Sunday, May 8, 2022

Mosaic Monday #176: A Walk in the Woods

Our time in the UK sped by like the Concorde making a flight from London to New York!  The good news for all you loyal readers?  Writing about our adventures will be more akin to the QE2 on a transatlantic crossing!  So settle yourself with a favorite beverage and let's go for a ride.

A walk along the River Greta, beginning at Scargill, was a delightful start to our holiday.  Initially, we traversed farm fields and open moorland.  Lapwings circled above our heads, their shrill, wailing cries echoing around us.  Did you know a group of lapwings is called a "deceit"?  We spotted Curlews as well; the long beaks are a give-away.  Spousal Unit found this egg along the path; of course, we would never pick up an egg from a nest - what you can't see is that it was crushed on the other side.  How it got there and what happened to it is a mystery.  (Throughout our time in the UK, we read plenty of signs that warned walkers this is nesting season and to keep dogs on leads ...)

Eventually, we came to the river, and we skirted to the left, which led to a trail down to the water's edge.  The rest of the walk zig-zagged across the river, with numerous footbridges to aid the crossings.

Wildflowers and birds were prolific; I am much better capturing flowers than winged creatures!

Below is the only Bluebell bloom in the woods, and it was barely open.  As you will read in another post, it was an appetizer for what we saw later in our visit.

I pulled these photos from the Web; I am fairly confident these are some of the birds we saw in the woods that day.  A question to my UK birders - I saw a bird at a stream, and it was acting like a Dipper.  It had yellow coloring on its back.  What would it be? (Thanks to David of Travels with Birds - it was a Yellow Wagtail.)

After our walk, we visited Mainsgill Farm Shop.  I wrote about this shop in 2019 - here.  It has grown since then - even more gorgeous home decor items and mouth-watering delectables.  Knowing #1 Son loves plump ceramic birds, I took the picture of this whimsical chicken.  And we sampled their scones with clotted cream/strawberry jam.  Yum yum!

We rounded out the day with a meal at the Dun Cow Inn.  Fish and chips and mushy peas.  Can you get more quintessential English than that?  And our joyful time in the UK had begun!

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  1. Catch up soon Angie. We are in Greece.

  2. ...if we slow down enough, nature has many treasure for our enjoyment.

  3. Joy and fun, to you and your dear Family, Angie. It seems perfect.

    The Birds are well known here. Especially the woodpecker.

    And the meal looks delicious!

    Happy MosaicMonday... have a wonderful week.

  4. Wonderful walk! I like the wildflowers. Are the daffodils in the first picture growing in nature, on a meadow?

  5. Does Yellow Wagtail fit the bill for your mystery bird, Angie?

  6. Wonderful memories from your trip.

  7. Dear Angie,
    that looks like a wonderful trip. Sad that the egg was damaged but there are many nest robbers. But you have seen a lot of beautiful and interesting things. i think the snail was a black slug - Limax cinereoniger, related to the pretty, useful tiger slugs that live in my garden.
    Delicious: scones with clotted cream - I love them but haven't had them for a long time. (There used to be a little decoration shop that also sold scones and good British tea :-) but unfortunately it's closed now...
    All the best, have a good new week,
    You all look very happy in the photos - I'm happy for you!

  8. There are so many beautiful things to see in the woods. I agree that photographing flowers is much easier than trying to capture birds with the camera.
    Scones and cream is a wonderful way to end a good walk in the woods.

  9. Your neck of the woods is always something to see. Happy Mother's Day from all of us.

  10. It all looks so delightful, Angie! That walking path, the lush greenery, those flowers, that cute store and that delicious fish and chips plate, but best of all was seeing your in-laws having such a wonderful time with you both!

  11. Looks like you had a fabulous start to your trip to the UK. I look forward to seeing more. Stay safe and enjoy your week.

  12. Hello Angie,
    What a wonderful walk and great bird sightings. I love the view of the river, the trail and the beautiful flowers. The ceramic rooster is cute. The scones sound yummy. Take care, enjoy your day and have a great new week!

  13. I just saw an egret eggshell on the ground. Great minds find feathery things.

  14. Great start to your UK trip, Angie. I always enjoy travelling vicariously with you.

  15. How wonderful to enjoy that family time and walk together! It sure is beautiful there. Happy Monday!

  16. Sounds like your had a great start to your trip to the UK.

    Loved the beautiful photos, Angie.

    Happy Monday!

  17. I love the view of the river and the wildflowers. Thanks for hosting.

  18. Nature walks in England always seem so wonderful! The food looks and sounds great too. Good company, good walks, beautiful scenery, good food, what could be better!!

  19. Fish and chips and mushy peas! Hoping I have that experience in a lovely pub sometime soon. The farm shop sounds lovely, too. Is that someone's mum walking with you?

  20. Sights and sounds of nature are best enjoyed while walking and there are so many spaces and places for walking in the UK. Spending time outdoors, quality time with family and enjoying different foods ... a perfect trip already.

  21. Dearest Angie,
    you wrote me that you added your latest blog link to the Wanderlust linky party... but I'm afraid it didn't work... I freshed up and I waitet a few days but I still can't see your thumbnail. Perhaps you forgot to click on the "Done" button? (That's what I sometimes forget to do ;-))... Please try it again:
    XOX Traude

    1. PS: What can also be the case: that the link only works if you have set a backlink - but I'm not sure if that's the case with "Wanderlust"...

  22. Fabulous set on this your journey in England, I love it. The bluebells are beautiful, and the river, thanks Angie.

  23. Wonderful post Angie, so good to see the start of your holiday.

  24. What a great way to start a trip. I would much rather be out hiking in the woods than trooping around a city looking at museums.


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