Saturday, November 10, 2018

Mosaic Monday #2 - Moose Medley

Are you a collector?

What do you collect?

Why do you collect it?

Is your collection something that you can and do use?

Since I began following Mosaic Monday, I have been fascinated by collections featured by so many of you - tableware with a checkered pattern, holiday decorations, flamingos, old books, yarn, mugs …
Pajamas, Apron and Slippers

I looked around my house and realized that I probably have several categories that approach collections, of varying magnitude.  Today I will highlight my obsession with moose (oops, I guess my title might have given it away).
My moose mania most likely began on a backpacking trip to Baxter State Park in September 1994.  Spousal Unit and I bunked in a cabin on Russell Pond, and thrilled to the sight of a cow moose feeding on pond weed in the lingering light of a Maine fall day.  I have been hooked ever since.

When our kids were young, family camping trips to the Adirondacks delivered great enjoyment.  But no moose.  We had to settle for this decal.

Over time, moose objects have made an easy gift for family members - most years, my Christmas list says "anything with moose".
Retirement gift from my oldest brother and his wife

Occasionally, I will purchase a moose for myself.

In recent years, moose (and all things 'rustic') have become quite popular, and so many everyday items feature moose.
Retirement gift from our
financial advisor
Pillow in upstairs guest room
I do use most of these items regularly.  Some were saved until we moved into the log house, such as hand towels given to us by my in-laws.
I will leave you with a little 'moose' inspiration from this hand towel - 

Enjoy the great outdoors

It's OK to be a little wild

If you have a great rack, flaunt it

Be like a moose - be strong and carry on

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  1. Yes, I collect things. Vintage cookie cutters - like the wooden handles and I do use some of them.
    White planters, bottles, and milk bottles - don't use them.
    FiestaWare - use them every day.
    China plates with different patterns and I do use them.
    There are other things too. : )
    Really I like anything old.
    I collect them because I just like them and decorate my house with my collections. I feel they make my house cozy, warm and comfortable.

    Your have quite a moose collection!!

  2. I love the gentle confidence of the the moose. I collect days one by one. Now you are part of this one. Lovely!

  3. I have always loved Moose! I still remember heading to the coast one year and we were detoured off of the interstate and thru Post Falls. We had been sitting there for about a half hour when this Moose saunters between the idyling cars and heads over to a business. We gathered he would come up from the river each day and he wasn't going to let a traffic jam deter him. :) Kit

  4. I collect cows poodles, betty boops, and of course flamingos. I did a quilt with lots of my collections on it including fabric collections of my collectible items! I'd join you in mosaic but don't know how to put my photos in mosaics! Cool post. I have mooseeses on my hand towels!

  5. Gosh you have a fabulous moose collection, Angie. What do I collect?? Quilts, fabrics, buttons, all manner of pretties, books....definitely books, tea cups, teapots.....all things vintage......the list just goes on and on. =)

  6. love all these different kinds of elk!

  7. Although I've never seen a moose (only on TV) I can understand why they invoke a fascination. I just think of the huge herds that must have roamed the North before man came along and found they were good to eat. It's all rather sad but we can not rewrite history.

  8. Stunning pictures of a Moose paraphernalia, great Angie.

  9. I missed that Maggie was no longer going to be doing Mosaic Monday and I am thankful for her, as well as for you taking over the lead. I only hope that I can figure out how to switch things over...I messed up when we changed the last time.
    I love Moose and how delightful is your collection of things with their wonderful faces. I have collections mostly of Christmas adornments which will reappear very soon. I enjoy things that have a certain colour and that kind of look like they belong together, but not really a collection of sorts. I also have a scrapbook for every journeys we have made, and for the lives of each daughter and grandchild, as well as for each season with the Red-Shouldered Hawks and other that followed my 4 years with the Bald Eagles. I guess those scrapbooks would be a collection of my favorite photographs ;)
    Thank you so much for doing Mosaic Monday. I may need help later.

    1. I added your Mosaic Monday URL, but the title Mosaic Monday above it on my blog, goes right back to Maggie's blog when I click on it...I am going to need some help. Thank you. Have leaves to blow and rake, but will check back in later~

  10. Wonderful collection Moose items ~ fun and neat photos! Me ~
    I am trying not to collect anything ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  11. A nice collection of Moose.... indeed, I collect hares. We have many of rabbits in different material: from wood, porcelain, soap, paper as an origami and so on 🐇🐇🐇

    Happy MosaicMonday!
    Heidrun xxx

  12. What a wonderful moose collection 😆 I had hoped to see moose when we were in Canada earlier this year, but we were told it was too early in the season. But I do have a moose christams decoration. I have a collection of Buddhas.

  13. ...I have a collection of collections, but no moose. This is moose mania.

  14. Hello Angie! Love your moose collection and the great variety of items. I only have one moose piece of yard art in my new backyard. I'm wondering now if I've featured it in a post, yet. I do have some collections like plates...lots of plates. Beatrix Potter figurines are also a collection I have. Goblets, lots of goblets. Thank you again for hosting! Happy new week to you.

  15. I used to collect old irons (the type your grandmother would have heated up on the stove to do the ironing with), and then I started a collection of old coach lamps. I also have a collection of teaspoons my mother-in-law started me on... but I don't collect them now. Now I am trying not to collect anything! I love your moose collection. Have a great week and thank you again for the link up.

  16. You have quite a collection. I don't collect anything for fun. I suppose I collect fabric but hopefully, that will be made into quilts for other people.

  17. Your moose collection is really great. It brings country charm to your log home. I have one oil painting that presents a moose in a snowy forest. I don’t collect things. Happy MM.

  18. What a great Moose Collection - my niece sent me a short video of pumpkins on her front porch - and the visit she had from a Moose couple coming up and eating the pumpkins (just a couple of feet from the window she used to take the video).

    Thank you Angie for becoming the host of Mosaic Monday, very much appreciated.


  19. Dear Angie - I really like your Moose collection. These items would have suited your log cabin so nice. One of my collection is Owl items because owls are not only charming and wise but also the symbol of good luck. Japanese word, Fukuro (owl) contains fuku (good luck). By other play on words, fu (no) kuro (hardship or suffering). Have happy days ahead.


  20. Dearest Angie;  OMG; I've never seen Moose before ;-) Your Gorgeous collections made me wish to see them with my own eyes♪ My favorite picture is the one sweet Moose with 2 jars; So Lovely♡♡♡ Haha, for a me your English explanation in the 2nd paragraph "several categories that approach collections, of varying magnitude" is kind of educational.
    I have so many video collections of movies and dramas for my hearing ability.Thank you SO much for hosting and sweet comments(♡^.^♡)

    ps; Yes, I was really impressed to see they could make the big kite fly up in the air for the first time.
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

  21. Love the Moose stuff. I have a friend in South Dakota who is a moose lover too and another in upstate NY who's posting handle is BeeMoosie

  22. Wow, you have a lot of moose paraphernalia Angie! I hope you will get to see many real live moose in Montana. Moose are making a comeback in Colorado and are beginning to be seen in many mountain towns. We've come across a few in our travels around our state and saw one in Glacier NP in your state a few years ago. I guess my biggest collection is books. I have a weakness for all kinds of books.

  23. I think that collecting is part of the human psyche! It will not surprise you that what I collect is bird related - books and art. It is not an inexpensive indulgence!

  24. Happy Mosaic Monday.
    I do have a little of the collector's spirit in me. I started collecting Teapots but I only have 4 . Ah but perfume bottles I have more than 100

    much love...

  25. Amazing moose collection, Angie. I collect many things - some inherited from my parents (e.g. decks of unusual playing cards; paintings), some that I have started: E.g. small hand-crafted boxes of various materials (wood, glass, bone).

  26. Hello, I love moose. I was thrilled to see my first moose in the wild in the Tetons years ago. Your moose collection is beautiful. I really like the moose lamp, cute napkin holder and the salt and pepper moose. I have a sea shell collection. Thanks for hosting. Happy Mosaic Monday, enjoy your day! Have a great new week!

  27. I like the ...meese! :-)
    I collect books! And yes they are used and are useful and are loved!

  28. I think my house is Mooseless. No moose trinkets at all. I do have plenty of antlers though. All deer. Quite the collection.

  29. Angie, The moose theme fits in well with your home. I love the couple figurine. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  30. Hi Angie, I love your moose collection. I had a moose bottle opener back when we lived in Alaska. We had moose walking through our yard occasionally and the dogs would freak out. I remember being amazed at how tall they were. Incredible and beautiful animals.
    Have a wonderful week!

  31. You have a great collection -- perfect for your log cabin. So interesting to realize that you started that collection quite a few years before your move to your perfect location. We've seen a few moose in our travels -- Colorado and Alaska and Idaho -- I a always thrilled. Saw lots of warning signs on the highways when we were in Minnesota last summer but no sightings. I collect only photographs and memories these days (when we sold our home to go full-time RVing, we did super-serious downsizing and even though we actually have two homes now, I've stayed in that minimalist mode as much as is practical. (We do have pictures on the walls and a few more books, decorative objects, glassware and such that we couldn't have in the fifth-wheel, because every inch of our home then was built-in storage or furniture.)

  32. I love your Moose collection. Moose are good for log cabins and anything with a lodge motif.
    I collect t shirts, but it is not a permanent collection. I keep them, wear them, and when they are worn out, I pass them on to Goodwill or whoever else calls.

  33. I collect dust. Also spiderwebs hahaha. I'm the person who thinks she wants to collect a certain something, such as salt & pepper shakers, then loses interest after having collected a bunch. By the way one of our friends goes by the nickname Moose. He doesn't look like one at all.

    1. you've made me laugh real hard . . . it's good I put my coffee down before i saw your post . . .

  34. Oh, looks like I missed my chance to link up!

  35. Dear Angie,
    Oh so many moose you have! Each moose is so pretty and knows the best place in your house.Especially I like the plate moose in the snow(the tenth photo).
    I am a collector of postcards. I enjoy seeing my collection, feeling like I am in a museum. Some postcards are displayed, coloring my room.
    Have a lovely week.

  36. I love your collection, it's unique. I do wish your link were open for several days, or even a week, because my time zone is so far removed from yours and most of the time this is open, I'm probably in bed!

  37. Your moose collection is perfect for your locale. Moose are fun to watch in the wild. When we were first married, we lived in the northern part of our province and hunted moose for our winter meat.

  38. Hello Angie!
    I love your Moose collection! I like especially the hand towel and the pillow!
    I like decorated the house with Moose items,in Christmas!
    Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely day and week ahead!

  39. no, I am not collector.
    lovely series of photos. thank you for sharing.

    have a wonderful day

  40. Yes, you have quite an affection for them. They're cool animals, and I've seen them in the wild on many occasions.

    I remember one occasion, back when I was still using film, spending a half hour photographing a mother and her yearling in a meadow in Algonquin Park, shooting a whole roll of film... and then realizing afterwards that there wasn't a roll of film in the camera.

  41. Moose (meese?) are great creatures. I collect music, and listen to it regularly. Along with other things in a lesser degree.

  42. I love your moose collection. For me it's birds.

  43. I really like your collection. I don't think I have a collection . . . I used to travel so much, I'm still not acclimated to "regular living." (whatever that is.) Collecting and suitcase living don't mach very well . . BUT, I sure like your Moose Collection.

  44. Love your moose. I got a chuckle when I was in Maine with the areas where there is a lot of moose activity the speed limit drops significantly and there were a lot of signs.


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