Sunday, September 25, 2022

Mosaic Monday #191: Summer Highlights

Autumn arrived in Montana right on schedule.  On September 22, low clouds shrouded the hills and rain pattered on and off, accumulating to six-tenths of inch - a deluge by western standards and the first rain since August 27.  The thermometer stretched toward 60 degrees, but that may have been aspirational.  Overnight, the aspen leaves are more gold than green.  I was suffering from a bit of a cold; snuggled under a quilt on the couch.  What better time to look back at the highlights of summer?

Note:  I am accustomed to seeing the Sego or Mariposa Lily, which is smaller and pure white, but the Sagebrush Mariposa Lily was a stunning new species!

As long as we are in the natural world, let us continue.

In June and July, Swallowtail butterflies were common visitors in the garden.  Check out these videos.  In the second one, the butterfly is missing the bottom part of one wing ... hard work pollinating all these flowers!

Birthdays always provide a convenient excuse (as if I need one) to draw!

When we are on Skype calls with #1 Son, the conversation at some point touches on newsworthy events, quite often of a political nature.  #1 Son is well informed and asks questions that can sometimes make you uncomfortable and certainly make you think.  In a June call, he pointed us to Tony Benn and the Five Essential Questions of Democracy.  Tony Benn was a British parliamentarian who died in 2014 at age 88. To quote the article at the link below, Benn was "a tireless promoter of a power-to-the-people ethic that placed its faith in the great mass of humanity rather than billionaires, media moguls and political powerbrokers."  

Benn believed that those in positions of economic, social and political power should always be asked these 5 questions: "What power have you got?"  "Where did you get it from?"  "In whose interests do you use it?"  "To whom are you accountable?"  "How do we get rid of you?"  "Anyone who cannot answer the last of those questions does not live in a democratic system," he explained.  "Only democracy gives us that right.  That is why no one with power likes democracy," he would continue.  "And that is why every generation must struggle to win it and keep it."  Wise words in 2014, and seeming quite prescient.  (If you would like to read the whole article, here is the link.  And if you want to test your civics knowledge, consider any elected position and try to answer the questions for it.) 

Pioneer League baseball came to the Flathead Valley this summer, and everyone is asking why didn't this happen sooner?  Easy access to Flathead Field, not a bad seat in the house, appropriate (read: gorgeous) views of the Whitefish Range, and baseball snacks.  What more could you want?  One July evening, the game went on a 30-minute weather delay.  And no wonder.  Check out these skies.  I have never seen cloud formations like this.  In the end, we left the stadium, anticipating a LONG delay.  And, this is a storm that dropped ping pong and golf ball-sized hail on the nearby town of Kalispell.  
You still see "Hail Repair" signs across town, especially at auto repair shops.
You can click on the photos below to enlarge if you wish.


July also marks the birthday of Spousal Unit.  I decided to try my hand at Trifle, a classic British cold dessert of sponge cake and fruit covered with layers of custard, jelly and cream.  

This was not a traditional Trifle, and I would change several aspects of the outcome, but it was still DELICIOUS!!!

And here's the birthday card!

I have written about my native garden, and my attempt to let the natural ecosystem work without interference.  I was intrigued to see these birds eating something off the Goldenrod.  The plants were not in seed at the time, so my only conclusion is they were picking off the aphids that I had "allowed" to stay.  Good for them and good for me ...

At the end of July, we were tickled to be visited by a long-term neighbor from our former neighborhood near Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland represents - we have had 7 visits from that area).  Neighbor - you know who you are!  Loved having you and I am already looking forward to our adventures next summer!  Here are a selection of photos from his visit.

Two photos from Kootenai Falls.


We take almost everyone to the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park.  With limited time, it delivers maximum views for minimal effort (relatively) and almost always has wildlife in store.  Once again, the Highline kept its stellar reputation.

 First time I have ever seen a Columbine with this pink/yellow combination.

I swear that we did not pay this mountain goat to walk right in front of us near Grinnell Glacier Overlook!

At Granite Park Chalet, we saw a mule train resting before its onward journey.  I knew mule trains are used to stock the Chalet in the summer, but this is the first time we saw one.

But by far, this was my favorite picture of the day!

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  1. sure pack a bunch into your day in your beautiful neck of the woods. Enjoy every minute and thanks for hosting the party.

  2. Such wonderful photos. I love seeing the butterfly and WOW, those clouds are amazing!

  3. Aphids are in our garden too. They are sometimes on our roses beside the terrace. We spray soap solution in this case ... the little bird in the Clip is lovely.

    I admire again your Fitness, Angie. The mountains around, the wild river, the nature with the deers etc. are wonderful. Thank you for sharing. 

    Happy MosaicMonday 


  4. Happy Birthday to your Spousal Unit! I love trifles and yours looked delicious, Angie. Those clouds did look like hail producing cumulonimbus formations as they were so high. We get hail in Colorado often and sometimes it can be quite destructive.
    I will read with interest the Tony Benn article as I do treasure our democracy as well as contributing to the greater good of all humanity and protecting nature. It is so nice so many of your Ohio friends visit and you can show them beautiful Glacier NP!
    PS: For some reason Mr Linky is not showing up for me--I'll come back later to link up.

  5. I enjoyed looking over your summer highlights. Spring certainly is bringing wildflower highlights to us. Enjoy autumn and the cooler weather. My goodness those sky cloud formations are amazing.And your hiking trails and mountain vistas always look like wonderful places to explore. Enjoy your week, and thank you again for the linkup.

  6. Lovely post, Angie. I hope your SU enjoyed his birtday. Trifle is one of my fave desserts and we often make it at home. Yours looks delicious.

  7. Happy Mosaic Monday. Have a good week Angie


  8. Dear Angie,
    You show us beautiful summer impressions! I also keep seeing butterflies that have lost parts of their wings - I think those are the ones that just barely managed to get NOT eaten by a bird... Your birthday cards are lovely and I really like the text , which you wrote for your husband. Belated happy birthday to him! By the way, we also like to make trifle - mostly with vanilla pudding, berries and cantuccini (the traditional Italian almond pastry), delicious!
    Tony Benn was a wise man. And I had to laugh about his last question - I know exactly who should have been asked this question in the USA :-DD, but it probably wouldn't have been answered truthfully... (And unfortunately there are a few examples of unpleasant powerful people around the world, that cannot be got rid of.)
    The sky above the stadium looks really frighteningly spectacular.
    It's great that the birds eat aphids with you. I haven't seen this here before...
    The photos of your hikes are also great. This pretty white mountain goat seems to have Hollywood star ambitions ;-DDD And I can understand why the last photo was your favorite of the day!
    Hugs and a happy new week, Traude

  9. OMG! Those Armageddon clouds! They look surly. Beautiful vistas all.

  10. Love your Blog Angie and happy to be a part of it with those memories from my visit :-)

  11. Wow! The last picture is amazing!

  12. That mountain goat is a show stopper.

  13. That was quite a summer. The clouds are impressive.

  14. Dear Angie - I’m so attracted to your captures of clouds. How dramatic! My favorite is the last image, too. Your Trifle looks fantastic and delicous, literally not “trifle” at all.


  15. Your favourite photo is surely beautiful! As is the trifle. Those 5 questions to ask leaders are great ones, and I'm going to make a note of them.

  16. Lovey are beautiful clouds, they awesome. The Swallowtail butterflies are excellent, thanks Angie.

  17. Wow, what a delightful post. I very much enjoyed your highlights with all the gorgeous photos. Trifle is a popular dessert where I grew up and I often make us a small one. I've never seen two coloured columbine only orange or pink ones here growing wild. Interesting fellow, Tony Benn.

  18. Wow, that is some review of the summer. I loved it all, especially the spectacular clouds at the baseball game. You were wise to leave early!! I love the mule train, a relic from the past. And that trifle you made for the birthday looks devine. My wife makes a great trifle as well.

  19. Hi Angie, great post. I'm totally amazed at the clouds you captured at the sports field. Nice drawings, I like them. Have a great weekend!


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