Friday, August 11, 2017

A little bit of whimsy

Whimsical - summer makes me feel whimsical.

And it fits so well with Willy Nilly Friday (five random thoughts)!

ONE: There is a house in our town that has whimsy written all over it - from the color of the trim to the turret to the white picket fence.  The garden adds to the enchantment - fairies must love its blend of structured randomness.

TWO: I biked to the market the other day and spotted this poster - I just love this aspect of summer - all kinds of special outdoor events are happening.  At this venue, we've met some neat people (they were strangers and now they're not!) and spent a fun evening with friends.   And we don't need a designated driver since it's within walking distance!

THREE: I think summer encourages trying out new recipes - exhibit A - potato waffle recipe I found on Pinterest -

and yet no summer is complete without a good old barbecue with all the fixin's.

FOUR: If you've been reading my blog, you know that our cat Josie is also called the Houdini cat.  She is mischievous, to say the least.  Also, for the last 12 years, she has never been a lap cat.  So, just let me say - when she recently spent more than 30 minutes on the lap of the Spousal Unit, we just had  to wonder what she's up to!

FIVE: our number one daughter (#1D) is currently completing a stage management internship with the California Shakespeare Company.  The second production of the summer, Black Odyssey, opens this weekend.  So, as with all stage productions, the last week before opening is a grueling technical week schedule during which all the final kinks are smoothed.  It has become our tradition to provide #1D with a care package for tech week.  I had so much fun shopping for items that are useful, not  too heavy (she flies back to school soon), funny and (dare I say it?) whimsical.  I think I hit the mark, don't you?

Polka dot socks - just because; Starbucks - lifeblood of any stage manager;
Sharpies - another staple for the organized stage manager;
Four magnets - SEEK, DARE, SOAR, ❤; Chocolate river rocks - can you see the fish hiding among them?
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  1. You can never be sure what cats are thinking!
    I like the care package assortment, too
    Have a great week-end!

  2. ...gorgeous house and great eats, works for me.

  3. It would be nice to be walking distance to a restaurant. Nice care package!

  4. Love outdoor entertainment on a lovely summer evening! You have the best of both worlds living in a semi-rural setting but able to walk to your park (and adult beverage ;>)...we had to move to the City to get that! The care package is perfect. And now for some reason I am really wishing I had some sharpies or even a box of crayons! -- and I don't even know why.... maybe it's just back to school time in the air already -- we never forget that time!

  5. How wonderful to be within biking and walking distance of such lovely entertainment. That's a sweet care package. I'm sure the show will be a hit. Happy weekend!

  6. Good luck to the aspiring stage manager! Beautiful Victorian house. Summer can definitely be filled with whimsy.

  7. Your kitty is like mine. He is 17 and has never been very cuddly (Russian Blue) but last April when I got sick, he started crawling up into my lap. Now, if I put my throw on my lap, here he comes. I love it! Great care package, so sweet of you. My daughter makes me a "back to school" care package every year. I look forward to it so much. Have a great weekend! :) Kit

  8. Hi Angie, and greetings to your mom. Thanks for your visit to my blog. I cross-stitch, too, but stick to simple projects these days. Crochet is so much easier to throw in a bag and go. Emina is working on the snowflake squares and plans to turn them into a market bag. I'll share the finish when that happens. Have fun with your stitching.

  9. Potato Waffle sounds and looks very nice. What a darling kitty, it looks a lot like my sister's new cat. The house with whimsy is so charming. I live in a historical city and need to do a series on enchanting, whimsical little places. Yo have inspired me~ Take good care~

  10. What a great 5! That care package is wonderful and how nice to be able to ride a bike to the market! Your kitty is cute! Thank you so much for linking up...hope to see you again! 😊

  11. now that's a great little surprise to find in the mail! I'm a theater person too. LeeAnna


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