovely photos as usual!

  13. Dear Angie,
    July passed just as fast for me - whoosh and away! But filled with experiences! (If you want to see them - my current post is a review of July - quirky but not as quick as yours ;-)) Your birthdays are even a little more festive than ours - you put a bow on the package! :-DD We buy what we need, when we need it - and on the birthday morning we just say happy birthday. Not very romantic, but environmentally friendly ;-) Really a stunning "catch" with the trail cam! I suppose this is not a wolf but a coyote?
    All the best and Happy August, Traude

  14. We just put out our trail cams in Wisconsin. Great coyote catch!

  15. August now---smoky skies and no rain. Trail cams are fun. We have captured a few critters on it and the neighbor looking in the lens. haha
    Good bye July

  16. Happy August! May it be as sweet and happy as your July! That's a wonderful trail catch for sure. And the Man With the Hat's birthday card is adorable as always your art work always is. And really after you reach true adulthood getting "just what you always wanted" is exactly the right way to celebrate any occasion (or no occasion at all)!

  17. July just flew by! I hope August is an equally lovely month. Happy Birthday to the Man with the Hat. We give each other specific lists of what we'd like, too - makes gifting fun and meaningful.

  18. Happy belated birthday wishes for your husband.
    Didn't July fly by so quickly!
    Many good wishes for the new month of August.

    All the best Jan

    PS Love your last photograph.

  19. I updated my blog post today! You are right!!! It's St. John's Wort! Thanks for the ID, you were the only one that knew! Hugs!

  20. July was hot! Thanks for hosting and have a good week.

  21. July was good to you in a quick way. :)
    I've started August being real slow...
    Hope your August is starting off good.

  22. hi Angie, I always like coming to your house, good food and drinks and pretty scenery

  23. A fair choice Angie. I have a pair of Celestron, not the same model as you, and they are pretty good for the £200 I paid and OK to leave in the footwell of the passenger seat. Better value than Zeiss or Leica at ten times that amount. Seems like our own system - if you need it buy it.

  24. I love your mosaics, and your picture of the canine, Coyote.

  25. Your mosaics are fabulous!

    And a very belated Happy Birthday to the hubs.

  26. We long ago gave up on celebrating birthdays and exchanging gifts. It we really can't bear to live a moment longer without something we go ahead and get in anyway! Now where's that list of books I just put together?

  27. For birthdays we send each other amazon links. Pretty pathetic huh? For Christmas we sometimes don't get each other anything at all. Better than that than buying stuff just for sake of buying stuff.
    I love your trail cam photo. Is that a coyote, a wolf, or a fox. You can tell that I am a heck of an outdoorsman.

  28. ooooh july, lets talk about yours, mine would like to be forgotten!! we don't "do" gifts for birthdays anymore, we just don't need anything and when we do, we just buy it!! you do have a good system though, we buy really nice cards for each other, i often make one like you did, the fish card is great, awesome for your spousal unit!!

    i have to tell you that i love a sunflower at that stage, i think it is the anticipation that it stirs inside me!!

  29. Happy Birthday to your guy!! 🎉🎈🎂 Kit