Sunday, June 12, 2022

Mosaic Monday #180: Sweat, Tears or the Sea


"At the beach, life is different.  Time doesn't move hour to hour but mood to moment.  We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun."  SANDY GRINGAS

This post shares more photos from Grand Cayman.  They are not all from the same day, but they share a common theme: days we whiled away the hours on the beach!

Walks on the beach are soothing and refreshing, especially when that unexpected wave rushes up to nibble your toes.

Perhaps I have become more attuned to flowers, in my retirement, than I was on previous visits.  I certainly don't recall these delicate flowers in bloom on this plant.

This hammock has seen better days!

Seven Mile Beach has several public beaches; Cemetery Beach was less than 10 minutes' walk from our condo.  I love how the white picket fence denotes the boundaries of the public Beach.  Directly off this beach, the natural reef is 165 feet from shore.  With large underwater pinnacles, you will see a wide variety of fish.  On one day of snorkeling, we saw two large loggerhead turtles within 5 minutes.

This sign made me wonder about "Jan's" story ....

One day, we rented a paddleboard.  I spent more time in the water than on the board!  #1 Daughter was pretty adept!

We experimented with several new restaurants during our visit, and Bayside was the standout.  Unique and delicious cocktails.  Staff that were welcoming and gracious.  Great food.  We will be back!

And of course, every beach day worth its salt ends with a gorgeous sunset.

"The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea."  ISAK DINESEN

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  1. ...oh, how I miss the beach!

  2. Hello,
    I love the beach and sea. Lovely sunset images. Your vacation sounds awesome. Have a great day and happy new week!

  3. Sun, sea and sand, and a wonderful sunset.
    Lovely, Angie.

  4. That is such a wonderful place to have a relaxing good time!

  5. Oh I want to be there now!! Sitting by the beach watching the sun go down. Beautiful photos.

  6. Beautiful photos! Looks like a wonderful trip.

  7. Angie, I’m happy for you that you spent the vacation, fee and comfortable, with complete fulfilling days. I like the two quotes and the sunset skies where many various mythical birds look flying around.


  8. Yesssss, it's summer... loved time at the beach here in your Post, Angie ⛱ How wonderful!

    We are happy in our garden. And I like Beach Wisdom by Sandy Gingras a smart calendar of this author too.

    Happy MosaicMonday... wish you a fantastisc week

  9. What a wonderful vacation you had, Angie! The water looked so beautifully blue! I lived very close to the Atlantic Ocean most of my life so I do miss the beach and surf at times. Paddle boarding is very popular in Colorado--there is a lake near us that is always full of people either paddle boarding or kayaking.

  10. Looks like a wonderful trip.

    Loved the fabulous photos.

  11. Oh yes, dear Angie, this quote from Sweat, Tears or the Sea is good and true :-) Jan's story... of course, that would be interesting. Maybe it was once the favorite spot of someone who passed away... or who can't travel any more... I love the idea to find such a spot for a beloved person (or also ab beloved animal...)
    I think the tree is a sea grape tree, right?
    Oh, and Caribbean food, gorgeous! We loved it!
    I also offer you some beach pictures today and also a sunset :-)
    Hugs and all the best,

  12. Luv today's salty quote. Have a nice week


  13. Great trip. Great quotes! Salt water is a balm. I believe it.

  14. What a fabulous trip! We don't live far from the beach but it's been to hot to go lately. Love your beautiful photos....makes me long for the sea!

  15. Beautiful times for you and your family! I'm happy to say I have been able to get some beach therapy this past weekend!

  16. Such beautiful photos. Now I want to go. Thank you for sharing. Regine

  17. I’m imagining that I’m digging my feet into that sand…and now a dip in that ocean. Delightful! Thanks, Angie.

  18. I love holidays at the beach. Such wonderful times. What fun to try a paddleboard! Love the sunsets, and the delicious food.

  19. Great trip! Wonderful sunsets!

  20. The beach is always a great place to be to relax and enjoy the scenery. Nice photos and it looks like you all are having a blast :)

  21. Such a beautiful and relaxing place in which to vacation. Those sunsets are glorious.

  22. The beach life is certainly the good life. I'm not sure which I'd enjoy the most: the sun, the water, or the food. Maybe all three.

  23. Oh my! Being by the beach is glorious, so too are those amazing sunsets.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  24. Such wonderful beach posts. I love that quote. Coming from Newfoundland where it is all about the sea...the salty North Atlantic, I do long sometimes to return. Meanwhile, what a wonderful holiday. I can tell you are enjoying every minute, just as you should. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos.

  25. Paddleboard!! I would have been like you Angie, more time spent in the water lol...reminds me of the time I tried skateboarding as a kid and spent more time on the ground! The food looks fantastic, what a lovely trip! ☺

  26. That sounds wonderfully relaxing and such beautiful sunsets. Thanks so much for linking up this beautiful post on Wandering Camera, Angie!


  27. What a fabulous place to spend time with your family. The sunset video would make a great meditation clip … turn off the sound and watch the lapping water and sun glints on the sea.

  28. It seems somehow oxymoronic that there are several "public" beaches. Sure the very land at the edge of the ocean should be accessible to all and not subject to control and ownership of a few.

  29. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Your photos are beautiful, Angie. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  30. Great days in the sun. It's hard to beat beach life Angie. Roll on September and our turn.


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