Sunday, November 3, 2019

MM #52: A Few of My Favorite Things

(to be sung to the tune of My Favorite Things, made famous by Julie Andrews)

Sheep on the hillside and grouse on the moor
Pretty carved pumpkins light up the front door
Time with the family, it's always a fling
These are a few of my favorite things

Ponies at the seashore, ice cream to boot
Hiking the footpaths, do we know the route?
Parsnips and leeks, the garden it brings
These are a few of my favorite things

Mushrooms are popping all over the place
Old country barns that fall down with grace
Wine at the pub, a drink fit for kings
These are a few of my favorite things

Yes, we have been in the UK for nearly two weeks, and most of the activities I hoped for have come to pass.  Spousal Unit and I walked the footpaths near Reeth, and although we technically lost our way, it did not diminish our enjoyment one iota.  The River Swale punctuated our walk, as we followed a loop that began and ended near the river.
The Reeth Swing Bridge.  The original bridge, which stood for 80 years,
was destroyed in a flood in September 2000.  The current bridge was
completed in 2002 and perfectly replicated the original.

As we climbed higher on the moor, the classic view of farm fields in a patchwork formed by dry stone walls lay before us. 

Red grouse rose regularly from the heather, winging away with their characteristic call.
Look closely - a grouse is standing in the water
I will never tire of these moments; I stand above the valley, attempting to soak the vista into my very bones.
Top: a grouse butt is typically a stone structure used to conceal hunters
Time with family has included days out and relaxation at home.  Our customary trip to the seaside town of Whitby offered an extra bonus since it was also Goth Weekend, which drew scads of visitors in costumes ranging from Steampunk to Victorian.  The town was heaving (read: crammed with people), and it was almost impossible to take quality pictures, but perhaps you get the idea with the mosaics below.  We were fortunate to find a restaurant without a long queue; you can't leave Whitby without sampling the fresh fish and chips!
Upper right: Pony rides   Lower right: A section of ruined Whitby Abbey
Lower left: How I feel some days - just kidding!  People used parts
of the ruined Abbey for other structures
Upper left: Jewelry I purchased at the craft fair
Upper right: More Abbey ruins  
Lower left: Never too cold for someone in England to be in the sea 
At home, it's been running, playing Mexican Train, afternoon walks, a bit of stitching and my mother-in-law's tasty home cooking (hence the running and afternoon walks).  
Upper left: English bacon, fried egg and mushrooms.  English bacon is akin to eating thin slices of ham!
Middle left: A leek and carrots from my father-in-law's garden
Bottom left: Pan Haggerty made with the leek and carrots from the garden, plus potatoes and corned beef
Center top: Parsnip still in the garden       Center bottom: Spotted Dick with custard  
Far right: Shepherd's Pie with Carrots, Leeks, Green Beans and Corn

A feeling of deep contentment comes over me when I sit in the front room, working the felt applique on my ornaments, and chatting with my mother-in-law.
To celebrate Halloween, we carved pumpkins using patterns that you can buy in many shops.  The weather was brisk but sunny, so we worked outside.  An ideal autumn day in my sentimental world of traditions.

I will tell you more about our stay in the UK in future posts - you can expect more countryside, and historic buildings.  But as the metaphorical sun begins to set on our getaway, I have saved the best for last to close this entry.  If you read my October 13 post, you'll know that I was hoping to see a hedgehog (as I always do).  Can you believe it?  While we were in Hamburg, my in-laws found two (two!) hedgehogs in their garden, the first time in 40 years!  Check out the videos below.  It may not have been the in-person encounter I wanted, but it was good enough for me.

Due to our return travel, I may be delayed in commenting.  See you then!

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  1. ...beautiful rocky countryside, but I wouldn't walk across that bridge for all the tea in China!

  2. Haha, I like the giant spider crawling up the building … and it is nice to see the men getting into action and carving pumpkins. The results are fabulous!

  3. Wonderful post, brings back lots of great memories to me. So good to see the hedgehogs, loved your Mum in laws some ts on how to turn off the video 😁. Great carved pumpkins. Always so good to see views of the UK.

  4. Brrrrr, I fear spiders. Wonderful carved pumpkins, indeed.

    Happy MosaicMonday, wish you a very good week.

  5. Hi! Your poem is very cool,nice rhymes! Looking your photos,I feel I just reading a book named Wuthering height by Emily Bronte. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh my goodness Angie what a lovely post this is. I so enjoyed your words and love your choices of favourite things.
    I've not been to Whitby Bay and I know it is renowned for fish and chips, so I'm pleased you were able to sample some :)

    Loved the two videos of the hedgehog … amazing.

    Wishing you a happy November.

    All the best Jan

  7. I'm glad you're having a grand time, everything looks incredible!

  8. Oh my! What a lovely post. I so enjoy your photos. You sound like you are having such a good time. Safe travels my friend. Montana is warming up a bit. 😊 Kit

  9. Angie, always appreciate that your share your trips on Mosaic Monday.

  10. Looks like a very wonderful time in my favorite country to visit. Love all the photos. Hedgehogs!! That was amazing. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your trip!

  11. Amazing views over the moor, villages & abbey ruins! Travelling is fun, but coming home is always so sweet. Looks you have spent cosy days. Thanks for hosting & sharing, happy MM.


  12. wowee wowee wowee---what a wonderful time you are having. such historic and beautiful images. Yummy food too. Thanks for taking us along.

  13. Another series of wonderful photos, Angie. Looks like the trip is a fantastic experience. Enjoy!

  14. What a lovely post! Your photos are amazing.

  15. It's good to see you getting off the beaten track and seeing the "real" England. Some of its countryside is achingly beautiful and to hike its length and breadth is a cathartic experience.

  16. Just a quick read of your post and I see you are in one of my favourite places reaching back to my childhood....Whitby! gotta make a cup of coffee before I finish this read....oh, do enjoy!

  17. Lovely pictures, Angie! I love the Whitby Abbey ruin.
    And the countryside makes me want to go for a long stroll there.

  18. I enjoyed your lyrics! And thank you for sharing your lovely and interesting walk.

  19. I love the jewelry you bought! You really got to do and see so much. Love the pumpkins you carved too! I know you took lots of photos and will enjoy them now that you are back! Sweet hugs!

  20. Oh Angie, I am always delayed in my comments and have no glamorous travel excuse (at least not this time). .... What a fabulous visit with your cool is it that they live in such a beautiful place! You would obviously enjoy the visit wherever they lived, but that location is surely a great bonus! .... That bridge! I’m so glad they replicated it exactly. Love every single you showed, even the parsnips! And the hedgehog videos were gosh it would be impossible not to fall in love with that adorable little critter!

  21. Oh you visiting one of my favourite parts of England! Enjoyed seeing your photos very much! The felt ornaments are so adorable, love those happy faces...and fabulous pumpkin carvings!


  22. Fabulous shots! I'm feeling a bit homesick... The countryside is gorgeous!

  23. what a wonderful trip!! each set of pictures replaced my favorites from the block before it. i enjoyed "one iota", i have not heard that expression in years!! the countryside is so pretty, the beaches are beautiful!! it does look like someone is a pumpkin carving expert, NICE JOB!!!

    the bridge is beautiful but my very most favorite is the food, made with so many fresh, home grown ingredients!!

  24. Beautiful images and a lovely walk through the countryside. I like your lyrics, very cool. i like the bridge and the food is making me hungry. It's almost dinner time here as I type.
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. Beautiful mosaic of lovely photos and fun and delicious times ~ ^_^

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  26. Love your photos and your version of the song, too!!

    My Corner of the World

  27. Hello, I love your favorite things. Time with family, taking walks in the countryside and beach. Beautiful views and photos.
    Enjoy your day, have a great weekend!

  28. Catching up...again...and enjoyed singing along with you in this post and seeing the cute hedgehog videos! The jewelry is beautiful! How fortunate you are to have your mother-in-law---I miss mine dearly, even though my Italian is weak and her English was even weaker.

  29. Angie, I can see you singing your song as you traipse down the pathways. Your song certainly captures what you're showing us in photos and with your words. So cool! I want to taste everything in your food photos. Mmmmm.


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