Sunday, August 28, 2022

Mosaic Monday #188: Garden Gala 2

And there's more!  If you enjoyed last week's post, you will be drooling over this one!  July is the best month for the native plants, especially toward the end of it.  I wish I could distill July into a genie's lamp, and poof it into existence when people come to visit at other times of the year.  I want them to see the garden in all its July glory.  Perhaps I will just show them this post ... although in my heart I know it is not the same as seeing the real thing.

To the left is Rocky Mountain Penstemon, with Paintbrush in the background.

Keeping with the purple theme, below is Walker's Low Catmint and Salvia May Night.  Both have terrific symmetry and a compact nature that is pleasing to the eye.  I have several Catmint "volunteers" - I am just waiting for them to get big enough to move to other spots in the garden.  And I have been delighted this summer to find at least two Salvia "volunteers".  Isn't Nature just the best propagator of them all?

The collage below has a better view of the Salvia, with Aspen Fleabane in the foreground.  The other photo puts the Fleabane in the spotlight, with Paintbrush bringing up the rear.


The first year the native grass seed/flower seed blend sprouted, we had numerous orange and red poppies, plus some pink ones.  We have seen very few since, except this one that came up within the "formal" flower beds.  I will take it!  The groundsel occurs naturally, and I saw it on one of my many walks. 

In last week's post, I might have mentioned that I am obsessed with the blue of the Flax?

I am also enamored with the sea of Coreopsis that blankets the rock steps below our kitchen and dining room.  It doesn't look like much now, but in mid-July it is nothing short of glorious.

As July marches on, the Prairie Coneflower and Bee Balm come into their own.

Harebell can be found throughout our property, but usually I only find one bloom per stem.

We have two Mock Orange bushes.  One had barely bloomed until this year, and the one below had twice the blooms as previous years, which I attribute to the abundant spring rainfall.

Toward the end of July, the Goldenrod bursts into color.  I remember, as a child, thinking of Goldenrod as quite ordinary, a plant found on abandoned parking lots, among broken glass and discarded beer cans.  Now I know better.  Like many things, a plant needs the proper environment to be at its best!

Mexican Hat first appeared in the prairie in the summer of 2019, and it is propagating across our property quite nicely!

Black-eyed Susans also arrived as part of the native grass/flower blend, and the simplicity has its own beauty.

And sometimes you find an interesting blend - two species cross-pollinating?

White daisies, another gift from the prairie blend, have long-lasting blooms.

Aster and Russian Sage are the last plants to bloom, and they do put on a show!

Meanwhile, the grasshoppers seem to be more prolific this year, and one of their favorite hang-outs is the Russian Sage, nipping off the top three to four inches of the majestic flower spikes.  Another opportunity to remind myself that they, too, are part of the ecosystem!

*** I will be slow in commenting due to a backcountry camping trip!

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  1. Once again, nice plants and flowers - and I learn about the english names of these (daisies I knew already). Have a good time and all the best

  2. gardens look fabulous, given time catmint will take over!

  3. Everything looks so beautiful.
    Lovely photographs.

    Enjoy this last weekend of August :)

    All the best Jan

  4. Everything is so colorful and beautiful!

  5. my goodness your garden of flowers is so gorgeous. It makes me look forwad to spring here. Enjoy your week, your camping trip, and stay safe. And thank you again for the link up. We've been away too, I will share soon!

  6. What a beautiful garden you have, full of native and wildflowers. I love it when plants propagate themselves and tend the little ones until I can move them to where I want them. Enjoy your backcountry trip!

  7. Your garden is just beautiful Angie, the plants must be happy if they are volunteering! Even the grasshoppers look healthy. I have scattered poppy seed in our garden this year and a few seedlings have sprung up.

  8. Your garden is lovely and propagating so wonderfully, Angie! We see many of the same wildflowers on our walks through local trails. The deer eat so many of our flowers in our gardens. I try to plant only deer resistant annuals but they don't cooperate with that I have better luck with wildflowers.

  9. Thank you, Angie, for your last nice comment. You are interested for a hybrid? That's will a good decision, I can say now from our daily driving. We have no hybrid it's a full electric car ... I don't know the exact description in english language. But I hope one day we can get the hydrogen technology for cars.

    Your garden is amazing and indeed, I enjoyed the virtuell walk. 

    Happy MosaicMonday, have a good week.

  10. Hello,
    Your garden looks beautiful. I love all the flowers and the rainbow of colors. Lovely images. I hope you have a great camping trip. Take care, have a happy new week!

  11. Dearest Angie,
    I feel the same way about my May-June garden as you do with your July garden: it's never been nicer here than in these two months - with the possible exception of autumn, when the vines and the Amelanchier have red leaves... Catnip and sage are great plants that I have here too and love. And the Goldenrod loves our sunny, dry front yard. Your garden is not only beautiful and natural, but also huge - and embedded in a wonderful landscape, just a dream.I enjoyed your photos very much!
    Hugs and have a nice week,

  12. You have a lovely garden Angie

    Have a nice Monday


  13. Delightful photos of all those wonderful flowers, Angie. Yes, that flax blue is stunning (but I'm biased as blue is my favourite colour!).

  14. Glorious! A walk in the wildflowers is the best natural medicine.

  15. It looks like your garden is doing really well. I love those Mexican Hats, I don't think I've seen one before.

  16. I really love the Mexican hat and the other one that is a combo! They are all beautiful. Have fun camping! I know you will!

  17. Of course you're right, it's not the same as being there in July, but your great pictures come pretty close for those of us not that lucky! Again, I love how you encourage the native plants which are absolutely lovely.

  18. So pretty! I planted coreopsis this year and might have to get a few flax seeds for the next year. Thanks, Angie!!


  19. Lovely garden! Enjoy your trip

  20. Glorious! Love the variety. I saw a huge grasshopper yesterday, the first time seeing such a big one. Usually we have the little ones. I think you are getting some nice weather for your back country trip. Hope so!

  21. Gorgeous! Your garden is so natural and the mountains in the distance are beautiful.The wild flowers are amazing, I love them. I have never seen a Mexican Hat before.

  22. No doubt the pollinators are having a wonderful time in your yard, Angie. It’s so beautiful and rich with glory and joy. Penstemons and black eye Susans are slowly, but surely, popping up in our front yard, hurrah!

  23. Super flowers Angie. You must have masses of insects because of their colours and scents. The Mexican Hat made me laugh!

  24. Beautiful flowers, especially the Mexican Hat, what a bloomer, ha ha.

  25. WoW!!! gorgeous flowers and how impressive that you remember all of their names!! i enjoyed every one, i would never be able to pick a favorite!! i am trying to expand on my wildflower garden, i lost all my flowers when they built my new deck!! beautiful images, you must be so proud to have such a lovely garden!!


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