Sunday, November 21, 2021

MM #156: Simple Pleasures - Home and Abroad

One of the joys of returning to the UK, or to a place often visited, is re-experiencing the simple things - foods, sites, memories.

I have written a similar post in the past (March 22, 2020), but you'll forgive me for celebrating these uncomplicated moments (again).

A visit to Greggs for baked goods.

Strolling Hardwick Park with Spousal Unit and my in-laws.

English candy.

English breakfast (but not quite a "full"). The traditional full English breakfast includes bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast or fried bread and sausages.  Black pudding and baked beans are also often included.

Mooching around Durham.

It was a few days before Halloween, and these costumed characters gave candy to kids and posed for pictures.

Lunch at Vennel's Cafe in Durham.

Over 30 years ago, Spousal Unit proposed to me on the grounds of Durham Cathedral.  This year, in light of the recent engagement of #1 Daughter and The Boyfriend, it was an especially poignant experience to re-enact our moment.  I said "yes", again!


We have been back in Montana for 2 weeks, and life here has its treasures as well.

Dear Neighbor Friend was cleaning out a bookcase, and offered me some children's books - that was a no brainer.  When I was younger, I dreamed of writing children's books; I am entranced by the art work and amused by the content.  What better way to spend a Saturday morning than reading them, along with my stuffed animal friends?

Fresh eggs from Dear Neighbor Friend.  (Do you sense a theme here?)

Pumpkin roll that we purchased from her grandkids in support of school fundraising.  Does it get any sweeter than that?


Also linking to Wandering Camera this week.  Check out these other photo and art/creative themed posts!  Wandering Camera – Nearby Adventures – InkTorrents Graphics

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  1. ...simple can be best, but when it come to candy, give me a Snickers any day! Thans Angie for hosting the party.

  2. Thank you for sharing your fun adventures. I love the park, cathedral and of course the delicious candy! Thanks for hosting too!

  3. Definitely a good adventure.
    The cathedral looks fantastic. Glad you were able to
    re-enact you and your husband’s special “moment.”
    Children’s books are wonderful. If I can’t sleep, I will sometimes read one.
    Works like a charm.
    Thank you for hosting, Angie.

  4. love the mosaic photos of the Hardwick Park, so beautiful and what a great dragonfly. :)

  5. I adore children’s books, the stories and the pictures. They are funny and I hope you are going to write one.

  6. Aside from beans (I can't stand beans) everything else about an English breakfast would suit me.

  7. The UK looks like a fun trip, I'd love to go there. Oh that pumpkin roll looks good too.

  8. Hi Angie
    I know that type of nostalgia...when we go back to NY my husband and I always try to dine at our favorite restaurants and buy some goodies we can only find there in the Italian market we always shopped in.
    I'm glad you said "yes" all over again! :)
    Thanks for hosting Mosaic Monday every week and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Those simple moments are the best. I am on my last two bags of JellyBabies. Lovely photos from your trip, specially with autumn colours. You have such fabulous neighbours. Enjoy your goodies from near and far.


  10. Hello Angie,
    Wonderful photos from your trip, I love the views of the park, river and cathedral. The food looks yummy, I love pumpkin roll. You do have great neighbors. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a great new week! Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Dear Angie - Returning your favorite place and re-experiencing simple things after your fond memory is fascinating. I’ve never been to Britain; the best season I’d like to visit is autumn for its calm, soothing autumn colors fitting for the historical structures as your photos show. The different colors of the fresh eggs made a lovely mosaic.


  12. I always enjoy visiting Britain, Angie, and of course for us colonials here in Australia, it is quite familiar territory. A lovely post, waking happy memories for me too!

  13. I love children's books and have quite a collection of them. Most of mine are vintage though! How blessed we are with family and friends. Enjoy your Monday!

  14. Dear Angie,
    I'm a big fan of traditional english breakfasts! In Austria we sometimes make our favorites - includes bacon, eggs and baked beans. On Saturday morning we had this mixture to celebrate the day, because on Saturday night we became grandparents :-D
    I think these costumed Halloween characters are really great!
    How nice that you have such friendly neighbors - and can even get fresh eggs from them - and children's books! When I was younger, I also dreamed of writing children's books and novels for adults. (I actually wrote three books.) Unfortunately, it is difficult to find publishers in Austria, especially when you are unknown and have no contacts. Literary agents looking for a suitable publisher are a good idea, we haven't had something like this for long. I wrote to many publishers, but never found a suitable one.
    As promised, you will receive my two posts from the last two weeks today. The first is an overview of some time in October and November with my self-crocheted baby blanket. The second post is a travelogue chapter from Italy and an update because my grandchild was born ...
    Habe a great new week

  15. The eggs are so colorful. They remind me of Costa Rica, where eggs are just sitting out on palettes in the middle of the store - no refrigerator. But they look fresh and beautiful.

  16. Hi Angie, Happy Monday and have a good week


  17. Amen, the best pleasures to me are the simple ones, the uncomplicated ones.
    My one trip to the UK way back when, I had lots of full English breakfasts. They'd last all the way till dinner.

    I love that you have all the childrens books. I'm back to reading tutor world and the young girl I work with loves it when I read a story to her. I always try and sell the story and she now reads with inflection, which I'll take the credit for thank you very much. I alsolove the books and the illustrations.

  18. How wonderful that you could enjoy those simple pleasures near and far. I love children's books, especially well illustrated ones. Hope you have a good week and a very happy Thanksgiving!!

  19. Books and sweets and cathedrals and proposals - all lovely things seen through your camera.
    I had a full English breakfast once - I don't know how anyone could eat it all! Happy Thanksgiving, Angie!

  20. Full English Breakfasts are very yummy, I often just ask for the children's servings ... a smaller plateful that I find easier.

    Lovely photographs within this post.
    I am so pleased you were able to once again visit family in the UK.

    All the best Jan

  21. I linked up today without a mosaic. It's been so long I hope you can forgive me. My favourite book as a child was The Funny Thing by Wanda Gag. I still call treats jum-jills. Wonderful you could return to the UK after so long away. Some things are getting more normal. - Margy

  22. It's always good to pay a visit back home. :) It looks like you had a fun time, too!

  23. How wonderful you have eaten your way through the UK enjoying delicious food. Licorice Allsorts are my very favourite, though I won't turn my nose up at a red jelly baby or jelly bean. =) I am so glad you said "yes" again to Spousal Unit. How fabulous your neighbour gifted you some of her children's books. I will let you in on a little secret....I still buy children's books as I find them delightful.

  24. I like children's books too, especially the picture books. Sometimes I review them.

  25. We have places we enjoy visiting again and again too. There is always something new to explore, but also comfort in returning to a place we enjoy. Stay safe and enjoy your week, and thank you again for the link-up. I'm a little late this week.

  26. Haha … it’s never too late to write a children’s book, Angie. Marvelous re-enactment of the proposal. What we learned during the pandemic is that the simple things really are the special things about life.

  27. Joy in the simple things -- and the pleasure of returning to loved places (even better when people we love live there)... experiences I hope never to tire of. This is how we live! (And I love "saying yes again.")

  28. So glad that you had a splendid visit to Britain Angie!

  29. Lovely photos from your trip.

    Glad you had a wonderful time.

  30. Sorry, Angie, for my late reply. We are very busy after getting again our Internet and Telephon.

    Indeed, I agree, its's here a poignant Story of your love - after such a long time being together. It's not obvious. Have further a very good life. Wish you with all my hart.

    Stay healthy and well.

  31. Thank you so much for linking up Wondering Camera, Angie! Happy Thanksgiving!


  32. Arghh yes Jelly Babies! We were in the UK at the same time, my favs are a Ploughman's lunch with branston pickle! Happy Thanksgiving weekend!
    Wren x

  33. Everything looks wonderful. I love pumpkin rolls!

  34. An English breakfast without black pudding is a sham! The best I ever had was at the Grant Arms Hotel in Scotland. I am sure it would have received five stars from Michelin! Miriam says she almost gags at the mere thought of it!


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