Thursday, November 23, 2023

Giving thanks - a few summer photos

Summer salads.  Chilled white wine on the deck.  A rainbow of garden flowers, bejeweled with equally bonny butterflies.  Smothered hot dogs at the ball park.  Fascinating wildlife. Back-country camping and mountain grandeur.  Just a few photos from July; numerous reasons to be thankful!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Today I am linking to LeeAnna's Not Afraid of Color for I Like Thursday  The prompt for this week is unexpected events at holidays - a funny story about Thanksgiving.  I have racked my brain and not come up with a thing.  I guess that puts us in the boring category!  So, instead, I am showing you this glorious brat and margarita I had at the ballpark this summer!

Our first back-country trip of the summer was in Waterton Peace Park, just over the border from Montana.  We stayed a night in Waterton before and after our trip.  It is a wonderfully quaint town, and we'll be going back!


Waterton has many beautiful sights that you can see without going into the back-country, such as the picture to the left.  The mountain in the distance is actually in Montana!!!!





We closed out our visit to Waterton with a meal at the Chop House - delectable food and outstanding service!

Back at home, I was entertained by this enormous toad in my garden, and a Great Blue Heron caught on my trail camera down by the lake.  It will be a while before I am seeing either one of them again!

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