Sunday, October 3, 2021

Mosaic Monday #150: Farewell, September!

And here we are; only three months of 2021 remain!  I was "playing" in my garden today, and I noticed the grasshoppers were moving slowly this morning.  The frosty overnight temperatures make them sluggish, and soon enough will bring on their demise.  Later in the day, I observed a massive ant hill while watering some aspens - the ants were almost frantic in their activity.  It brings to mind the fable of the Grasshopper and the Ant.  I have written about this before (September 1, 2017).  Do you feel an affinity for one or the other?

I suspect this Garter Snake, sunning itself on the gravel of the driveway on September 2, has since begun brumation (the reptile equivalent of hibernation).  These snakes will migrate long distances to brumate in large communal sites called hibernacula.

That same day, I approached the garage for my gardening gloves, and was greeted by this Red Squirrel on the step.  It held something in its paws, and appeared to be turning it over and eating it.  See the video below.

As it ran off, it left the "foodstuff" on the step - it was a rock!  One source on the Web claims this is how they sharpen their teeth!

Early in the month, I was also fascinated to witness this caterpillar crossing the driveway.  It was leathery in appearance.  Can anyone identify it?

After a fairly successful summer of protecting the garden from nibblers, suddenly two Cottontails began wreaking havoc in September.  Also, two young Whitetail Deer, without a mom to accompany them, seem to believe my Strawberry plants, Columbines and Sand Cherries are their personal buffet!  The motion-activated sprinklers don't seem to pick up their slow-moving, small forms.  Good thing it is the end of the season and I am not quite as manic about protecting everything!  

But I can still be seen dashing out of the house, whooping and hollering to chase them away!

Over the space of four weeks, most of the bushes put on their colored coats.  Below, the Golden Currant is in the transition.

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant has been part of my garden since I discovered it growing naturally on our leach field the very first summer (see 9/13/2020 post).  In the picture below, a third of these plants were sown by me; the rest were the result of natural propagation from a specimen that grew here last summer!

Frosty mornings and cool evenings put me in the mood for soup.

Thanks to Jan at Low Carb Diabetic for this root vegetable soup recipe.  It was hearty and flavorful!

While snakes and many other creatures become less active with the advent of Autumn, bears eat and drink nearly nonstop.  They need to put on weight to prepare for winter and hibernation.  This process is called hyperphagia.  In our neighborhood, a small Black Bear has been seen quite frequently.

One evening, we were getting ready to have dinner on the deck, and I looked over the railing, only to see the little Black Bear gazing up at me.  He was no more than 25 feet from me!  He turned and ambled into the woods while I scrambled inside to get Spousal Unit and #1 Son.  By the time they came out, the bear was weaving in and out of the trees beyond the firepit.  Check out this video!!!

Did you know a group of turkeys is called a rafter?  On the way home from town the other day, I came upon at least 20 turkeys.  If I stayed a little longer, would all of them ended up perched on the fence?

I had the opportunity this month to make two hand-drawn birthday cards, one for a former work colleague in Arizona, and the other for one of my sisters.  I get a little thrill and considerable satisfaction from finding and executing these fun greeting cards!

I will eat anything with capers, so this recipe for Lemon Caper Pork Medallions caught my eye.  The boys in the house declared it a keeper.  And it was a straightforward and quick recipe, even for me!

It has been a good month, but I am still in a little bit of shock that October has arrived.  I am little sad to look out the window and realize that many of the aspens are already devoid of leaves.  Wouldn't it be nice sometimes if we could simply re-wind the clock? 

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  1. Hello, Angie
    I guess it is time for the hibernation to happen, I can't believe it is October. I have never seen a squirrel chewing on a rock, that is weird. I love the pretty Rocky Mountain Bee Plant. It is cool to see a bear, as long as it does not hang around for too long. They seem like shy animals. The turkey sighting is cool too. The veggie soup and the pork recipe look delicious. Your cards are pretty too. Have a great new week!

  2. I love the colors of fall. The real problem is that in the middle of October when the leaves are gone it gets dark and unwelcoming. And you want to get to pring as soon as possible. :) Let´s enjoy the last days of fall. :)

  3. October snuck up on me too.
    What a great post, Angie. Such a treat to see all the animals around.
    We have a lot of wild turkeys here too, but I’ve never seen a bear in this area.
    He looks like he’s had a few extra helpings of berries—so good for the long sleep ahead.
    Tasty looking dinners. And your cards are pretty.

  4. Fall begins here in Europe too, step by step. But it's far away of Indian Summer. We don't believe Summer is over ... we won't.

    Have a good week!

    Happy MosaicMonday

  5. ...times sure goes quickly! I Love the grasshopper. Thanks Angie for hosting.

  6. So good to hear you are doing well. We are having a lovely fall day. The trees in town are so beautiful. I am all decorated for Haloween.Have a great week! Kit

  7. You sure have a bunch of interesting critters in your neck of the woods.

  8. I had to laugh at the thought of you racing out of the house to scare off the marauding hordes! I do the same with the bunnies that venture into my garden, and this summer, for the first time, with a deer. October is a beautiful month, but it's definitely not summer in most areas.

  9. Happy October! Happy Fall! You had lots of delights to end September, Angie! Delightful flowers, food, making handmade cards, many critter visits--OK, maybe not the snake--and cooler temperatures.

  10. A delightful post once again, Angie. As you plunge into Autumn, we pounce into Spring. Some flowers from our garden for you!

  11. All kinds of interesting critters at every time of the year. Your house looks neat with the frost melting. I love a new month, a fresh start! Happy MM! Thanks for making it possible!

  12. The change of season is definitely upon us!

  13. Wishing you a wonderful October


  14. I am also a little shocked that it is already October, dear Angie :-) But autumn also has some nice sides. I like the colors, the fog, cuddling up in the house, the sunny days in between, the rustling of leaves so that you can see the sky better through the leafless trees - and I like the longing for spring :-) (It wouldn't exist without autumn and winter!)
    I didn't know that squirrels sharpen their teeth with stones - I've learned something new again!
    If I were you, I would remove the welcome sign with the bear from the terrace: The rabbits and deer felt invited, maybe the bear will come to you, too? Or all the turkeys? ;-)
    Hug's and happy October, Traude

  15. So much happening around you, Angie! So fascinating. The cards look lovely! Thanks so much for hosting!


  16. I admire ants more. Early this spring, we saw a big pile of garter snakes in the woods. It was cool!

  17. Oh, I definitely can relate to the grasshopper as I, too, am rather slow to move when frosty temperatures confront me. Autumn is beginning to delight your world with those glorious hues. How pretty your Rocky Mountain Bee Bush is. Why, very soon you will be skiing down those mountains. Yes, re-winding the clock would be nice....sometimes.

  18. Interesting post and nice cards. I did not know this word "brumation."

  19. oh I don't think I could cope with bears in my garden! Stay safe! and enjoy the last days of autumn. I am looking forward to warmer days here.

  20. Hello; Thank you very much for your kindness for us bloggers♬」
    I ordered new PC yesterday and it is at under the setting. I cannot redirect to your Blog p;-) Let me paste *url* of my page.

    Frequently I have the trouble with PC (*^.^*)
    Thank you very much for hosting & your contribution for us all.
    Lots of Love, Miyako*

    1. So sorry I meant having trouble linking; not sure the word "redirect" is correct p;-)

    2. OMG; After awhile, I could link to your blog; Haha, Blog World still is a "wonder land" for me V(^^;)V

      Thank you very much for hosting from bottom of my heart;
      Lots of Love, Miyako*

  21. We are used to snakes here in Thailand but worry about the kittens more than our own safety, some of our snakes are huge, I have enjoyed watching your YouTubes! Lovely cards I think a hand made card is one of the lovely things in life still.
    Have a lovely week Angie
    Wren x

  22. So many animals! Do bears often come so close to human homes? The cards are lovely.

  23. Lovely post.
    I enjoyed your photographs and the videos.
    I like the cards you made.

    Your root vegetable soup looks so tasty, many thanks for the link-back to the low carb diabetic :)

    Enjoy October, our colours here in the UK are beginning to turn, how I love this time of year.

    All the best Jan

  24. What a lovely post, Angie!

    Such a delight to see all the critters around.

  25. I always enjoy your post, seeing what is happening in the garden and the animals around. Love your cards.

  26. We've done some scaring off of wildlife that got too aggressive with our plants. Happy October to you. We're traveling home the next 4 days...

  27. This year is going by very quickly, they all do. You look to be making very good use of the time.

  28. Thank you Angie for such a beautiful post. I enjoyed reading it very much and also the lovely accompanying photos. I can almost say ditto for here as much the same...the turkeys, deer and a rabbit were all sighted on our land today. Thanks too for the meal ideas. I can always use suggestions. Take care!

  29. In some ways Autumn is looking like a sad time of year for you Angie. When lots of birds leave for the south and animals hide away for winter. I learnt some new words today too.

    I hope you enjoy your trip to Geordieland and if you should find yourself in Lanky, give me a shout. It's warmer than the North Sea on this side.

  30. Love seeing all the different critters who stop by your place for a visit. Have a fantastic weekend, Angie.

  31. The neighborhood hawks keep a check on our rabbit population. Our dogs help out on that also. Wild about the black bear in your neighborhood.
    My sister and her husband found a grouping of garter snakes near West Yellowstone last spring. Wild looking site with all the little snakes looking right at you. We are still running our air conditioner down here.

  32. I love your Black Bear, the Grasshopper, and there so many more.

  33. I have tried, Angie, but I have been unable to identify your caterpillar, which makes me even more determined to keep trying! If I am able to put a name to it I will let you know. The wildlife you have so close at hand is quite astounding. Many of us would love to share in the pleasure.

  34. September sure was an active and busy month for the critters in your area. While things will start to slow down there, our season of flourishing is just beginning. Hard to believe it's already mid-October. Time marches on. Take care.


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