Wednesday, April 4, 2018

March Magic

Lake McDonald
Glacier National Park
Wow, 90 days of 2018 are history!  As I reflect on the month, I am pleased.  I have made progress on my most meaningful goals.  Celebrated special events.  Welcomed a friend from Ohio.  And rejoiced with the magic of the moment.  Lots happening in the month, so let's get to it!

ONE: Culinary delights, take two

As you know from my January re-cap, my 2018 goals include cooking once per week.  Lent presented a unique opportunity to explore vegetarian options, and we discovered several 'keepers' this month. (Links for all recipes are at the end of this post.)

Vegetable Soup

Avocado is a tasty glue for this delectable dish.  Add a dollop of salsa and sour cream and you won't even miss the meat!

Your recommended daily allowance for vegies will be met with this nutrient-packed soup.  Paired with a cheesy bread roll warmed in the oven, you have the perfect antidote for a snowy winter day.

This is such a keeper, we have already made it a second time!  We speculate this could also be served cold in the summer time as a variant on macaroni salad.  Rock on summer!

Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl

If you like peanuts, this is a recipe for you.  The sauce is light and flavorful, an ideal complement for the tofu and broccoli.

TWO: Charming embroidery, continued

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to calculate twelve (months in the year) divided by seven (days of the week).  In other words, how much time should I allot to complete my seven-piece tea towel project?  I decided I should target one per month, giving me wiggle room for unexpected delays, not to mention time in the second half of the year for Christmas-related ventures I have waiting in the wings.  The good news?  Third month of the year.  Third day of the week - complete!

 THREE: Captivating events

If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you have probably cottoned to our love of attending events, the quirkier, the better. March is no different - take a look!

Upper right - see the snow pile behind the photo booth? 
Only in Whitefish is Prom held in March.  And only in Whitefish is there a Grand March OUTSIDE.  Couples promenade down the sidewalk in front of their parents and the community - brrrr!!!  Our next-door neighbor's son is a senior - this was a must-see (on March 10, no less!)

St. Patrick's Day is cause for celebration in many locales, and our town is no exception.  At our favorite local pub, we encountered friends from church, whose daughter JUST HAPPENS to teach Irish dance.  She performed a couple of dances while the Irish band played.  Then, a four-person bagpipe corps entered the bar.  Spousal Unit JUST HAPPENED to run into a piper in the men's room, and he requested Amazing Grace ...


As the ski season draws to a close, Whitefish Mountain Resort pulls out all the stops for tourists (but probably even more so for locals, who are already mourning the end of winter, and the resort employees, who are rejoicing the end of winter).  This past Saturday witnessed the Dummy Derby - crash test dummies on skis meet demolition derby!  Of course, it helps that the event is preceded by the Mountain Brewfest, a fundraiser for the SNOW bus (but really just an excuse for a lot of people to drink beer).
Sunny skies draw a crowd for Brewfest

Check out the Minions as they make their run for the prize money - all of the dummies in the mosaics below ultimately joined them in the snow pit under the jump!

The fine art of dummy design: a sturdy base.  Low to the ground.  Weighted forward.
Upper Left: Liftys Rule
Lower Left: Huckleberry Shake
Upper Right: Cannon with white streamers
Lower Right: Darned if I know

Aerodynamic.  Artistic merit - wackier means points!  Test your dummy.  Have fun!

FOUR: Companionable visitor

We've told everyone they're welcome to visit so we're delighted when we get a taker!  (and more of you should do it!)  See, this is the lemon cheesecake with huckleberries that awaits you ...

We had 5 glorious days with Tim, who drove all the way from Chagrin Falls, Ohio for a western road trip including Montana, Utah and Colorado.

We were so proud to show off Glacier National Park while snowshoeing on a bluebird day.
Tim at foot of Lake McDonald with mountains of Glacier National Park in background

In the winter, Glacier National Park is practically deserted (as compared to over 3 million visitors seen in the summer months).  It's a boon for those who don't mind a few extra layers of clothing and 'tools' such as snowshoes!

Due to snowfall, the main road through the park is not plowed after the 10-mile mark, Lake McDonald Lodge.  (This is normal, folks!)

This day, we covered 5.3 miles.  One of the many highlights of the journey was Sacred Dancing Cascades, the location of our lunch break.

If you doubt the snowfall, consider these pictures:
Left - yes, those are traffic cones - big ones!
Upper right: buses WILL park here (in the summer)
Lower right: No fire exit today!

Plow crews have begun the daunting task of clearing the Going to the Sun Road, which typically opens at the end of June (and closes at the end of September).

Just to give you a sense of the level of effort: the "Big Drift", located east of Logan Pass, can reach depths of up to 90 feet.  Every year, the plow crew working on the west side of the road and the one working on the east side meet at the Big Drift and together tackle the challenge.

FIVE: Cherished moments

So maybe you think all of the above is 'magic in the moment'.  And it probably is.  But one of my exhilarating moments this month came from a couple of grainy trail camera photos - because they show something other than deer!


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Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl


  1. ...lots of colorful exciting things! This morning I awoke to snow, bring on spring.

  2. Hi Angie,
    Such beautiful pictures. It is amazing that those large orange cones are completely covered, yet in a few short weeks buses will be parked there. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. What fun. I love one-pot meals! Love the derby! lol. Thanks for sharing that - it made me smile. Good food with good company - nothing like it. :-)

  4. I am going to try the One Pot Spinach Mac and Cheese for certain; Quesadillas are already a staple here in Texas; and I too like getting my daily Veggies in soup!
    Sounds like you had lots of fun going to the events.
    The photos of Glacier National Park brought back wonderful memories of our trip to GNP years ago. It was incredibly, spectacularly, stunningly beautiful. We, however, went in the springtime and not in the winter.
    Hope you have a good week.

  5. I'm hungry now. Yummy, yummy and more yummy.

    Love the nature shots. Aren't they amazing to see. Yes they are.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  6. Exciting, enjoyable, beautiful, sights, eats, snow, places in your Montana
    What a wonderful place to live!
    (I like the tea towels too . . .)

  7. March madness and fun! Your mountain reflection photos are lovely. The top two had me thinking of chocolate layer cake. hahaha. Your veggie dishes all look good. I've been bad about incorporating veggies into our meals lately.

  8. What a fun, unique and beautiful area you have moved to. Love the idea of the promenade for the prom. Fun! Be careful what you wish for. Maybe Dear and I, once we are settled in Northeastern Washington will make a trek out to see your corner of the world. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. We are busy packing boxes and getting rid of stuff and packing more boxes. Our first shipping container arrived today. Yikes. Now we have to fill it...

  9. Hey careful what you say all that talk of loving having visitors and I will be over in shot! What an amazing spot in the world that you live in, it is really beautiful and that fresh air - wow, wow, wow! I will bring avocados!
    Wren x

  10. The veggie eater menu looks good. Love the idea of the prom stroll, but cold I am sure. Such gorgeous pictures, and a visitor from the East. Your dishtowels are coming along fabulously.

  11. I did so enjoy your post! I will be trying your quesadilla! Have a grand weekend!

  12. The people there must have very thick blood. Do the prom couples bundle up for their walk down the street? It is so beautiful there, but I must admit, walking 5 miles in the snow is making 60 days of 100+ look a little better.

  13. What a beautiful post! Our trailcam has the same: rabbits, coyotes. Also skunk and deer.

  14. This was a delightful tour! Your town has so much going on. And prom in the snow -- so fun!

  15. Yikes on the coyotes from the trail cam! But the snowy slopes are a sharp contrast to your Jelly Bean background...:) and while I'm sure the employees are glad the season is over, it would be nice if would last forever as it's so beautiful!...:)JP

  16. I love the fact that your community embraces winter and has many great things to do during it. It really makes a difference to living in a snowy place. You can participate or not according to your liking. It is very beautiful where you live too. That helps. How wonderful see such beautiful mountains when you go out.

    It looks like you are really making progress in both embroidery and in trying new dishes to make. Well done!

  17. Dear Angie - Such a lovely post filled with exciting and enjoyable things. The beautiful snow scenes and delicious dishes and embroidery spice up each other. Have happy and pleasant days ahead.


  18. You've been busy, Angie. I like the look of that tofu dish and your tea towel is looking very sweet.

  19. Glacier National Park, the mountains, the frozen lake ... all so very beautiful! I'm not a cold weather person but wouldn't mind visiting for just a day or two. :) I make soup year round and have several different ones that I consistently make because they are easy and tasty. Mostly I just wing it when cooking. I might eyeball a recipe but then just wind up using whatever I've got on hand. Congrats on staying on schedule with your embroidery. :) Have a good weekend.

  20. Well, you sure know how to enjoy Montana to the fullest. I love the photos and I can feel your pride in your new state. It is quite special isn't it? :) Kit

  21. Beautiful county. I have only been there once and only for a day to visit Little Big Horn. It's on my list of states I would love to explore. We go to Wyoming a lot, but haven't ventured much farther yet. Enjoyed your post!

  22. Hello, I am hoping our snow is over now. Your meals and the dessert look delicious. I love the views of the mountains and snow. The wildlife is cool, love the hare and coyote? Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Thanks for the comment too. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  23. Wow! A prom in winter! The scenery is beautiful, but I am glad I am not standing in it!
    Sandy in the UK

  24. Oh, the Dancing Cascades are gorgeous! Never can get enough of seeing snowy mountains! I your food, I can easily miss meat, but veggies is a must:) In winter having a prom dress on without sleeves, I would be freezing!
    Thank you for the comment about strong women, and see ya on Sunday at All Seasons:)

  25. Your soups and cheesecake look delicious! I have made it a point to cook more this year as well.

  26. Very well sighting, I love the vegetable version of the first three of photos.

  27. i was salivating on my computer until you mentioned tofu...then my mouth closed. i will take your word on that one!!

    i like your theory on the tea towel embroidery allotment. i do something similar with my knitting, the blankets, one color per night and that's working out pretty well!!

    your snow images are gorgeous. i would like to close with saying that i am fairly new here and i am just loving your entries. i feel like we have a bit in common, although you share much in each post and i focus on one thing. if i did what you do, i would not be able to write very often. but i love it, so much variety and that's what i look for in a blog, versatility!!

  28. Beautiful scenes, well done. I definitely want to try the quesadilla recipe, it looks great.
    Have a wonderful week.

  29. So beautiful there, and that is an early prom. WOW! The spinach and feta mac sounds wonderful.

  30. Wow, lots going on where you live. It sounds like a bunch of smart, quirky, creative people who both plan and attend the events. A mite bit cold for me but I enjoy the good times through your post.

  31. Looks like you've been busy - the food photos made me hungry!

  32. love your sewing project. The girl is cute :) Nice!

  33. Oh my gosh Angie -- that scenery, that fun, that cheesecake....if only I had some winter clothes and a magic carpet (airplanes are just too slow.) Lots of smiles here -- thank you for sharing. I'm off to look at those recipes -- we're trying to do vegetarian once or twice a week so they all sound intriguing.

  34. Dearest Angie; Wow, What an exciting days with lots of fantastic thins happened♫♫♫ I personality impressed by the mixture of Peanut,Tofu and broccoli; I love all three of them, maybe I'll try with our type of sauce :-) Beautiful winter scene, making me wish to see with my own eyes♫♫♫
    Happy reading your delightful March♡♡♡
    Thank you SO much for your sweet comments, and Wishing your April is as wonderful as third month.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

  35. You live in such a beautiful area of the world - white snow backdrop with gorgeous mountains and lakes. I always enjoy visiting and seeing the fun of the locals.

  36. Wow ... my morning has just been spine-tingled listening to Amazing Grace played by the four-person bagpipe corps. Congrats to the spousal unit for making such a wonderful request! Also, your vegan menus look yummy.

  37. love, love, love those healthy recipes. I am going to have to try some of them.

  38. Hi Angie!
    The first time I heard Amazing Grace performed by bagpipes it was in Ireland in the 70's when I was visiting with my sister-in-law who was born in County Cork. It gave me chills to hear it then and I loved hearing it in your video today.

    It looks like Glacier NP had wonderful snowpack this winter! Sadly Colorado did not--I think we ended up 25% below normal. Many ski resorts are closing soon. Hopefully next winter we will get back to normal and this warming trend reverses. I envy you being able to snowshoe in the park--it is gorgeous there year round. The main road in Rocky Mountain National Park--Trail Ridge Road-- which is the highest continuous road in North America, is also plowed from one end the other and met in the middle. Last spring in early June, when snowfall was more normal, we drove up to 11,500 feet in spring where the east side plos stopped. It still had another 1,000 feet to reach the highest point and Alpine Lodge. The snow was over our heads on the side of the road.

    My grandson loves minions and would have had fun watching that competition! The outdoor prom shots made me shiver, but most teens can tolerate the cold better than us.

    Was that a mountain lion on your camera? They have been active in our neighborhood lately--a neighbor caught 4 of them on her security camera one morning--a mother ML and her three large kittens! The video is online on Colorado news sites. The week afterward one lion was spotted in a neighbor's tree. Now I'm always looking up at trees when I!

    Your vegetarian recipes all look great! We try to eat lots of veggies and my favorite way to make them is to roast them with a little olive oil and a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar. Lately we;ve been enjoying beets that way.

  39. Hello! Lovely to see you on my blog this morning.:) Your snow scenes are truly beautiful, and there's such a lot going on where you live, ...looks like lots of fun! You have some unusual wildlife visitors in your garden. How wonderful to view them on camera. Your embroidery of the little girl is such a sweet motive. I do a little, and like sewing, to keep me busy, also your recipes look very appetizing, especially the dessert. Thank you for such an entertaining post, and the music was lovely.:)

  40. What a lot of fun and interesting things you've packed into those 90 days, the vegetarian meals looks so good, I may try one or two of them for a light lunch or supper. I cook (from scratch) every day (can you see my halo shining brightly) and am always looking for different dishes to try.

  41. Angie, You have a lot of fun events in your neck of the woods. That is a lot of snow! I think I will try the spinach mac and cheese. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  42. we love avacados - on toast with cheese is great for breakfast or lunch. Making soup is one of the joys of winter. One of these days I plan to go to the snow :) Enjoy the start of spring. And thank you for coming to my blog this week.

  43. Your landscape photos are gorgeous, Angie!

  44. The mountains are just glorious! Love the critters in the camera and the Prom parade is definitely quirky!

  45. How did I miss this? We got some snow today...sigh.. I love everything but the piper is my favorite. For my great-aunt's birthday, they used to get a piper as she was from Scotland. I love them..Michelle

  46. Food looks so yummy and the views are stunning.


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