Sunday, June 28, 2020

Mosaic Monday #86: The Icing on the Cake

Postcard for my brother in Utah
In my last two posts (June 14 and June 21), I wrote about my trip to Ohio to visit my Mom.  At the end of my time there, I strategically planned to see my children; if there was any COVID to be transmitted, it wouldn't be to my Mom!  It had been over 5 months since I had seen the kids in person(Christmas in Montana), and I was over the moon with anticipation.  It was all I hoped it would be!

After leaving my Mom, I drove to Columbus; #1 Son is a newly minted graduate of The Ohio State University!  (Do you know what an odd time this is to look for a job?  As a former HR professional, I have been assisting with his job search, and responses are S-L-O-W on the 30+ active applications that he has in process.)  We chose to focus on fun during our visit, starting with outdoor activity.  He located a gorgeous site for a hike, the Natural Bridge Loop Trail near Hocking Hills.  As we pulled into the narrow country lane, it was obvious many others had the same idea - it was lined with parked cars.  And yet, once we entered the trail, it was easy to find solitude.  I was entranced with the honeysuckle that inserted its wandering vines into every available crevice, from barbed wire fences to the abundant trees.
Soon enough, we arrived at the Natural Bridge, which is more than 100 feet long and 10 to 20 feet wide.  Gracefully arching 50 feet across a ravine, it is considered the largest natural bridge in the state of Ohio.  It originated millions of years ago, when Ohio lay under a warm inland sea.  You can read more about its origin here.  I did feel a little nervous standing in the middle of it - my wild imagination surmises that one day it will collapse, the result of ongoing wind and water erosion!
As you might expect, there are other rock features in the area, created by the same forces that sculpted the Bridge.  The Rock Shelter, shown below, is another hallmark of erosion through softer stone, revealing the strata of harder stone beneath.
As we returned to the parking lot, #1 Son remarked on the beauty of the meadow to the right of the trail.  The pictures don't do it justice - you'll have to trust us that wildflowers of all varieties waved in the soft wind, vying for the sun and the rain that threatened to fall from the gathering clouds.

Having worked up an appetite, we treated ourselves to a Southern Ohio favorite and institution, Skyline Chili.
And the goodies just kept coming.  #1 Son escorted me to the Columbus Park of Roses.  Yes, he knows me well - a park, flowers - heaven!  After we had thoroughly explored the flower beds, we amused ourselves with a few hands of Touring, the card game that I described in my May 3 post.  It was the first time he played it, and like me, he loves it!!  I could not have asked for a more fulfilling day!
The Park of Roses opened to the public in June 1953.  

The next day, having driven back to Cincinnati the night before, I savored a breakfast at the Half Day Café with my sister, #1 Daughter and her boyfriend.  From there, I traveled south with #1D to help her move from one apartment to another.  It is so joyful to lend a hand in a concrete way!

The quaint, leafy Mount Lookout area takes its name from the landmark 1800s Cincinnati Observatory, which offers tours and stargazing nights.  It is a significant improvement over her former neighborhood in Cincinnati.  Within walking distance is Mount Lookout Square, with restaurants, taverns, a coffee shop, ice cream parlor and the art deco theater The Redmoor, which hosts live jazz and soul.
We climbed from the square to Ault Park, which features elaborate gardens, picnic shelters and nature trails.  Along the way, we passed many historic homes, and entertained ourselves by discussing our preferred architectural styles.  Clearly, this is a hot topic, since we saw many signs promoting Mount Lookout.
Upper right: the Heekin Overlook was dedicated in 1998 in memory
of James and Mary Molloy Heekin and their 13 children, whose farm
is now part of Ault Park.

One of the benefits of hanging out with "locals" is knowing where to eat, such as Eli's BBQ, our next destination.  A low-key BBQ joint, it features outside seating, a valuable feature in these days of social distancing.  And the BBQ is pretty tasty, too.

A short distance away is Alms Park, known for dramatic views over the Little Miami and Ohio Rivers.

The three of us returned to the apartment and played games, including Touring (notice a theme?)  (The Boyfriend fits well in our family since he shares our love of games.)  Later, it was so delightful to stroll up the street and get ice cream. It was the cherry on top, the icing on the cake to my visit to Ohio.

I could almost pretend that it was the good old days, when the kids were small.  A Mom's heart never forgets, now matter how tall or mature they may get!!

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  1. What a great time you had with the kids, you must have been constantly smiling! Looking forward o joining MM again later, I had a prior engagement last week which you can read about once I've linked up!

  2., natural bridge looks like a GREAT place to explore. Thanks Angie for hosting this get together!

  3. Looks like you had a great time touring around and especially visiting with the kids. What a blessing.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  4. Such a fun post with wonderful sights and yummy food. That stone bridge is so pretty. Have a most wonderful week.

  5. You have some lovely photos, especially the foral collage. The hiking trail is pretty, too! Wishing yoour son much success in his job search. I know it's been difficult for my grandson-in-law. Praise God he was hired to a position last week! Happy week to you!

  6. Oh, dear Angie... I feel with you. It's great to meet Family again. Hope the best for your son #1.

    Your trip is reading like an wonderful adventure. Very interesting seeing the nature there - the roses are lovely.

    Stay healthy and well.
    Happy MosaicMonday

  7. So wonderful you could visit with your "children" while you were in Ohio. I need to go back and read your last post that I missed. - Margy

  8. wow, wow, what place for a hike, the Natural Bridge Loop Trail. That seem to be a place I would really like to visit. Such wonders. And nature created.
    Meadows are almost always gorgeous places too. We have some where I live and natural ones are the most beautiful.
    Glad you had a good time with your family. Something to remember with warmth.
    Take care.

  9. Wow, a natural bridge. I wonder if there's granite in the middle of it. Your visit with your children is what I like to imagine mine would be like if I had children. Comfortable and comforting in joy and love. Good cheer, Angie! :-)

  10. Oh what a great visit with your son and daughter (and do we not need a new word for our adult children? Mine are middle-aged now and I still struggle with how to refer to them without calling them kids!). ... there’s a Skyline Chile in Fort Myers FL (lots of Ohio snowbirds there, including good friends of ours, so Bill has been there with the guys on days when there was there was a ladies activity in our resort. He said our friends loved the taste of home.j

  11. What a joy is must have been to spend time not only with your mother but both of your adult children while in Ohio. The natural bridge trail looked so beautiful, and as a rose lover I enjoyed your rose collage. I'm sure you all have many happy memories to savor now until you can be together again.

  12. Hello, What a great visit with your son and daughter. The parks in Ohio are wonderful. Hubby and I have been to the same Natural Bridge park. I have some of the same photos of the trail. The rose garden is beautiful. Wonderful photos of you, your #1D and her boyfriend. Beautiful photos! Thanks for hosting MM! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  13. You made a lot of memories on this trip. I agree...we always remember our kids when they were little and it's hard to believe they are all grown up. I know you had a wonderful trip. I could sure use some time with my boys! Enjoy your day! The roofers are already on the roof...rat a tat tat! But that's a good thing! Hugs!

  14. A happy mosaic Monday to all. Thanks again to our gracious hostess Angie for drawing us into this circle of love and sharing

    much ❧✿❧love

  15. We both have alms in common this week. How lovely that you were able to get out to see the family - oh the excitements of things we have previously taken for granted. The hike looks fabulous as do the Ohio roses!
    Thank you for hosting!
    Wren x

  16. Beautiful photos, proof enough of your visit to Ohio being a grand success, Angie. Lovely to read how your family caught up with each other, certainly a great thing to do these COVID days...

  17. That natural bridge is really cool. I had skyline chili in Florida. It was kind of weird. But with all that cheese it must have been tasty.

  18. Those greens are so amazing. I love the moss.
    Such a terrific family visit!

  19. What a wonderful time you had, so good to catch up with your Mum and your children. You visited some interesting places, the roses are beautiful and the rock bridge andnformations are amazing.

  20. Oh Angie, what a wonderful post this was both to look at and read.
    What a great time you had with your children … amazing … and I'm sure you are still smiling about all the new memories you've just made :)

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  21. Dear Angie - With your mother (the last post) and with your children, you seem to have had eventful days, as a daughter or as a mother. Natural Bridge is spectacular, a masterpiece made by wonderful architect and artist, Mother Nature. The rose mosaic is lovely. I found the same species of rose with mine, the right in the middle row. My family love card games as well as board games. Grandchildren love “Hanafuda “(flower cards), UNO,“Shogi” and Othello, which were also loved by their father or mother. I can’t agree with your words of the last paragraph more. Regarding the deer in Nara Park, they easily backslided to their habit for deer crackers. It’s not their fault, of course, but human’s for the sake of tourism.


  22. Angie! How fabulous that you could see your kids after some good time with your mom. Love the natural bridge and that park and the rose garden, too. Great timing for your daughter's move, too. How nice to see the nice new neighborhood your daughter will be living in. All the nice things to see and nice times together and on top of all that some really good looking food! You came home with a full heart I'm sure!

  23. How great that you finally got to meet some family! The woods and rocks look fabulous.

  24. Beautiful array of pictures, and your children, pretty.

  25. Oh, that bridge! It would take a bit of bravery to stand on that. Looks like your son picked up your love of nature. It almost sounded like life was “normal” reading this post. One nice thing about walks is that you can keep a distance and still enjoy the company of another.

  26. How marvellous to see your big babies after so many months. I'm struck by how much #D looks like mum . Not so much #S but more like 50/50? Thanks for your caption Angie. There's going to be one hell of party come 1st January. For most of us!

  27. I was just going to say it's like the old days before there was a pandemic. I wonder if they're going to discover there is a gene that fights it off but then dh said blood types make a difference in suseptibility. That looked so pretty, but made me long to travel again... and I can't afford the risks... sad...
    again, glad you all made out okay

  28. What a wonderful visit with your kids. I enjoyed seeing the places you visited and hiked. A nice happy visit with your family, priceless indeed! Have a wonderful week and stay safe.

  29. Fun! Not seeing the people we love is the worst part of this covid-19.

  30. Travel stories and fun activities. I feel happy reading it. Have a good day.
    Greetings from Indonesia.

  31. Ah, to have a son that likes to hike and knows the good places to eat. Looks like a fine visit to me!!

  32. it sounds like a wonderful adventure and you certainly eat well!! those roses are gorgeous!!!

  33. The Natural Bridge Park looks exceptionally appealing. You obviously had a great time back in Ohio, Angie. Lots to still draw you back there. It pains me to see you eating ice cream out of plastic-coated paper containers with plastic spoons, but there seems to be no will at all to tackle this issue. I saw people around a table in the White House recently and everyone had a plastic bottle of water. Great example for the world! Has no one ever heard of a pitcher and a glass? Or take your own container in with you? Nope, let's chuck some more plastic into the landfill or let it work its way into the ocean. Sorry for the rant, but it truly drives me crazy.


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