Sunday, December 8, 2019

Mosaic Monday #57: November Notions

Notion: An impulse or desire, especially one of a whimsical kind

Notions (North American): Items used in sewing, such as buttons, pins and hooks

The fire is roaring, and Pentatonix Holiday Radio is playing on Pandora.  All is right in my little corner of the world, and I am in a whimsical mood.  Seems to me an ideal time to re-cap some fanciful moments from November.

How do you feel when you return home from a lengthy getaway?  Hungry because there's nothing in the fridge?  Forlorn because no-one has acknowledged your return?  Nothing could have been further from the truth when we arrived home from our UK/Germany trip at the beginning of November.  My dear neighbor friend had chicken soup and cornbread waiting so we would have dinner on our first night.  We were hooked.

I am not sure which was more heart-warming - the food or the hand-made cards from her grandkids.  They pressed all the right buttons with this welcome!

I haven't been doing much cooking of late, but I had the impulse in November to concoct something with pumpkin.  And if it would be suitable for breakfast in bed for my dear Spousal Unit, all the better.  Voila!  Pumpkin spice waffles! This was so simple to make - two mixing bowls and a waffle maker and you are good to go.  Imagine my delight when Spousal Unit (a.k.a Head Chef) gave it his stamp of approval!

Do you like classic books?  My dear neighbor friend recently made a trip to Tennessee, and during her visit picked up a number of books from a sale at the county library.  Two "oldies but goodies" here.  I took the picture in part so that I could remember to ask her for the books in the future - I have an inkling that I will like the  books about Lincoln and pioneers.  I have always been fascinated about both topics, and it is yet another discovery of interests we share. 

Christmas is fast approaching, and stitching on my felt ornaments has continued at a steady pace.  Which one do you like best?  I must admit to being partial to the dapper snowmen with the top hats!

My Mom has also been busy with her crochet hook.  During our visit to Ohio, I was thrilled to see some new crochet masterpieces while at her house.  I am in love with the ballerina giraffe!
Spousal Unit and I treated Mom to lunch at Carrabba's, and Mom and I admired their holiday village, prompting Mom to recall a winter scene that her mother used to display.  Ah, memories!  Do you have a passion for such displays?
In the top photo, I love the water tower made into a snowman!
Frequent readers may be wondering if I am still monitoring my trail cam, and the answer would be yes.  Then why no pix lately?  Well, it's been deer, deer and more deer, and mostly at a distance.  No coyotes, or turkeys or bears.  But even deer can be adorable, in the right setting.  I fancy the light in this picture - you can even see a sheen of moisture on that perky little nose.
This young lady clearly had the notion to get up close and personal with the camera!
As we close this chapter on November 2019, it is my sincere desire that Advent is giving you the time to reflect on the reason for the season and to share it with others.  Go tell it on the mountain!  

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  1. Wonderful Story... a warm place. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy MosaicMonday

  2. Wonderful photos and words too - love the deer!

  3. You sure have wonderful friends! Love the Christmas goodies and the dear deer too.

  4. the felt ornaments are pretty cute, and chicken soup for the soul... nice

  5. Such pretty felt ornaments. So glad you were welcomed home with such gusto! It does the heart good.

  6. You really have loving neighbours - so wonderful to return home <3 Christmas is approaching here too. At the moment with winds and rain - no traces of snow :(( You know I read a lot and am reading Flights by Olga Tokarczuk, the Nobel winner of 2018. A great, yet very challenging novel. All the best Angie, your deer are so sweet.

  7. Thank you Angie for sharing your very neighbourly arrival home from your trip. Thank you too for your 57th Mosaic Monday.

  8. Delightful post. I do like your felt snowmen---too cute. Your Mother's
    creations are wonderful. And what a super neighbor---lucky you.

  9. Dear Angie,
    thanks for your nice post.
    Then the translator I could read your text.
    And I also think this crocheted giraffe is sweet.
    But the other crochet figures are great too!
    A heartwarming post.
    A beautiful, peaceful Advent wishes Jutta from Germany

  10. What a wonderful welcome home. The soup and waffles look yummy. I love the cute homemade cards. I love the cute snowmen. Wonderful post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  11. A lovely post, full of enjoyment of home. Must be cosy inside with the fire going and good food to eat.
    We had a very hot days here in Melbourne today, Angie, after nearly six months of Winter!

  12. What a great gesture on the part of your neighbours. Happy Mosaic Monday. In my posting today ii followed along the lines of this Mosaic Monday title 'November Notions'

    much love...

  13. I enjoyed your post today with all your comings and goings and doings. What a wonderful welcome home! I've never made waffles,I guess they are not really a big thing here, but they certainly sounds delicious. I love your little hand made ornaments. It must be interesting to see what appears on your trail-cam. Have a fabulous week and thanks again for the link-up.

  14. The closest my wife and I get to breakfast in bed is that one of us goes down and puts the coffee on, and we share a banana. Hardly waffles, but no crumbs!

  15. I love your sweet felt projects! I want to do that sometime! And the deer are so nice to see. You must have a big population in that area. Enjoy your day! Happy MM!!!

  16. What a wonderful neighbor! And the soup looks so good too. My neighbor does look after our cats. No soup though.

  17. I love your neighbours, human and Cervidae. How lovely to be welcomed home with sustenance, affection, and attention.

  18. Your felt ornaments brought such warm thoughts about the one my mother made for us to decorate with every Christmas. She made so many I had to choose my favourite to keep, but they always bring happy feelings when I put them on the tree and around the house. - Margy

  19. That second trailcam shot of the deer is my favourite here.

  20. A gorgeous post oozing with gorgeous gorgeousness! I love the word 'notion' both the whimsical and sewing type. Your little felt snowman spread Christmas adorable they are and clever you for stitching a beautiful dusting of these icy little men. I too love that little ballerina giraffe. I can see many moments snuggled before your cosy fire enjoying those books. You seem to have the very best kind of neighbours, Angie.

  21. Hello my friend! I love your post. And your ornaments are soooo cute! Classic books are the best. I just read Ethan Frome and next is A Christmas Carole. I read it every year. Have a wonderful season! Kit 🎄

  22. love decorations and views

    Have a wonderful day

  23. That ballerina giraffe is adorable!! What a great neighbor to see to your comfort on returning home from a long adventure. So thoughtful. Welcome home. So will you be home for the duration of December? We are still chattering about wanting a trail cam to see what might be inspecting our back acreage in the dark. We got a couple inches of snow overnight. Do you have snow? Happy Christmas preparations to you!

  24. OMG I love love love snowmen, they are so cute. And deer! Oh man...we have a small herd, six does, yearlings and a buck which would make seven that frequent our yard. Such beautiful creatures.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  25. i need a neighbor just like that, how very kind and thoughtful, the soup looks amazing...heartwarming and just perfect. i usually freeze soup before we go away, so we have something comforting when we get home. or we stop and eat something gross on the way and wish we hadn't!!

    i like the jolly snowman with the broom best BUT they are all wonderful!!

  26. A lovely post with beautiful photographs.
    That soup looks delicious …
    The snowmen are so cute …
    Your Mother's crochet is amazing …

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas-time.

    All the best Jan

  27. What a wonderful neighbour! Everything looks nice and cozy.

  28. What a welcome home ~ and wonderful photos and I too like the ballerina giraffe ~

    Happy Moments to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  29. You have been busy Angie. As usual I don't know how you manage to cram so many different activities into one day or one week. We are lucky if our neighbours take in the post instead of hiding in their house when the postie calls!

    Yes, definitely feed the birds. More so during the "hunger gap" when natural food is more or less depleted but birds can find food in the gardens of sympathetic humans. Not sure when your hunger gap is but over here it is January to March/April.

  30. What a lovely wrap-up for the month of November...and an ode to the joys of being home is great but home is wonderful. I loved this post and apologize for being half a month late! It takes me longer every year to reach the point where I feel at home enough to get back into my routine.

  31. Wonderful post Angie, you had a great welcome home, well done by your neighbour. Your decorations are very cute, and the ballerina giraffe is gorgeous. Love the up close deer photos! Great book collection .


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