Sunday, July 16, 2017

"Hooked" on Mom's Crochet

As I have expanded my contacts within the blogging community, I have been impressed with how many of my favorite bloggers crochet.  So, while I am not in that sisterhood myself, I wanted to share the creations of my mother, who invests many of her waking hours plying her crochet hook to the benefit of others.
Mom takes great joy in crafting gifts for her great grandchildren, who currently number 16 (with 2 more on the way)!  She started with baby blankets, hats and booties. (On our weekly Skype call today, we got to talking about the gender of the greats because the two on the way are both boys.  That means boys 11, girls 7 - come on, girls!!!)

More recently she has been on a kick with animals.  My Mom lives independently at the St. Leonard's senior living community, and one of her favorite activities is contributing crochet projects for Creative Corner.   In addition to a year-round shop, Creative Corner hosts a special holiday Bazaar in November.  The leader of Creative Corner gave my Mom the pattern for the giraffe with a request to make one; Mom has now produced a small tower of giraffes (a group of giraffes standing is called a tower; a group in motion is called a jenny) that have found homes through the shop and with her great grandchildren around the world.

(Upon request, even us kids can have an animal - I have a giraffe I named Tank; he is in storage until our log house is finished - I can't wait to be reunited with him!)

This was snapped up quickly at Creative Corner
Even arthritis does not stop her - she employs an ergonomic crochet handle and it means a world of difference with the aching - even when she does a large project like this throw with 50 stars - she almost regretted that we have so many states when she grew weary of hooking numerous stars. 

So what do you say to 100 stars?

Designs come from various sources - Mom discovered the pattern for the throw above on the back of a crochet wrapper.  Others she locates on the Web.  As she puts it, she has a 'lovely lady' at St. Leonard's who prints the patterns for her.  The Lovey Blankets below were found by her leader at Creative Corner, and every one of them is so cute you want to squeeze it!  No surprise that I have asked Mom to make me a couple of the owls for the babies of friends of mine!

Some of her creations are hard to part with - I remember that Santa and Mrs. Claus were couch companions for many months until she finally had to turn them over for the Bazaar.  Raggedy Ann and Andy also took up residence for a while before making the trek to Creative Corner.  Don't you just love the hair on those two?

Be wary of admiring something in her house, or that she has given someone else - you will probably get one from her in the future.  So it was that I received these too-nice-to-use potholders.  If you look closely, you can see the delicate nature of the hooking - this was not done with the ergonomic handle and  I can only imagine the physical investment Mom made with these.  I am honored and I am hooked!

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  1. Angie, Thanks for sharing and have a great day. Sylvia D.

  2. Your mom is a very talented lady. Her work is beautiful. Those baby items are so delicate.

  3. I love to crochet (I've made a lot of the owl lovies) and really admire your Mom's crochet. I need to get started on gifts for the holidays. I try to start by August! !!! Happy Monday!

  4. What an amazingly talented person your 'on is, her creations are marvellous I would think that they sell like hot cakes!
    I just slipped down a post and read about the man in the hat, the lyrics of the Springsteen song are new to me but will be going in my journal as soon as I return home, thank you for sharing them.
    Happy Mosaic Monday from Florida!

  5. How amazing! I think the animals are adorable and a giraffe would be my favorite too. And those little Raggedy dolls...and Santa! WOW! She is so talented. I can crochet in a straight line! haha! I never learned anything complicated. Give her hugs for all of us. She's a true artist! Hugs, Diane

  6. Hello, Angie! Your mother is amazingly creative and productive. This post shows your affection toward her and how you’re proud of her. I guess crocheting for her great grandchildren would be a driving force for her to live. Wish you and your family happy days ahead.


  7. Kudos to your mom for keeping on! And how very talented she is.... lucky are her grands/great grands/and even grownup, retired kids (I can't wait to see your giraffe when he comes out of hiding). I don't crochet either, I'm afraid my poor great-grands will have to read my blog to see what kept me active and busy ;)). Thanks for the interesting words for the groups of giraffes, BTW... I love learning stuff like that.

  8. Everything is so lovely! Especially the Americana throw. :) Kit

  9. Wow oh wow! Your mama is so very talented. I'm such a lazy crocheter, always going for quick and easy projects. Your mom is a pro! :)


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