Thursday, April 13, 2023

Spring Thanksgiving

April is dancing her way toward May - I better get in at least one post this month!

I scrolled through four weeks of photos, being reminded of the fickle nature of Montana's weather at this time of year.   The heavy snow on March 11 added to the two feet that already blanketed our property.  Not complaining of course -- just look at this scene from cross-country skiing on the property of my Dear Neighbor Friend!

And now, the snow has all but receded, leaving behind flattened grass and bushes, bowed down by five months under the weight of the white stuff.  It's not attractive, but the House Finches have returned to the feeders, and in the afternoon we hear the haunting calls of the Sandhill Cranes as they do a flyover of Hodge Lake - "Open water yet?" they seem to be asking.

Speaking of birds ... Spousal Unit went to Ohio in March for a Bruce Springsteen concert (unfortunately postponed for illness) and came back with several items that have been taking up space at the house of my oldest sister - I was worried about shipping delicate items that belonged to my Mom, and my sister has generously been storing the box.   We have been hand-carrying fragile objects - the "mom and dad" birds above are the last of the collection to get here, joining the seven individual birds that represent the siblings!  He also brought home two pieces of Mom's china and eleven red ruby glasses.

On March 19, 2018, our household goods were delivered to our log home (see this post), possessions that had been in storage since June 23, 2016.  And on April 14, 2018, we made the move we hope will be the last we ever do (see this post).  Off and on for the last five years, we have looked at the large open wall in the kitchen, and imagined a piece of art to fill the space.  Until recently, we always discussed a metal sculpture.  And then we saw paintings by Kylie Mahood Trull, a neighbor.  And together, we dreamed up an idea.  Is it just a coincidence that Kylie delivered this masterpiece on March 19, 2023????

We gave Kylie several of our favorite pictures from Glacier National Park, and specifically requested a moose, a fly-fisherman and an island.

She came up with the flowers, and I love them!!!  Isn't she incredibly talented?

Installation was fun ... if your kids (or grandkids) ever ask you why they need math, this is it!!!
At the end of the month, we made a trip to Idaho Falls, an early birthday trip for #1 Son.  Most of that trip will be the subject of another post, but for now ... check out these paintings from the Museum of Clean.  Elise Wilding stated that this was one of her favorite undertakings and it shows her love for sea creatures that we are eliminating by polluting the oceans.

And I will leave you with pictures of Daisy and Ruby, the divas who really run #1 Son's apartment.  We miss having cats (maybe not the fur and the litter boxes and the vet bills), and so a weekend with the girls was a bonus!

*** I am joining LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for I Like Thursday.  Her prompt for this week is:  are you a morning person or a night owl? what do you like about being this way? Would you prefer being different?  I am usually in bed by 11 or 11.30 pm, and I am drinking my first cup of coffee by 8 or 8.30 am - what does that make me?  Generally, I do not like having to get up early in the morning - I did that for 30 years, and one of the greatest joys of retirement is the freedom from an alarm.  I do sometimes wonder if I could get more done if I rose earlier, or if I am missing morning wildlife by "sleeping in", but it hasn't bothered me enough to make me change! 

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  1. The art by Kylie is fabulous, what a treasure to have on a large wall. It is not only a great decorative feature but also encapsulates some of your fondest memories.

  2. The painting looks wonderful hanging there!

  3. ...I think that we have seen the last of our snow.

  4. Wow Angie ... Kylie did well, I think the painting looks beautiful high on the wall.

    Enjoy the rest of April, the year is flying by!

    All the best Jan

  5. ahhhh collecting the last of the stuff, I get it. The cats are so pretty, and I am sitting here nodding off because I didn't sleep much (it's been too hot) and got up too early.

  6. That's an amazing painting - you have the perfect spot for it, too! Measuring to get it all straight must have been quite a feat!

  7. The painting is beautiful and looks great on your wall!

  8. Hello,
    We did not have much snow here at all, so little that we did not even have to use a shovel once. The bird figurines are pretty. The painting looks beautiful, what a lovely scene. The months and days are flying by! Take care, have a happy day and a great weekend!

  9. The snow is very pretty out you way though and my goodness, that painting you had done is really beautiful. Of course the sweet kitties are beautiful too. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  10. I did so enjoy you post! I miss our trips to Montana! It is a beautiful place to live. I thought it looked like you were getting snow or at least cold weather last night on the weather. Have a grand weekend no matter the weather! Cathy

  11. Beautiful art, but Daisy and Ruby take the prize.

  12. What a beautiful painting for your wall - it looks perfect there. I like the fact it is 3 parts. We had a 2-part painting one time, and it basically fell apart (it wasn't fine art - we bought it at a department store - lol!)
    I love those beautiful birds and the ruby glasses - priceless items!
    I'm off to read the two 2018 links you provided.

  13. I loved reading about your move. How in the big state of Montana did you end up in Kila? I guess I need to read older posts to find out. ;)

    1. Linda - we wanted to be near Whitefish, but didn't want to pay Whitefish prices. We wanted water of some sort, and some acres. This property in Kila checked all of those boxes!

  14. Oh WOW, dear Angie, I am completely captivated by the artwork of your highly talented painter neighbor Kylie Mahood Trull - what a breathtaking landscape and how perfectly it fits into your log home - just a dream! How nice that the fragile items from your mother's collection all ended up safely with you. I think now everything is really there that should be there. I also like the paintings from the Museum of Clean - perfectly painted and a beautiful play of colours. The real snowy landscape also has its charms. And Son #1's cute cats are an extremely adorable sight!
    I'm like you with getting up early - I had to be able to do it for decades and I still can if necessary, but if I don't HAVE to, then I'd rather let it stay 😉
    All the best and a happy new week! 🌷☘️🌷
    Hugs, Traude 😘

  15. The art made by Kyle is gorgeous and it's perfect for your kitchen. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

  16. Dear Angie - Totally different landscape of March from mine. It was so warm here that Sakura as well as green-up came early. The art by Kylie is fabulous and is nicely set high on the wall. Thank you for letting us see the details. Daisy and Ruby are adorable.


  17. That artwork is so pretty and perfect for your space! Love the added details. Happy fresh week to you!!

  18. we are in Louisiana, did not have snow even in the winter this year...
    beautiful views

  19. There was snow not too far from our town this week - brrrr! It's a cold spring. Hopefully, warmth will soon arrive.
    The artwork by Kylie is beautiful and so personal. You'll always treasure it. So glad you can collect all of your treasures in one place for now.

  20. Here it only feels like snow. I think it's holding off until we go to Greece. We will be in Greece while you're in Bonny Scotland Angie. I hope you make it by road to Skye as the SNP wrecked all the ferries.

  21. Oh, Angie ... Looking twice seeing the snow around your house. Brrrr, we get springtime here and I very glad about.

    Your neighbour is really talendet.

    There are many interestings things here to see, to read. I enjoyed your post.

    Thank you for sharing and being part at

    Have a wonderful week.
    Greetings and hugs by Heidrun

  22. A beautiful post, Angie, very much enjoyed read this morning with my coffee. Your weather sounds similar to ours...definitely not a smooth transition between the seasons. How wonderful to have such a painting with your ideas incorporated! The colours are stunning against the wall and in a wooden house and what a feat to get it up there for sure. Pretty kitties too. Hope you two have a great weekend!

  23. I love the painting you got for your house. So beautiful.

  24. I painted a triptych for my inlaws. Florida scenes. It was more fun than picking just one scene. But more work!

  25. I love that painting, or is it paintings? You have very talented neighbors! My mother-in-law collected ruby dishes too. Was it Royal Ruby maybe?

  26. Oh wow, what a beautiful painting!!! Gorgeous! I love the ceramic birds too! ♥

  27. WOW there is so much to love in this post. The paintings you commissioned are incredible! What scale!!

    Who new the Museum of Clean had such cool art?! Funny story, I met the son of the owner when tabling with CCL team outdoors at the Outdoor Retailer show...he spent a lot of time with us!

    The cats are too gorgeous - I can't stand it! Come back this way soon...

    xx thank you for this, it made my day!

  28. I really like that beautiful Tryptich painting -- perfect in so many ways: just right for the space (your math was perfect) -- daily reminders of a your special happy place -- and you supported a local artist. .... I'm happy that you had such a wonderfully reliable delivery person )) to bring some more of your lovely family heirlooms home (and I'm sorry he missed the concert!). Lovely post. Hope you're enjoying some Spring weather by now.


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