Sunday, April 10, 2022

Mosaic Monday #173: Cleaning out the Leftovers

Just three days remain until our flights to the UK, so it's high time to clean out the fridge, literally and figuratively!  I am boxing up last year's October/November visit with this buffet of leftover photos.  Bon Appetit! (And yes, there's more than food!) 

On our last night in Skipton, we ventured to The Royal Shepherd, the only pub in the country with this name.  It is thought to have been named after George III at the beginning of the 19th Century.  He was nicknamed Farmer George after creating model farms at Windsor, and The Royal Shepherd was named in his honor in keeping with Skipton's agricultural and sheep farming connections.

The food was plentiful and delicious.

A vacation is not complete without a little retail therapy, so we had a thorough look 'round the shops in Skipton, dodging the rain showers as we did so.  The Craven Court Shopping Centre, being enclosed, was ideal for this type of weather, and it also featured a handful of quirky stores that I adored. (And the architecture, as you can see below, was an attraction in its own right.)

I bought a necklace, and a new case for my glasses.

All this shopping made us hungry; we opted for the Three Sheep since Spousal Unit and I had eaten there on a previous trip and remembered the quality of the food.  We were not disappointed!  Three of us ordered the Ploughman's (shown below).  A Ploughman's lunch is a cold meal based around bread, cheese, and fresh or pickled onions, usually accompanied by butter and "pickle", which in Britain denotes a chutney-like condiment.  I believe this is the best Ploughman's I have ever had the pleasure of consuming!

On our way back to the car, we passed through Skipton Castle Woods, which I also wrote about previously.  Given the rainfall in the preceding week, the stream was voluminous and the waterfalls a sight to see.  Check out the videos!

It warmed my heart to see my in-laws strolling arm-in-arm; I suspect they were holding on to each other to keep from slipping on the mud!

With love - I ask you to sit here and enjoy nature

With love - I ask you to listen to the trees

With love - I hope you find peace and contentment here

            Sharon Elizabeth Kemp  (from the plaque on the bench)

At the cottage, we played Mexican Train.  And earlier in the day, my mother-in-law had discovered this cupboard on the landing of the stairs - look what was hiding inside!


Sometimes it's the little things that get my attention, such as the snail and the mushroom in the collage below.  In the end, I love the sights we see and the history we learn when we visit my in-laws.  But the most important aspect is investing time with them, and being with my dear Spousal Unit, free of the perceived duties at home.  United Kingdom, here we come!

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  1. ...leftovers can be the best!

  2. Hello,
    Hubby and I love our leftovers, easy meals. I enjoyed the videos of the Skipton Waterfalls, the shopping can be fun. The Ploughman's Lunch looks yummy, just me kind of meal. Enjoy your trip to the UK, safe travels. Take care, enjoy your day and the new week ahead.

  3. That food looks wonderful and those were nice videos. Have a safe trip, I know you'll have fun.

  4. Leftover food is always great and I usually don't waste food. I enjoyed reading this post. It is nice to see how you pay attention to nature's beauty even small things such as a snail and mushrooms.
    Thanks for hosting & have a nice day!

  5. Goodness, all that food looks delicious! Mexican Train! I haven't played that in years, but I remember it was fun.

  6. You take such great photos!!
    I love that ploughmans lunch. I love the name.

  7. How exciting, Angie, to be returning soon to England and seeing your husband's family again! I know you will enjoy more new adventures in nature, beautiful sights and delicious meals. The Ploughmans lunch looks fabulous! Have safe travels!

  8. The sentences of Sharon Elizabeth Kemp are adorable ... yes, I agree so much.

    And ... on the other side: we love leftovers, we made creative some new in the kitchen. It's always a surprise.

    Have a wonderful week.

    Happy MosaicMonday

  9. More wonderful walks and meals and enjoyment await you. Have a fabulous trip. (I'll be eating leftovers for lunch. ;)

  10. So much delicious food to eat, but for sure walking outdoors make you hungry. Wishing Happy Easter & great trip.

  11. My very favourite fare for lunch is a Ploughmans lunch. Have a fabulous trip. Looking forward to seeing all the photos when you return home.

  12. Dear Angie,
    how wonderful, only three days left! Will you also be posting in the UK or are you taking a blog break?
    Luckily I already had my lunch - otherwise your delicious photos might have been too tempting for me today. Incidentally, The Ploughman's reminds me a lot of the Austrian "Brettljause" - also a cold dish that is served on a wooden board and is made from similarly hearty ingredients - as you can see here:
    Your necklace and the new wolf case for your glasses are beautiful and practical holiday gifts.
    The waterfall is really spectacular! You are definitely looking forward to being back in beautiful Britain and seeing your parents (IL) again soon. I wish you and Spousal Unit the very best of holidays - enjoy them and come back healthy and with lots of wonderful new memories!
    Hugs and all the best

  13. Food glorious food! LOL I bet you're super excited to go on the trip. Take lots of photos and keep in touch, but first, enjoy yourselves!

  14. I love reading what is written on the benches! How perfect this one is. And I've enjoyed your photos and videos. Enjoy your trip!

  15. My in-laws had the job of cleaning out neighbors freezers after hurricane Irma. One woman's freezer was plum full. My father in-law later asked her why she stocked up before flying north for the summer. She said the freezer was more efficient fully stocked. Shoot.

  16. Wow! Thanks for sharing your lovely memories. Luv the glasses case.

    Have a good week


  17. Two more days, you, Happy Angie Woman, you!

  18. The food looks amazing!

    I enjoyed the videos and loved your photos.

    Happy Tuesday, Angie.

  19. That rushing water is mighty impressive!

  20. I can understand about cleaning out the leftovers and the flurry of busyness that comes with going away. I wish you a wonderful and safe trip. Take care. And thank you so much for taking time out for the link. I have been slow off the mark this week, and hopiing to get out of my blogging no-show. take care.

  21. I hope all goes well with your flights, Angie. There seems to be chaos in airports around the world. A friend of ours just spent two days in Frankfurt having had three connecting flights cancelled. And it seems that the airport is in total chaos. I know that Manchester in the UK has been having difficulties. Bon voyage!

  22. Have a wonderful trip, Angie! I do hope all goes well on your trip out and back again!

  23. You must be anticipating wonderful walks and historical sights, along with good food. I love reading about your trips. Enjoy!

  24. The food looks delicious! Have a safe trip!

  25. Love the photograph of the bench and the words from the plaque on the bench are wonderful.

    Have a great trip, safe travels.

    All the best Jan

  26. Wishing you a safe and happy journey, Angie. Nice you have family there! You’ll be making lots more memories that I look forward to you sharing with us someday.

  27. Leftovers are one of my favorites. I ove the plaque that's on the bench, words and thoughts we should always remember. Have a wonderful and fun trip, Angie.

  28. Beautiful waterfalls, so soothing, thanks Angie.