Sunday, July 5, 2020

Mosaic Monday #87: Time

On Wednesday, I was volunteering at the historical museum.  On the paper desk calendar, I made hash marks, one for each of the 28 visitors that day.  Suddenly, I noticed “183/183” printed in the upper-right hand corner of the square for July 1.  Really?  We are at the halfway point of the year?  (I paused for a moment to consider 183+183 = 366.  What?  Oh yeah, it’s a leap year.)  I suppose this is one of the signs of being retired – the days and months tend to blur!  All in all, it got me thinking about time.

Time is an intriguing/complicated/contradictory concept.  The more it slips through our fingers, the more we try to hold onto it.  (Except maybe when we begin a 6-mile run, and we want the next 60 minutes to fly past.)  I would guess that all of us would like to have more time, and yet we find a myriad of means to spend it, perhaps in ways that are frivolous.  We might regret that half of 2020 is over, and yet many of us want the next 6 – 9 months to get behind us so that we have an effective vaccine for COVID-19.

I suspect that the pandemic has made most of us confront this thing called time, even if only subconsciously.  Questions come to mind, sometimes in the middle of the night, and sometimes while I am zipping along the 70-MPH highways of Montana.  They usually start with “What if?”  This type of thinking can be slippery, leading to a real downer of a day.   When I was in the midst of one of these spirals, I heard a song that stopped me in my tracks.  “Keep Me in the Moment,” by Jeremy Camp. Check out this video.

Ever since, when I find myself getting caught up in “doomsday” scenarios, I remind myself to engage all my senses.  When was the last time you thought about the wonder and sheer joy of a hot shower?  Do you inhale your meals, or do you savor thoughtfully, noticing the flavors and appreciating the effort of the person who made it (even if it’s you)?  Is there a pause when you leave the house, to breathe in the air?  To feel the caress of coolness, a slight breeze shaking the leaves of the trees nearby?  How often do you find yourself at a destination, only to realize that you noticed nothing about your 20-minute drive?  You can start today.  To be aware.  To be in the moment.  As you peruse my re-cap of pictures from June, it is my sincere prayer that it inspires you to consider the joy, flavors, inspiration, aromas, beauty, textures, and symphonies that you may have been overlooking.  
A walk on the ridge with Dear Neighbor Friend

Kevin adds a Travertine backsplash to the space behind the cooktop 
Celebrating "Padre" on Father's Day - a hand-made card from me, a card from #1 Daughter, calls from both kids
and breakfast in bed
A morning kayak with Dear Neighbor Friend
Top: Sent my Mom's squares to Violet Protest
Middle and bottom: Hand-drawn card for one of my brothers
Naturally occurring flowers and critters in our "back forty"

So, does this a picture of a sunset represent an ending, or just the beginning of a night full of possibilities? I am choosing to consider the possibilities.

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  1. Time goes by... indeed, getting older, time goes faster. It's an individual feeling. But now in Corona crisis time has a special quality for me and for my husband, too.

    I like the Video, the music.

    Stay healthy and well.

    Happy MosaicMonday

  2. As usual your post has me thinking, considering and re-evaluating. Yes, I do give thanks for all the small things that make my day, my life, my existence worthwhile and truly hope to be doing that for a very long time. Keep enjoying the moment!

  3. ...your back forty looks like a delight!!!

  4. I love your back forty. Time, yes, my husband and I were just talking earlier today about everyone being in such a rush and always far to busy. Not the way it was intended. You are so talented!! I love your cards. Such a treasure for whoever receives them. Thanks for sharing.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  5. I totally agree. I've been trying to look at all of the quarantine time as a time to slow down, stop and smell the roses and savor all the simple little things in life. I definitely don't wish the time away. I'm just enjoying different things right now instead. Now if I could only get myself to turn the news off! All of your photos are gorgeous. Thanks for hosting and have a great week! :)

  6. We need to take time and enjoy the smaller things in life, enjoy this very moment!

    I did enjoy seeing all of your photographs and reading your thought provoking post.

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  7. Such a nice post and the photos are most wonderful. That food looks quite yummy too. We love the view of the sunset you have.


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  9. beautiful insightful post which I think will resonate with us all particularly at the moment. We need to treasure every precious moment and take the time to savour all that we do. I enjoyed the music too - I hadn't heard this before. Thank you for your post today. Have a lovely week and thank you again for the link up. Take care.

  10. Lovely post thank you Angie, just yesterday I went and sat on the back deck, had a cuppa and enjoyed looking at the garden and the must have sent me a message :-) Sometimes we forget we don't have to be busy all the time. Love your walk and kayak photos, the flowers and critters are beautiful.

  11. Angie, the knitted cars, the street and so on is from knitters streetart Artists from Frankfurt ... I crocheted a belt for myself.

    Cheers, Heidrun

  12. I do try to practice mindfulness every day. Angie. During this time of "safer at home" the little joys of life have become even more precious. This pandemic is far from safe, be careful!
    I loved your cards and beautiful wildflowers.

  13. Hello Angie,
    Lately all my days feel the same, they are going by quickly. I like the homemade cards for Padre. The new backsplash looks pretty. Love the pretty wildflowers and the sweet fawn! Thanks for hosting! Have a great new week!

  14. It's nice to remember the special days this year and the handmade cards are so special! Love your nature photos and the view of the sky from your home. Enjoy your week! Happy MM! Hugs

  15. A wonderful post, Angie, vocalising some of my thoughts as we are getting a second wave of COVID cases in Victoria and half of Melbourne being in lockdown again. Crises make us value most of the things that we take for granted in normal, quieter times.Let us always be thankful for all the small things that we have and which make our lives more liveable.

  16. Wonderful hand-made cards! I am sure the recipient appreciated them all the more knowing they were made with love.
    A post of mine from a few years back, all about gratitude. We really have so many things to be grateful for!

  17. Love your words and photos. Happy Monday

    much love...

  18. The sleeping fawn is so sweet. Mornings are my time of great possibilities. Afternoons too.

  19. Angie, Thanks for sharing your life. I really enjoyed the video to remember and prioritize my time for the eternal rewards. thanks for hosting and have a great week. Be well. Sylvia D.

  20. Love the handmade cards! Time sure has been strange these days. Sometimes it seems to pass so quickly, others it seems to have crawled forward. Please don't ask me what day of the week it is. - Margy

  21. Such an inspirational encouraging post Angie. Love your hand made cards with illustrations. Half the year over already. Hallmark channel is showing all their Christmas in July programs. So much nicer to watch instead of the news but I'd still like some good new murder mysteries to solve. Do you and hubby watch Alone on History channel? We are enjoying that series. Hope you are starting this week off well. We overworked ourselves outside in the heat and are just giving our muscles a break now. Blessings.

  22. Angie, I volunteer at our local museum, cataloging donations. The opportunity to see the upstairs got me to try it out. I've been at it for 2 years. It keeps me in practice of being out in the world. :-) Your greeting cards are darling and full of love. It's so fun making one-of-a-kind cards.
    Is that a lobster in the grass? Oh my gosh, is that a crayfish? They grow huge in Montana. You lucky duck.

  23. Great post. Thanks for the reminder to "engage all my senses." This world has got me discouraged.

  24. A varied post. I like nature and food best. Be happy and be positive even in these trying times

  25. Thank you for sharing the story of your life. This reminds us all to love and be grateful about the small things that happen in one day because the change of that day is very fast.


  26. do you have lobsters in Montana in the wild? I see you're painting and drawing... I know you mentioned you wanted to do that.

  27. Such beautiful shots! It certainly helps to remain in those small, lovely moments and feel grateful.

  28. Beautiful flowers, nature at the best Angie.

  29. Lovely and creative post ~

    Thanks for your support for my loss of my dear Yorkie ~ Xox

    Be Safe, Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  30. Hi Angie. I am a great believer in “taking everything in” but when all the senses are awakened it is difficult to keep track of each one.

    Birdwatching teaches us to be observant by learning about birds - the who, what, why, where and how of their existence and their place in the World. “There are no foolish questions, and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions.”

    Good luck with the Swallows. I wasn’t sure if you were dismayed or pleased? But either way, lots to see and enjoy.

  31. Hello my friend! Great pics. Amazing how Covid has actually made me and my love slow down and regroup together. Gone is meeting up with friends, so we hang out together. It has been lovely. So we are managing and even relishing this quiet time. You take care and stay safe and enjoy our Montana summer. Kit

  32. Your art cards are awesome and worthy of the deserving receiver. Time is, indeed, relative. The years go by quickly but the “minute” it takes to microwave the morning’s first coffee can seem long to a caffeine lover. Meanwhile, there is so much we take for granted until it’s gone like the casual hugs and chats up close without masks. Perhaps the biggest thing we take for granted is our health. Without that, nothing else matters.

  33. An enjoyable collection of photos, Angie. It is important to keep our attitudes positive and to remain focused on the present rather than worrying about the future.

  34. We definitely get through our meals quickly when there is just the two of us, but as soon as we have company we linger and chat. It's a pity really. We both still enjoy cooking and often invest time and effort into a good meal. But what do you say to someone you are with 24/7 at the dinner table that you haven't said already? My daughter will be arriving from Ottawa later today and staying until Monday, so there will be some longer, wine-lubricated sessions at the table!

  35. i never even know what day it is, let alone where we are in the year...and leap year, hmmmm, i didn't remember!! your new backsplash is gorgeous, it really looks nice!!

    i almost didn't listen to the song/video you shared, then i did. what a beautiful, poignant song. i hope i continue to hum that song, all day long. the video, as well as the song, beautiful!! have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend. enjoy nature and the views, you and i have much to "enjoy"!!!

  36. Those special moments that create a day, enjoy it and be thankful. I try to remember that every day. Lovely photos, Angie and a wonderful post. Enjoy your day!

  37. Beautiful post. I find myself taking more time to do things now that I am retired and can relax and enjoy the process.

  38. Enjoyed the song and shared it with a friend. Even with curfews and lockdown and mostly staying home, I feel like the days are just flying right by. Always trying to be grateful and find beauty in the every day. Never bored as there is always something to do, whether it's the necessary or the creative. Have a good weekend. :)

  39. Lovely pictures, as always! So many critters and that view is to die for!


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