Sunday, August 21, 2022

Mosaic Monday #187: Garden Gala

Well, you know it's been a hectic summer when you realize I have not penned a single post about my flower garden!  So hold on tight - I am blitzing you with 2 months of photos, and I might throw in a critter or two along the way.  The good news?  Not a lot of words to read!!!

This is my only collage from May and all of these are naturally occurring plants; the lupine was a transplant from nearby.

I am not a fan of this bunny, but I sure like this Lamium that I plopped here out of one of my deck pots at the end of last summer.

We had a wet spring, and the apple trees responded accordingly.  (Fast forward to present day - the Goodland has no apples - it produced its first year.  But the Honeycrisp has at least 4, and this is the first year it has fruited since it was planted in 2018!!!)

Does anyone know the insect in the collage below?

And we had rainbows to accompany the rain!

Just tramping around the property, you can see amazing things if you keep your eyes open ... this collage has the Spotted Coralroot Orchid, which previously I had only seen on hikes.  To think we have this orchid on our place!!  Since this photo, I have seen one or two other specimens on our property.  And no less beautiful is the dainty Blue-Eyed Grass.

One day I was weeding and heard the characteristic calls of a sapsucker or woodpecker.  I looked up and saw this bird working over one of the skulls Spousal Unit has placed around the firepit.  Can one of you birders make the identification?  I suspect the bird was eating ants.

We are always concerned about forest fires in the summer, so we are methodically thinning our pines, and adding more deciduous trees.  This spring, I planted 4 paper birches.  To the right is just one of them.

Columbines are one of the first plants to bloom, and I have red, pink and purple.  I love this plant, which is so easy to propagate with its miniscule black seeds!

We have seen Western Swallowtails periodically throughout the summer.  Here is a video of one working over the Lantana in one of my pots.

And the bunnies are still around, too.  If you doubt that there is more than one, check out the photo below with two in the same shot!

Roses grow naturally here, and I love the one in the shot below, with it's heart-shaped petals.  It is joined by the first Blanketflower of the season, and a Paintbrush bloom.

I don't often wear my glasses when I am in the garden, so occasionally my pictures are not in focus.  But sometimes, this means an "artistic" photo.  This shot of Pussytoes is one of these, and I am delighted with the result.

The spikes of Yellow Penstemon are distinctive in their own right, but also when multiples grace a plant.  A close-up shows the beauty of each individual, delicate flower.  Flax is a plant that arrived as part of the native grass/flower blend that we planted our first fall here.  Its blue blooms are radiant, and it is a shame they last less than a day - they are morning blooms that fade quickly.  A good reason to get up in the morning! (and why it shows up in this blog post twice!!!)

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  1. looks like a hummingbird moth. Your columbine are beautiful. Thanks for hosting the party.

  2. You took some great photos but I love that bunny, so cute

  3. Very nice pics from your garden - and maybe the bunny is named Bugs?
    All the best

  4. I create a lot of 'artistic' photos myself. It is tricky, but I look at it as a record in time of what I saw.

  5. Thank you for the visit to your garden, so many beautiful flowers, nice to see the bunny but they do so much damage to the plants!

  6. That's a lot of pretty flowers and that bunny sure is cute!

  7. Angie, your flowers are all beautiful and so plentiful! I also love columbine. I'm sure you are soaking up these last days of summer.
    We also have resident bunnies who like to nibble all our flowers, as well as deer who are always eating whatever is not deer resistant -- and that is not many growing things--lol
    I think that insect is a moth. If it flies like a hummingbird around your flowers than it definitely is a hummingbird moth.

  8. Dearest Angie; I always LOVE to see your beautiful nature pictures. Beautiful collage and video as well♬ I wish I have more nature like you do p;-) Thank you very much for hosting, lots of Love; Miyako

  9. Dear Angie,
    I am happy about your wonderful garden blossom pictures. And to be honest about the bunnies too, they just look cute - I hope they don't cause too much damage in your garden! It's just that a natural garden attracts many animals, not all of them are welcome - I know that too ;-) The house finches certainly look like very pretty and welcome garden guests. The insect you are asking about is a bumblebee hawkmoth (Hemaris fuciformis) according to Google Lens. I'm not sure about the woodpecker, it looks a bit like a Great Spotted Woodpecker to me, but I think the species in the US are different from ours. David or Anni ore some other bird specialists will probably know better.
    Have a happy new week,

    1. Sorry, wrong link to my new posting - here is the right one:

  10. Hello Angie,
    Your garden and flowers are beautiful. I hope the bunnies are not eating all your plants, the plants all look good to me. Pretty butterfly, the woodpecker looks like a Sapsucker but I am guessing. Lovely photos. Take care, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  11. A delightful selection of flora and fauna, Angie. Enjoy the rest of your Summer!

  12. PS: Thanks for hosting, Angie!

  13. You have some beautiful summer flowers. I know you've planted them to grow well in your area and everything looks beautiful. They sure attract a lot of butterflies and birds. Enjoy your week!

  14. Beautiful flowers! The bunny looks very cute and he seems to be a regular visitor. I'm sure you have some salad or carrots for him.

  15. You have some pretty columbine colors. I understand the concern that is always with us about forest fires. So far this summer has been so much kinder than last in that regard. Happy for the little cooling trend we got today. Hope your new week goes well.

  16. I say this as a non gardener: the bunnies are cute.

  17. I really like how you've encouraged native plants -- the orchid was a wonderful gift! I really like the beautiful blue of the flax flower! Like a little piece of the sky reflected.

  18. Beautiful flowers. Enjoy your gardening and have a good week


  19. Buns and birds and flowers, oh my! So many fun photos. :-)

  20. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing your catching up photos.

  21. I've not been to Montana, so I enjoy reading about your adventures there. Love your variety of plants, so beautiful, especially the Columbine. We hope that you continue to host Mosaic Monday because as I wrote in my reply to you, it gives us structure, discipline, and inspiration to continue blogging.

  22. Hello dear Angie... I'm sorry for my late comment to your lovely Post. Your gardening report is amazing. I read it three times ... I swear.

    There are some details which I especially love. For example the woodpecker. We had ... it's thirty years ago, a woodpecker on the house in Munich, where we lived. He made holes in the wooden facade. It was very loud too.

    Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed so much.

    Wish you a very good time.

  23. good morning angie...we had a bit of a wet spring here also. but you know what they say about april showers, and your gardens prove it to be true. your gardens are gorgeous. i love wildflowers and transplants!! my bunnies don't eat my flowers or plants, just the grass!!

    i enjoyed the videos, i am still raising black swallowtail butterflies!!

  24. Good morning, Angie: I am pretty sure that your mystery insect is a Snowberry Clearwing, a very handsome moth. As for the rabbits, they can be annoying, I know, but it's still great to have them around, and they are essential food for many other animals.

  25. What a wonderfully rich world full of life! This visit felt a bit like stepping into a Beatrix Potter book to find one of her Peter Rabbit tales. :)

  26. I forgot to mention that the woodpecker is a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

  27. You certainly do have a great garden with lots of variety. Good for you keeping that going. I helped plant wildflower seeds at a monarch way station back in January or so. Some of the seeds were so tiny that at first I thought they were powder.

  28. Sorry I missed the party last week, we were away exploring but I will be back on Monday. See you then! I enjoyed your flowers. I will have more wildflowes to share in the next few weeks, once I have dowloaded everything and got my head back into life! Enjoy your weekend.


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