Thursday, July 27, 2017

An update on our dream (or 'was that a mountain lion?')

Tongue and groove and half
of window in upstairs
OK, I got it.  You want an update on the log house!  Well, here it is!

The last post on this topic was June 13 (second day of the re-set), so you are wholly within your rights to be expecting some sort of status report.  To re-fresh my own memory, I have been looking back through my snaps, and it is amazing how much has changed ....

(As an aside, I am sure you don't want the equivalent of the vacation slide show - 300 pictures later and everyone is snoozing on the sectional?  So I will try to summarize the key points!)

View you will see when standing at the kitchen sink!

Dormer in the upstairs
bedroom - I love how
the  logs come together
with the ceiling
After the re-set (logs placed on the foundation), we were in the UK for 2+ weeks.  When we returned and visited the house on June 30, 1) the window openings had been cut to their correct shape, 2) the stained pine tongue and groove boards for the ceiling were in place for most of the house, 3) framing of interior walls had begun and 4) the roof was framed and ready to accept insulation.
Tongue and groove installed
on front porch - bring your
rocker and we are ready
to rock (and roll)!
Roof framed and ready for insulation (white
blocks on left)

Since then, 1) most of insulation, roof and fascia have been installed; 2) back patio has been poured; 3) most of the plumbing has been completed;  4) other mechanicals have been installed, and 5) deck is in process.
Insulation, roof and fascia installed.  We like the
contrast of the fascia with the ceiling planks
Chose Salmon color for
poured concrete, which has
a brushed finish

Deck from master bedroom
side of house

We are in LOVE with the deck and can't wait to welcome its first guests!
Deck from rear of house

Also during the month, we were honored to receive this plaque from our log home builder.  Once the house is complete, the plaque will be prominently displayed.

"Skidding in Broadside" is a reference to our family motto, which is a Hunter S. Thompson quote: “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”

So, now that you are snoring gently, I will answer the question that I am sure led you to read this far -- what does any of this have to do with a mountain lion?  I am pleased (I think) to report that we saw a mountain lion on a hillside very near our house during one of our visits this week.  He was only about 100 yards from our car ... so, while I did not get a shot of the wondrous creature, I will close this post with some nature shots taken at the lake at the bottom of our property, to remind us that we are in the wilds of Montana!

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  1. What a beautiful setting for your log cabin. I've never lived in one, although I've visited plenty of them. So cozy and welcoming. I'd be just as pleased to not meet up with a mountain lion while outside. From the house, fine!

  2. Everything seems to be moving right along and looking good. That mountain lion probably wonders who is moving in to his neighborhood.

    You asked about installing the LinkedWithin widget. What exactly is it for?

  3. Okay, I know what you are talking about, but it doesn't even seem to be working on my blog. At least not from my side. There used to be thumbnails below each post that would suggest other similar blog posts, but I don't see that now.

  4. So, I opened my blog in a different browser and the links are there. Not sure why they aren't showing when I use Google. Did you generate a code from the LinkedWithin site so that you can add the gadget to your blog?

  5. Wow! Your home is going to be gorgeous ... is gorgeous now! A mountain lion from the distance is fine with me. Happy Monday!

  6. You shouldn't get anything about editing a section. All you do is put in your email address, your blog name, and then how many thumbnails you want to show up below your post. The choices are 3-5 and then you generate the widget. Copy that and add it as a gadget to your layout. Move it so that it is underneath your blog posts gadget.

  7. You've gone to the add widget as a page element. You don't need to do there. Go to the LinkedWithin homepage and on the right is the three things above that I mentioned you need to enter -- email, blog, choice of thumbnails. Then hit get widget. It's very simple.

  8. Looks like photobucket is causing everyone problems with blog buttons, I'm still looking for a solution/new button myself.
    Anyway......I'm totally in love with your log cabin, add the fact that it's in Montana and I am seriously jealous. Looking forward to seeing more when we return for Mosaic Monday in September.

  9. As a relatively recent follower, your beautiful log home is totally new news to me -- and I enjoyed seeing the progress. It's beautiful already (and will be even more so very soon -- although I bet you can hardly wait). Perfect for your amazing location ... you'll be able to see those mountain lions out your window maybe. (I think I'd be among those happy to see one -- as we have a couple of times in the past on our hikes...)... Skidding in Broadside would be a great name for a blog! (Have always loved that quote, but would definitely prefer seeing mountain lions and building beautiful log homes over the way Hunter T slid in ;>))

  10. OH WOW!!! How wonderful this is going to be, I really love it!

  11. Angie, The deck looks GREAT! I look forward to more updates. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  12. It is coming along nicely. I love watching the progress. Do you have a lot of smoke up where you are from the fires? Kit

  13. That sure looks wonderful place to stay when completed.

  14. Hi Angie.
    Your log home construction photos are a rare treat. Thank you for visiting my post.

  15. Your log home is beautiful! What a dream come true for you. I have not seen a mountain lion here, although trail cameras have picked them up. They are usually nocturnal. One day a neighbor came out to her backyard to find the remains of a deer that a mountain lion had killed and dragged away toward her fence. Not much left of it. The circle of life. Montana is a beautiful state--we drove across it last summer on our way to Glacier NP. Saw lots of barley farms in the east, that is used for Coors beer here in CO.

  16. Sorry you've had such a problem with the widget. It's a simple process so I'm not sure what's going on. Your blog is set up like mine, with posts on the left and sidebar to the right. You said the gadget showed up once in your layout but wasn't showing up in the right place on your blog. You need to drag it under your posts section so that it displays under there. And you have to choose whether to display 3, 4 of 5 thumbnails across. In fact, I just went through the process and it is working for me. I changed the number of thumbnails and it automatically updated my blog without me even having to reinstall the widget. Check your layout and make sure it's not hiding in there.


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