Sunday, February 10, 2019

Mosaic Monday #14 - Shopping in my Closet

When I retired, my clothing habits changed dramatically.  No more high heels.  Suit jackets?  Gone.  Panty hose?  Burned!  (Well, I wanted to …)

But with freedom comes risk.  Risk that your life becomes yoga pants and long-sleeved tees.  Sweat shirts and leggings.  Or, as we saw one day in town, a type of adult onesie.  Was it pajamas, or a costume?  Spousal Unit and I gave up trying to fathom it.  It doesn't help that Montana is quite a casual place when it comes to clothing.  But I digress.

I don't have anything against yoga pants or sweat shirts - I wear them frequently around the house.  But I know that I am a creature of habit, and sometimes I need to go shopping in my own closet.  What catches my eye?  What haven't I worn lately?


Maybe it's because they are folded neatly on a bottom shelf, out of my regular sight line.  Or that the long ones are sandwiched together on one hanger, which has always bothered me, and since I don't like looking at it, I don't!

So, this week I pulled out one of my favorite scarves and wore it with a simple knot, tied around a chocolate turtleneck and partnered with an oatmeal cardigan.  I was inspired to write this post about scarves, and as I considered the topic, my list of scarves grew beyond those on the shelf and the hanger.  I never realized I had so many!!!

Some are kept with a particular coat.  Others, like my winter scarves (hand-made by my mother or my daughter), are kept in a cube in the mud room for easy access.

Two of my finer specimens are stored upstairs with dressy evening wear.

In the latter years of college, scarf brooches were quite popular - they were made with a ring that you can slip over a scarf. I still have three, and like to use them in creative ways.

You can use any sort of brooch to dress up a scarf or to hold the scarf in place on another article of clothing.

Sometimes I use scarves for decorating, and they have certainly played a role in various costumes over the years.

Scarves have been worn since ancient times; over the millennia, they have signified social standing, served as gifts, and certainly made fashion statements.  In some cases, they have taken on political importance, such as Muslim head scarves in recent years.  Check out key historic events in the life of the scarf here.

Do you have a favorite article of clothing that is languishing in your closet?

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  1. Since the Dad retired he sure doesn’t wear those neckties anymore!

  2. Like you, I have a lot of scarves. I wear them almost every day - I find if my neck is warm, then the rest of me is warm. They are also a great way to add colour to many of the blacks, greys, and blues that I have in my closet.

    1. You have some very pretty scarves. It would be a shame to let them languish in the wardrobe.

  3. These days here a scarf is absolutely necessary, albeit of a thicker material than those.

  4. ...I understand that starves are a Nancy Pelosi signature. Jeans and teeshirts are my signature.

  5. I love my scarves too, and having a cold neck is part of it! I fold them neatly and pile them on a shelf. Too many to hang, and they get all wrinkly if crushed that way. Stay warm!

  6. You know, I was just looking for some mosaic photos. It's difficult in winter.

    I usually wear pashminas, now.
    I have had to give up heels, too. I hear you!

  7. You really do have some nice scarves. I actually pulled out a scarf this morning to wear to church. It was a warming kind since it was only 1 degree. I have a lot of things that are languishing in my closets because of my weight gains over the last couple years. Working on changing that. :) I do agree that if you can see something you are more likely to use it! Happy new week to you!

  8. I have always enjoyed wearing scarves and have many. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas, and thank you for hosting. Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. I have some dress slacks that I need to get rid of since I haven't worn them in 8 years!

  10. You have a beautiful collection of scarves.

  11. You are so cute, Angie! My mother literally had hundreds of scarves and when she passed away my sister and I saved some and many we donated to charity. I wear dressy scarves from time to time over solid color shirts and sweaters to "dress up" an outfit, and I have some favorite wool ones for cold days with my heavier coats.
    Lately, I have been adding more dressy clothes to my wardrobe, as I attend quite a few community events and found that the ladies here that are in retirement, really like to dress up! I think jeans are my favorite item in my closet.

  12. You have some pretty scarves, and have created beautiful drapes with your lovely accents. Wearing scarves makes you look good.
    I have given up heels too!
    Have a good new week!

  13. Your clothes are brilliant, love 'em.

  14. Indeed, a scarf is always wonderful for our clothes. It brings variety for the looks we wear. I have diverse scarfs and love them in each season.

    Happy MosaicMonday and thank you for hosting!
    Heidrun xxx

  15. Hello, I love the cute costume photos. You have a wonderful collection of scarves. They are a lovely addition to your wardrobe. Enjoy your day, have a great new week!

  16. My mother has a scarf collection similar to yours, Angie, and she often uses them to great effect. I have some winter scarves, but it's rarely that the weather gets cold enough for me to use them. On a cold Winter's day, though, I wear my scarf with great pleasure...

  17. I love seeing your scarves too. I never wear them here in Florida but I've kept a few. It's hard to get rid of some items of clothing when they are favorites. But I sure dress casual here all of the time. I've been working on putting together some better hiking outfits! Enjoy your day!

  18. Oh, those scarf brooches are beautiful and useful accessories that perhaps could be repurposed from time to time. They’d make elegant napkin holders for dinner for three. :)

  19. I love your scarf post and collection - I've become a never go out without my scarf lass here in Bangkok. We go from super scorching, 'it ain't half hot,' to mega freezing in some places with their air con, so a scarf just bridges the gap nicely!
    I love the way you have displayed them too!
    Have a great week.
    Wren x

  20. Oh what delightful post and photos ~ Love all your scarves and you are sooo organized ~ wonderful!

    Happy Monday to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  21. oh, my, your scarves is a world of ART. You really have many. Love what I see :)

  22. I do not have favourite clothes languishing in the closet. I do not have favourite clothes, in fact. Maybe it's a guy thing. I wear what I need to wear according to the season. I could easily wear the same things (washed of course) for weeks on end if they are functional and keep me warm or cool as the case may be. I buy many of my clothes at the Goodwill store so I don't even spend much on them. Last Friday we went to a wedding so I hauled out my one suit, purchased in 2003, a white dress shirt, and horror of horrors a necktie. I once read that a necktie is deemed by some to be the most useless accoutrement of all time, and I am inclined to agree. What is it that compels a man to wear a different piece of coloured cloth around his neck every day? We have gender equality in the Canadian Parliament and when one sees a group photograph the women are dressed in various styles and colours, skirts, dresses, pantsuits; the men all in dark suits with coloured bunting draped from below the Adam's apple. I like my outdoor pants and sweatshirt better!

  23. You have a great scarf collection. My scarves hang on a butterfly shaped hanger, and get a lot of use in the winter. My favourite clothes at the moment for summer are cheescloth tye dyed dress/tops with leggings, great for the hot weather.

  24. I am not a scarf person at all, though I do have many. I envy the ladies that look so elegant with their scarfs, not me. Only in winter a warm scarf is necessary every time I go out. Nowadays I dress up _very_ casually and comfortably and go clothes shopping only when I cannot avoid it anymore :)

  25. i never dress up, almost never and my style is clean and neat but very casual. i like to wear leggings but only with long tunic tops, that come way past my butt. i don't really like the way most peeps wear them these days!! and i loves scarfs, mostly to cover my ever growing, prednisone influenced, athletic looking neck. otherwise, i would not wear them as most make me super hot!!

    i have a "scarf hanger" i keep most of mine on, it holds a lot!!

  26. They certainly make beautiful and colorful mosaics. My dressy ones pretty much went the way of the pantyhose after we retired and started our FullTime traveling adventures. No desire to return ...the casual life suits me (I do change out of the yoga pants when we leave the far anyway). And of course it’s pretty much always summer, so I don’t even know what those ones you have folded up in those cubes would be for ....)). (I revel in our winter warmth now, but soon when you have beautiful spring Flowers, I will be green with envy).

  27. What a wonderful collection of scarfs. My wife has made me some but I rarely wear one. What I do have a lot of is a collection of wool hats that my wife made for me. Different thickness of yarn for whatever weather we have. I do like them a lot and have favorites. I'll wear one for months and then suddenly start wearing a different one. They are all enjoyed by my head. :)

  28. I love scarves, but it's only the last few years that I've been wearing them, nearly every time I go out. I loved buying scarves for Mama, who wore them well. Now I have her collection.

  29. Sorry I missed your link party while I am away in the great outdoors. I love my scarves and wear them often in winter. They add a splash of colour.

  30. Scarves are cool, I do not own any but I work with a lot of women who do and they can be very stylish.
    I have two rotations of clothes, one for winter and the other for summer and am pretty good about getting rid of stuff when I am tired of them or they are worn out

  31. Oh your scarves are lovely! I love scarves myself but do not have many chances to wear them. My latest was gifted to me from my daughter when she went to Paris. I like to think about it hanging in a store in that great city when I wear it. :) Got a bunch of snow yesterday morn, but today is sunny. Going to get cold tomorrow. Bundle up! Kit

  32. You have a beautiful selection of scarves. They do lift an outfit.

  33. Dearest Angie; Oh, I LOVE this post about fashion♡♡♡ As I am a very small woman, I don't wear scarfs myself. But I love them and sometimes feel jealous for my cousin who wear them fashionably p;-) I enlarged very picture and enjoyed Never knew they have that long history.
    Thank you SO much for hosting and thoughtful comments.
    Sorry for my late comment; I was away from home for a couple of days.
    Wishing you all a wonderful new week♫♫♫
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

  34. A scarf is so versatile, and very necessary in cooler weather!

    All the best Jan

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