Saturday, February 24, 2018

Can it be real?

Pinch.  28 days to delivery of household goods from storage.  Pinch.  50 days to final move-in.  Pinch harder!

Balcony railing overlooks the
kitchen, complete with over-
and under-cabinet lighting,
island pendants and
refrigerator (stove on right
is out of position awaiting installation)

It's been 306 days since excavation began, our lodge cabin shed log home is almost finished, and I can't quite grasp that the end is in sight.  Just the thought makes me tear up - this keyboard is suddenly blurry.

I haven't counted the names (yet) but at least 40 talents have contributed to our dream - each time we visit the house, we meet new people and I am overwhelmed at the activity that is for us, our house, our dream.  Of course, we are paying for every minute, but how do you REALLY thank them for creating beauty from trees, metal, concrete, drywall, paint, tile?

Some members of the team have been with us throughout, and finding them at the house is like running into an old friend at the bar - hugs are exchanged, and we talk about our families (and, if it's in season, hunting.)
View from screening room toward basement family room and into
the guest bedroom beyond.  Carpet installed. 
I am in love with the deep wood trim around walls.

I can't wait for our first open house, when we can welcome them back, and honor them for the treasure they have built, bit by bit.  In the meantime, let me showcase the latest on our palace home.

In my last post about the house, I wrote about railings.  Well, I am tickled to tell you that we are as happy with them inside as outside.  Check it out.
Looking from loft toward great room windows; cables in railings
ensure a clear view
Looking from great room toward
loft and front door

So, what do you think about light fixtures?  Should be simple, right?  Well, it turns out that the word 'center' is all a matter of perspective - center from what?  Thank God our lighting guy is patient and WANTS us to be involved!  Spousal Unit and I chose all of the lighting fixtures in May 2017; how thrilling to finally see the porch and dining room chandeliers in place!

Left - before installation
Right - installed; note stove is out of
position awaiting installation
Stairs to basement; note trim
along entry tile on left, as well
as trim along the steps

I have bragged before about our general contractor and his prowess with woodworking.  As we go on, we have a growing appreciation for his approach to trim.  If you've never built a house, you probably take it for granted.  But when you've seen a project from the ground up, those finishing touches are the proverbial icing on the cake.

OK, time to talk about water closets (loos, bathrooms, restrooms).  For 306 days, it's been the gray porta-potty near the driveway.  Always stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  And the lid and seat are always down (thanks, guys!)  But, you know, it can be cold here in Montana (as my sister in San Antonio likes to point out, it was 68 degrees there on February 19 and minus 1 in Whitefish!)  So, I am hyper-pleased to tell you that the toilets have been installed and they FLUSH!  Of course, on our most recent visit to the house, I still had to go out to the porta-potty to nick some toilet paper! 

If you're going to put on a hat, ski coat, gaiters (for deep snow), and two layers of gloves in Montana, you make sure it's worthwhile.  So, as long as I was making a dash for TP from the porta-potty, I checked the trail camera as well.  And soon wished I had my snow shoes; in places, the snow rose halfway between my knees and hips!  But I knew my blogging buddies were relying on the latest camera captures, so I trudged on.  Here are the best shots from the last six weeks.

I think the folks staffing the registers at Lowe's and Home Depot recognize us by now; my sense is we are gracing their check-out lines at least once a week!  Or stopping in to pick up items ordered on line.  Here is a selection:

So, the last time we built a house (in Texas), the carpet was the last material to be installed.  You can imagine our joy when we arrived on moving-in day (the United Van Lines truck due to arrive in less than an hour) to find that our general contractor had not met his commitment from the day before to ensure that the carpet would be installed overnight.  Needless to say, we have had a special relationship with carpet ever since.
Character log chosen for its
resemblance to a climbing
frame; carpet will cushion
any falls!

Stairs to basement; bar and
bar fridge in view behind
extra rolls of carpet

Well, as I said, the clock is ticking down.  Hallelujah!  Especially when you consider that the clock really started 8 years ago, when we bought the property.  To dear Spousal Unit (a.k.a. Man with Hat; a.k.a. Head Chef): thank you for finding the parcel, and for shepherding this process from start to finish.  You are the architect of our dream, and I can't wait to join you in walking over the threshold to our castle home on April 14, with numerous new adventures ahead!

Why is this keyboard blurry again?

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  1. Hello, love the deer critters. Nice captures from your cam. Your log cabin is beautiful. I love the woodwork, big windows and the lighting fixtures. You have a beautiful home. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. ...what a lovely dream come true!

  3. How exciting! It looks like you could move in right now. Your log home is beautiful and peaceful, and just perfect. How fun it will be to wake up in the morning and see the deer looking in at you. (You know they come look in when you aren't there!)

  4. Oh my - what a lovely home - and so much space. I can see why you are so happy.

  5. It is “loverly”
    Oh my . . . I do love the front porch chandelier . . . others too.
    Trail cam activity is always fun to check . . . Love The Snow!
    Carpeting, loo that flushes . . . trim work, finishing touches . . .
    Your new home looks like a treasure . . .
    Move in time is close . . .
    Happy Days to all of you!

  6. That's a very sweet note from your husband. I absolutely LOVE your new home. If I had the home of my dreams it would be much like yours because I dearly love logs homes and natural things. The deer photos are lovely. I'm imagining you with many photo opportunities in your back yard! How exciting.

  7. Beautiful! How excited you are Angie. And how wonderful to hear you give so much credit to your workmen when too often we are ready to criticise. I can't wait to see some outside views of your home. It is certainly beautiful inside.

  8. Wow, wow, wow! I can understand the blurry screen! How wonderful to finally be so close and to see your choices all come together. Love the chandeliers and all the woodwork and trim. The note from hubby is sweet. Would love to be a fly on the wall at that open house. Blessings!

  9. This is SOOO exciting! I know how happy you must be! Beautiful interiors. And that sweet note!!! And I loved the little deer.

  10. Wow! So happy for new moving into your very beautiful log home ~ Congratulations!

    Happy Week ahead to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  11. aweeee
    do I need to send our address so you can invite us to the open house? Do you even have a road to this palace? LeeAnna

  12. Oh how wonderful for you! It is all looking so lovely. I love all your choices. Such an exciting time for you and your family. Enjoy! :) Kit

  13. Since you posted several times about your new cabin, I feel like I know your house! Love the details you are showing - each is important: light fixtures, flushing toilets, and the grain on the wood for those drawers is beautiful! From Texas to Montana is almost a culture shock!
    Wishing you from All Seasons that your move will be smooth and your adjustment will be quick!

  14. Hurrah! Hurrah! Everything about your new home to be is precious and amazing. I love the space and the details. The fun you've been having designing and building your living space. Hurrah, Hurrah!

  15. What and beautiful house.
    I can imagine that you are very happy with this.
    best regards, Irma

  16. Congratulations - you are in the home stretch. Your dream is almost totally finished. How exciting!

  17. Beautiful Deer, nice building as well.

  18. The deer are beautiful. Your dream log home is absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure you and your hubby will be glad when its all done and you can sit back and enjoy it.
    Enjoy the new week!

  19. it is amazing, really amazing!! and what a thrill as it all comes together - it does take a village!!

    we built the house we are in so i sure do hear you on those lighting fixtures, centered with the window or centered in the room. your lighting choices are lovely!!

    good luck - best wishes and i would love to see bigger pictures!!

    oh and the view, the deer, are beautiful!!

  20. Beautiful house and location.

  21. How wonderful to have a new home to look forward to! And you've had a chance to make choices that you know you will enjoy. Of course your location makes it even more special! Hugs!

  22. this is a great time when you finally see your new home comming together. Wonderfu! And so far it looks like a dream :)

  23. How very exciting for you!!! It looks like a very special haven of peace and quiet.

  24. What a wonderful project! I’m happy for you that your dream log cabin is nearing to completion. The lovely photos of deer in the snow reminded me of deer in snowy Nara Park.


  25. oh wow, your house renovation is amazing - and so beautiful. No wonder you are counting down the days to moving day. Enjoy! have a fabulous week and thank you for visiting my blog last week.

  26. Amazing, I have a lump in my throat just from reading how much you love your new home. I wish you and SU the most wonderful time of your life in that beautiful abode!
    Great neighbours, too.

  27. What a wonderful project! Lovely photos!

  28. I'm here to thank you wholeheartedly for the lovely comment you left on ~ My little old world ~, I sincerely appreciate it so much!!!

    Wishing you all my best, I'm thanking you for such a beautiful blog post and letting you know that I'm doing copy-paste of the URL of your blog, to be able and receive your feeds :)

    In the hope to have you amongs my followers in turn,
    I'm sending hugs and more hugs to you

    XOXO Daniela

  29. I'm so happy for both of you. I don't think you should have crossed out 'castle' ... it is a stunning beautifully designed and crafted home ... and a one of a kind made especially for its happy owners. Thank you for sharing the joy.

  30. Wonderful and to tear up is a real part of the process too and I could tear up just because it must be such a great feeling!
    Best wishes!

  31. I meant to tell you before how much I like your balcony. And that is the sweetest note from your husband.

  32. Wow -- your log house looks amazing!

  33. What a beautiful house! You will soon be making many happy memories in it--so exciting!


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