Sunday, June 5, 2022

M M #179: The Beach is Cheaper than Therapy

Welcome back to Mosaic Monday, and do I have some treats for you!  If you like tropical flowers, sunsets, summer cocktails and sea creatures, you came to the right place!  The island paradise of Grand Cayman hosted our family for over a week, and what a joy it was.  Throw on your flip-flops, and let's go!

Originally, this trip was planned for May 2020, as a celebration of #1 Son's graduation from The Ohio State University.  We all know why that trip didn't happen!

Well, some things are worth the wait!  I am grateful to Spousal Unit for navigating the complexities of air travel in an (almost) post-pandemic world.  Loads of paperwork, COVID testing during specific time windows before travel, ensuring we had tests for our return, the list goes on!

Everyone tested negative, but the in-bound flights had challenges.  Our checked bag did not make one of our connections, and arrived the next day.  #1 Daughter and her fiance were informed that their first flight would be delayed by two hours, virtually guaranteeing that they would miss their connection.  Fortunately, they heard this the night before, and were able to change the city of departure.  They jumped in the car right then, and got a few hours of sleep at the house of our future in-laws before being driven to the airport early the next morning.  First-world problems!

Spousal Unit and I landed a couple of days before the "kids", and we immediately re-enacted one of our traditions - lunch at Camana Bay.  The name of the restaurant has changed, but the view is still just as spectacular as it was in 2017, the last time we came to the island!

We stocked up on supplies at the grocery store, returning to the condo with enough time to enjoy the white sands of Seven Mile Beach.  Generally, the island was quieter than our past visits; I believe this can be attributed to 1. Time of year - May directly precedes hurricane season - we frequently came in December; our 2017 trip was in March; and 2. Tourists are just starting to travel again.  Whatever the reason, we didn't mind that we practically had the beach to ourselves!

From the rooster at the grocery store, to the lizards sunning themselves on the sand, to the crabs staying just out of reach of the surf, the unchanging critter landscape was reassuringly familiar.

Can anyone identify the bird in the video below?

"Get outside.  Watch the sunrise.  Watch the sunset.  How does that make you feel?  Does it make you feel big or tiny?  Because there's something good about feeling both."  AMY GRANT

Still photos of the sunset are mesmerizing, but I think video captures the movement of the ocean AND the sunset.

"Because there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away."  SARAH KAY

Come back next week for more!

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  1. Watched the video and saw the stunning liquid gold lapping on the water. We shouldn't take this paradise or the planet for granted!

  2. Hello Angie,
    Hubby and I loved our trip to the Caymans years ago. He enjoyed snorkeling right outside our room. The view from your condo and the beach and sunset are beautiful. I believe the unknown bird running on the beach could be a Tropical Mockingbird, just a guess. Beautiful trip photos.Take care, enjoy your day and the new week ahead.

  3. Such a beautiful place, we love Seven Mile Beach even though it's only 5-1/2 miles, seven mile sounds better.

  4. I agree, the beach is cheaper than therapy. Enjoy! I was thinking only recently I would really like a beach holiday right now. Stay travels, enjoy your week and thank you again for the linkup.

  5. Some things are certainly worth the wait. Beautiful place and photos.


  6. Your Cayman Island get away looked wonderful despite the few snags in the beginning! The white sand beach, the surf, the delicious food, the funny crab with eyes--it all looks fabulous!!!

  7. What an idyllic place in which to escape and soak up the sun, the sunsets and sunrises, the ocean..... How fabulous to enjoy all that beach to yourselves. How wonderful to share it all and the happy times with your family.

  8. The bird in the video looks to be like a Tropical Mockingbird.
    They skip across my wall and my lawn
    Happy Monday

  9. It's nice not to have crowds of people! I would love that too. Looks like an ideal place to vacation! Beautiful photos!

  10. What a wonderful place to relax in, Angie! It does indeed look paradisiacal on this cold Winter night here in Melbourne!

  11. Haha, dearest Angie,
    to be honest, I only knew the Caymans in connection with "dirty money business" ;-)) But we have already been to the Caribbean (Jamaica and Cuba, two WOW-Holidays) and hope that we will at least be able to manage one more trip to the Caribbean region. It's wonderful there.
    Your report about the flight problems reads adventurous, but the rest is beautiful - and the photos are breathtaking! I don't know the cute little bird, but I think there are enough ornithologists here who can help you.
    Today I have - due to my little breaks - three posts for you :-)
    All the best

  12. I visited Grand Cayman many years ago. I wish I would have snorkeled! Regret.

  13. Hi, Angie! You said it. The ocean and beach are definitely therapeutic for me. If I had a reliable car, I’d make my way more often to the beach. The bird on your video looked and acted like a roadrunner. Wikipedia says that there are those kind of birds on the Cayman Islands. So, maybe. Hopefully no coyote was chasing it. :-)

  14. Angie, I think the sea/ocean and beach are definitely therapeutic.
    Beautiful photographs, I especially like the sunrise and sunsets.

    Have a lovely week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  15. Lovely being at the beach. I enjoyed it.

  16. Hooray that the trip was rescheduled and completed and you got that beach therapy. It looks like you had an amazing time. Beautiful sunsets/sunrises, ocean etc.

  17. So very happy you finally made it back to paradise! Being with family is always special. Is the bird a Plover? We had them in Hawaii all the time. We definitely enjoyed our catch up time with #1 son to and from.
    Love, Ducky

  18. My first thought was plover too but I don’t know why. Thanks for hosting.

  19. What a beautiful place! So happy you were able to go.

  20. Dear Angie - Being at the beach is surely therapeutic, except for the midday to me. My face skin is a little allergic to the strong sunshine. It’s a bliss to complete your day watching the lacy waves lapping to the shore while the sun is setting. I’ll join next week.


  21. It's nice to back in the loop. I always enjoyed your travel narratives. We don't get far from home these days and we should move about more. The tropics look most tempting.

  22. Hi Angie, it sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Not sure that a trip to a tropical island beach is cheaper than therapy but it sure would be more fun! I'm looking forward to travelling further than a few hundred miles :-) Take care and thanks for the linking party.

  23. Very beautiful place. It was worth the wait for this trip.

  24. Angie, I didn't forgot to write some words ... but it's again difficult to comment.

    The beach you show us wonderful. I love this, being on the water. We have only some great lakes here. For example the Chiemsee or far away the Bodensee. The bird in the Video could be a Bachstelze ... sorry I know only the German name.

    Hugs, Heidrun

  25. What a wonderful and relaxing time you must have had. There is nothing like a beach vacation with sun and sand and water for ultimate luxury!

  26. what a beautiful place. I’d love to visit. I love an empty beach. Regine

  27. The joys of travel are not as they used to be, at least until we arrive at our sunny destinations from the Northern Hemisphere. I can see why you visit Grand Cayman there Angie. And yes, you would have seen oystercatchers along a rocky river. Sometimes they nest among the rocks if the water levels are ok.

  28. Beautiful images Angie, I love the video the bird on the beach, brilliant.

  29. Looks like a great place to go. While I was reading your post and playing the videos my wife looked over my shoulder announced she wants to go there. I'm good with that.

  30. What a beautiful place to visit. Lovely photos and video, Angie.

  31. Oh Boy I am sitting here on a cold and wet and windy day drooling over your beautiful beach and sunset photos, what a beautiful place to go to. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Good you were able to finally make the trip. The sunset photos are beautiful. I'm just back from a month in the states -- did need a pcr before going there -- but fortunately, all other travel was pretty standard with no delays or issues.

  33. Previous comment anonymous for some reason. :/


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